Post-Sim: Lt. Oberon's Boarding Physical

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OOC: fatigue and hunger are all she’s experiencing… oddly calm if Che’lak is used to seeing more stress in transfer folks

Pretha nodded. “Well, I am glad you are not one of those who says one thing when others are present and another when in private. So I am glad you are settling in well.”

As the woman mentioned her own reason for being there, Pretha stifled a yawn with her hand and turned her head. “Pardon me. I guess I’m here because I was needed.” She shrugged nonchalantly. “Sometimes I get to pick where I go, and sometimes it picks me. This time I was chosen. I suppose the reason will expose itself in time. Though I admit, leaving a relationship behind was a bit harder than I anticipated. But since we both new it was possible when the Olympic went to dry dock, it’s not a huge surprise to either of us. We will manage or we will move on.” She sighed and a flutter of her heart rate manifested for just a moment. “Though I guess it’s selfish of me to want him to wait on the off chance we’ll get stationed together again. So I shall simply hope he finds happiness with someone if not with me over the comms.” She laughed a little and while there was an edge of sadness to it, it wasn’t all that. “D’Vash is a good man and deserves to have someone to laugh with over more than lightyears of communication. How about you? Leave anyone behind when you came here?”

It was idle small talk, but it was far less animated and more subdued than the raucous mentality she had displayed on the shuttle. There, she had almost seemed cadet-like in her joking loud manner. This was the professional side of her.

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“You are in fine health Lieutenant” Che’lak commented in an offhand manner. The doctor responded to Pretha’s words firstly in the form of a largo nod. “I leave my husband and two young offspring on Vulcan. Being separated for indefinite periods from those with whom we share strong affection is never easy. Nor is it simple. However, we choose to be here, do we not, because our careers are more important to us? Our relationships are among the most important things in our lives, no doubt, but I believe the core meaning to be found in life comes from within. Fulfilling our… I believe that Terrans refer to them as callings, is I believe the best way to live.” The boney woman donned an expectant look as she concluded her scans.

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