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There were discrepancies. There were several in fact that were notable that Che’lak would catalogue.
1. Maree was older than Tov and the organs had a distinct alteration in their size and functions were less in Maree
2. Maree was female and there were anatomical differences. Here, it appeared that the ribs closed in more around the Gravenian body, however the musculature was more flexible with Maree and with what reproductive organs that there were the body looked to expand all around rather than just the abdomen with humans.
3. Organ damage showed up in contrast. Musculature and veins looked to be linked with the Gravenians, and Tov had considerable internal damages. None by themselves were life threatening, though put together he was a mess.

The Vulcan doctor made note of her observations. Nothing the scan uncovered especially surprised her. The reproductive organs were of an interesting construction but nothing on the surface presented any answers to the questions at hand. Details uncovered regarding the man’s wounds were transferred to the biobed’s own display. Reluctantly, she set aside her study and joined Doctor Wynter in preparing to assist Hone.

“Your physiology is not like any I have seen. Especially your cardio-pulmonary tract or what you call your upper veri-tract which I assume is this section here,” Jasmine circled the section of the scan with the heart and wing-like lung structure. Performing surgery on an unknown race was always difficult and risky. Luckily Jasmine and Che’lak were not going in blind. They had Hone. Bringing up all information Jasmine had on the Graviens on the large surgical wall PaDD, Jasmine tried to hide her grimace. With the information they had on the subject, it was like a high school anatomy and physiology class but Tov was no frog. Bringing the surgical equipment on line, Jasmine was glad to be in the twenty-four century. From what she could tell so far, Gravien medicine was on par with the twenty-first-century medicine where doctors went in was a pat on the patient’s shoulder and the promise they were going to be just fine. “Okay we are ready to assist,” she said to Hone with a brief eye gaze towards Che’lak. switching on the wall PaDD was not something she routinely did except to train those in her department in unfamiliar surgeries. This time it was meant to tape the surgery for reference later. A later review might give them something to learn about the Gravien anatomy and physiology if the needed it again.

Having Che’lak was also a boon. The newest doctor seemed to specialize in physiology. So much of medicine was what you had experienced instead of learned. For what she didn’t know, Jasmine hoped Che’lak and her could figure it out.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter

Hone grunted his agreement, distracted. “Our surgical methods are still in the operative stage. We have tried forced cellular regeneration and have not had success with it. He pointed to the chest heart area then down to the major organ. “We’ll start with the heart then go here. The damage with the heart is not grave, though the internal damage here is significant and will require longer work.” He nodded to Maree. “And her blood.” He began an abbreviated description of the work on the major organ damage … “You’ll need to get in here, peeling back the outer layers and suture the damage before it swells too far to be able to do it.”

Jasmine thought it was rather off that Hone singled out Maree as a blood donor. “Nurse,” Jasmine called someone over to start collecting the blood from the fellow Gravien. Turning to Hone she asked for some specifics. “So on average homans can donate on eight to ten percent of thier blood weight at one time without going into hypovolemic shock. Is this the same for you and if I may ask are the females of your species all universal donors. As humans we have eight blood types. A+, A-, B+, B-, O+, O-, AB+, AB-. As long as you meet up with the right RH factor and type you are fine. O+ is our universal receivers and O- is the universal donor. I just need to know what to do incase we need blood and don’t have enough.” Blood typing was common and with the ease of medical care few died from transfusions as in Earth’s history, however they were no on Earth and this was not a human with the same physiology. Jasmine just wanted to make sure some first year rookie medical mistake didn’t kill the patient before they started.

Hone glanced over and his expression was that that was unduly complicated. “So it is random?” he asked. “On Graven there are particular antibodies formed within clan bloodlines. Those within the bloodline can donate within that scope. Engineer Tov is Sister-son of Second Minister so she is able to donate blood. Which is fortunate with the time frame we are working with.”

Taking the initiative, Pretha tapped her comm badge. =^= Medical, this is Lt Oberon. I’m on the surface with the XO and the Diplomat, Ms Anders. We are finishing up for the day and our Hosts are asking about the status of their people up there. Do we have anything to tell them yet?=^=

Sec/CRIT Ldr

=/\=For the moment Tov is stable but we are beginning surgery with the assistance of Dr. Hone. We will report when it is over,=/\= Jasmine responded to the comm.

Lt Jasmine Wynter CMO

OOC: Just checking. Does anyone on the ship know about the Gravinians going to sleep at dusk?

OOC: Good questions. It is possible that that is a no …

Standing alondside the CMO, Che’lak resisted her mind’s persistent urges to continue pondering the questions of Gravien anatomy. In the Vulcan’s long career, surgery was a recent addition to her skillset. The theory involved was quite elementary to her but as she had taken her first steps into the practice she had found it to be more of an art than a science. She had come a long way and was fully qualified but whenever she stepped into a live situation she found herself acutely aware of her own lack of experience. Eventually, her thoughts found stability in considering the anatomy before her as preparation for her immediate task.

Lt. J.G. Che’lak - Medical

Jasmine looked at the results Che’lak had recorded and placed them on the large wall PaDD so that everyone could refer to it easily. The problem was based on what they knew and what they were seeing showed some discrepancies. Based on what Che’lak catalogued causes several questions for Jasmine . As she prepared for surgery, Jasmine began to speak. “May I ask for some clarification, Dr. Hone,” she started as she began to start the surgical procedure assisted by both Che’lak and Hone.

“From the scans with Tov as compared to that of Maree, your organs have a distinct alterations in their size and function as one progresses in age. Our physiology is the same however we tend to just have things like decreased muscle mass and such but your alterations appear more drastic.”

“Musculature remains intact until advanced age, however organs operate on the basis of use. If one, over time, diminishes use of one’s body that can happen in older age, the organ adjusts accordingly. Now it takes time of consistent change; the organs are not balloons. Conversely, in rare circumstances they could increase. Maree is a typical case.”

“Okay so making the first incision into the thoracic cavity,” she announced opening Tov’s chest wall. Luckily she did not have to worry about the reproductive system in Tov. According to the scans it was not just a small organ or two tucked up out of the way as it was with humans. “So the organ damage appears to look to be on par with the scans. There is a lot of internal damage but…suction..” she pasued her narrative directing the nurse, “it seems to be less life threatening that I believed. Which is good.” Glancing up at Che’lak Jasmine paused waiting for the man to confur her observations. This was alien physiology and Jasmine was one not to care who had an answer if the answer was correct.

“Indeed”, the Vulcan responded while holding sensitive equipment with the stillness of the grave, “I see no immediate threat of organs losing functionality.”

Hone pulled back and let her work. “Mind the skin of the inner membrane. It is more sensitive and thin than the outer membrane.” His voice was modulated, professional as though simply coaching one rather than teaching. He pointed to an area that looked mushy. “Damage there. Damaged membrane tissue will coagulate over time and if left too long may need to be removed. Here it is still workable.” He pointed out darker places. “The bleeding needs controlling there and it will heal in time - that is to us a nasty bruise.”

“Fascinating”, Che’lak quietly commented as her hands delicately adjusted the instruments ensuring the safety of the incision. When a hand became free, she picked up a tissue regenerator and hovered it over an area of bleeding Hone had pointed out. She expected that the device would successfully stimulate rapid regrowth of tissue to the point that the bleeding would be reduced to a minimum.

As Jasmine continued to peel back the layers of skin, tissue and muscle a thought popped in her head. “Dr. Hone back at Ka Verde I am embarrassed to admit that I was more focused on the the illness over the patient specifics. Those patients, were they all male or female or a combination of both?” If Hone’s reply was that it was a single sex, that with the anatomy might explain more about the illness. Her patient was on the table but Jasmine still could not let the mysterious words go. It still seemed that the Hone had been talking about out of body experiences instead of pure medical fact as she knew it.

Jasmine Wynter CMO

“Unfortunately it was not specific. All age groups and gender, at least in the adult age. No children have died.” He paused and stepped back. “My apologies but sleep comes. I trust in your skill.” As he lay back onto a biobed he murmured, “The principal vein near the spine is the optimum source for blood from Maree.” Then he was out.
- Hone

Rollo watched Hone lay down. “What are you doing? You need to assist with the surgery!” She looked from Wynter to Hone to Maree. “How can he just go to sleep at a time like this?” Then she noted the elder Gravinian at her side was looking especially tired with heavy lids. “What’s happening here? Minister, are you alright?”

—Rollo, CNS (trying to get their sleep cycle introduced to the ones who don’t know about it.)

Che’lak’s focus on her careful stillness was momentarily distracted as Hone made to lie down. Rather quickly, however, she came to the conclusion that Hone was reacting to some kind of strongly regimented sleep cycle. The physiologist’s mind was racing. Globular anatomy, regimented and sudden sleep and a mysterious transport related mass differential… Her participation in the surgery became increasingly based on instinct and muscle memory as she intently tried to put the disparate elements of the puzzle together.

Lt. J.G. Che’lak - Medical

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