Ready Room - Calling Faye

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Cochrane smiled with a look that said ‘Well… here we go.’ and then looked at Faye.

Faye met his gaze and held it. So many things that hadn’t been said, that she wanted to say, but now was netiher the time nor place. Perhaps there never would be one. That was a sobering thought, but it did help to reminder her of what was at stake here.

“Not in the face. That’s my money maker.” and he winked.

Cochrane, CO

Faye couldn’t help but start to laugh, but she physically stifled it with her hand so that anyone outside the ready room wouldn’t be confused about the sequence of events. “Wouldn’t dream of damaging such a lovely face,” she quipped.

Shara watched the brief exchange with curiosity but also something of a knowing. What she knew, well that was the questions. She folded her arms as she mentally braced herself for what was about to go down, but a deep part of her knew that this was a terrible idea. Yes, it had been Faye’s choice, but she knew her daughter better than anyone thought she did and what she did know was that there were certain things that Faye should do her best to never revisit. And now they were going to waltz right into one with no preparation. Was it her place to worry? Maybe, maybe not. But knowing what she knew, and having seen what she had, Shara knew that it wasn’t just the next few minutes or hours they needed to worry about, but what happened to Faye in the aftermath of these events. Not all wounds were physical.

“Just hurry it up, the longer we banter the more things look suspicious,” Jack grumbled as he still wasn’t sold on this all, his perpetually suspicious nature.

Creed, XO

He was right and the procrastination of the inevitable moment was only making her more nervous. Stepping away from them, phaser in hand, her fingers pressed buttons, keeping the light stun setting but altering the beam width to wide dispersal. She should check it, and she did very casually with her back to them.

She was moving towards the door, then spun abruptly and fired, aiming midlevel. It had been up to them to make sure they were in a safe position, but if not well… it would make for a more realistic scenario.

On the bridge Luke was the duty security officer, which was common being as there department was the biggest nor the busiest so they operated between shifts and during the night were always only on call. However this one particular time the chief Security officer was present as the ships internal sensors pinged something on his display.

Phaser fire detected, Ready Room is what displayed across his console setting several things into motion.

Tapping his comm badge =^= Yellow Alert, Phaser fire detected in the ready room. Secure Transporter rooms and shuttle bays. Security detachment to the Ready room and adjoining decks immediately =^=

Luke didn’t wait a response as he moved to the bridge’s small arms locker and took a phaser, setting it to stun before running to the ready room.

Arms still crossed, Shara fell backwards, stumbling into unconsciousness, her head just narrowly missing the wall.

Not even checking to see if everyone was down, Faye shoved the phaser into her right pocket and casually stepped out of the ready room moving with purpose but no obvious hurry to the turbolift.

As Calloway reached the lift, she hit the call button. It was not waiting there. Well crap. But fortunately for her, it had to have been only a deck down because it soon arrived just as the bridge alert had gone off indicating that there had been weapons fire. Whomever was at the security station would note that it came from the ready room.

Faye slipped into turbolift, her hand casually in her right pocket. They couldn’t see her fingers gripped lightly around the weapon, its presence strangely calming. Her expression was utterly calm and neutral as the turbolift doors slipped shut.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

~Commander Shara Calloway, Starfleet Intelligence

Walker was on the bridge at the Ops console when he saw Faye walk out of the ready room with a purpose, straight to the turbolift.

“Lieutenant, is everything ok....” but before he could finish, the turbolift doors closed.

Painfully slow considering the size of the ship and the fact the ready room was on the same deck but the time it took for him to get the phaser and navigate through the shift change as people streamed onto the bridge and corridors he finally made it to the room. The sight in front of him was most certainly the ‘Worst case scenario’ as he saw both the XO and CO unmoving and slumped over.

=^=Wyatt to Sickbay the Captain and XO are down, I need medical to the ready room now! Lockdown the ship we have an intruder.=^=

Moving across the room he checked on both their pulses whilst asking “Computer who was previously in this room.” two more security officers entered the room with phasers drawn and scanning the room before one leaving and the other coming to help Luke with the CO and XO.

“Sir, We have secured the transporter rooms and shuttle bays but we’re unable to also secure all the decks, there’s just not enough of us.” NE Wilson explained to Lukes great annoyance, after this mission he was asking for a Brig, an office and more security officers.

  • Lieutenant Luke Wyatt

As the lockdown order popped up on his screen, he noticed the security officers headed towards the ready room and followed.

As Darach was making his way to the ready room a set of turbolift doors parted and two medical officers, Doctor Che’lak and young nurse NE Benton, each clutching emergency medical kits, hurried onto the bridge and followed him into the room.

“What happened in here?” he asked, noticing the Captain and XO on the ground.

WO Darach - COO

“What the?” NE Benton exclaimed as he surveyed the scene, poking our from behind the towering Vulcan doctor. Making subtle movements, Che’lak nodded and pointed, silencing Benton and passing him instructions. In a matter of seconds the two medics were knelt beside the unconscious officers. Che’lak flipped open a tricorder and began scanning the captain’s vitals as Benton did the same for Creed. Her pointed chin orbitted slowly as Che’lak rolled her jaw.

Lt. J.G. Che’lak - Medical

In the corner, a third figure sat up, her face set in a frown. Middle aged (in a 24th century definition), Human and wearing both three solid pips and Intelligence division colours, she groaned as she pushed herself groggily to a sitting position. Looking over at Creed and Cochrane, she sighed as she shifted her gaze to the others. “We were about to arrest her for espionage. Find her…” she said adamantly as she brought a hand to her blond hair

~Commander Shara Calloway, Starfleet Intelligence

Luke didn’t notice the other woman until she spoke but addressing her, “Who’s her Commander?” He asked the question simple and not requiring any further promoting from the security officer.

  • Lieutenant Luke Wyatt

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