Post-Sim: A Request for an Audience in the CMO's Office

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If Shon was capable of having eyebrows, he would have raised one. But his grin widened at the thought of a vulcan, or all people, soliciting gossip. “Nice to meet you too. Fancy title you got there, seems like we might be on opposite ends of the medical spectrum. I’m more of a rehabilitation and holistic care kinda guy myself. But Dr. Wynter, she’ll be more up your alley. She’s got an encyclopedic knowledge of medical diagnoses and anatomical abnormalities, although to be honest she can seem a little aloof at times when she’s not in hardcore doctor mode. Nice lady though, friendly as all get-out. Just be prepared for a little bit of eccentric energy, if you know what I mean.” There was a twinkle in Ensign Baht’s eyes, as if he was anticipating what a meeting between Che’lak and Jasmine might look like.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

The eyebrows on Che’lak’s flat face shot up but momentum was conserved as her eyes fell to the floor. “That is most agreeable to hear. Her expertise that is, although of course I had no doubt and was aware that she was highly qualified. Eccentricity, even, despite its unnecessary and tedious nature lends itself to strong leadership. So my observations have indicated over the years, at least.”

The woman’s thumb rose to the door chime once more, sitting comfortably below her high shoulders. She gave the ensign a final inspection. “Can I anticipate the honour of working with your in the future ensign?”

“In fact, I was intending on discussing the process of my integration into this department with Doctor Wynter.” The Vulcan’s features remained motionless yet her words somehow communicated a smile. “It would seem that you are as much of an ally and peer as I have yet found here. If you so wish, I would be most gratified if you would accompany me. Your description has reinforced my perception that I may be at somewhat of a loss as to how best to speak with the good doctor.” After a brief pause, her eyes rose and she concluded. “I could do far worse than having a friend by my side.” Che’lak wasn’t awfully one for friends. Nonetheless, the Bolian seemed perfectly agreeable and she was keen to integrate herself efficiently.

Lt. J.G. Che’lak - Medical

Shon blinked in mild surprise at the request. He couldn’t remember the last time he had been called a friend by a vulcan, much less after just meeting. But a huge smile broke out across his face, his white teeth contrasting brightly against his dark blue skin. “I’d be honored,” he said with a hint of pride. “You chose the right guy for the job,” he joked, “I mean I am basically assistant chief medical officer, de facto.” He winked. “We’ll have no problem getting you situated. And don’t worry about Dr. Wynter. She gets along with everyone, I don’t think you’ll be the exception.” Shon moved to stand beside her and held a hand out toward the chime, giving Che’lak an expectant look. “When you’re ready.”

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

The doctor’s outward reaction to the ensign’s excitement was naught but internally she became concerned that her engraciating language had been rather too effective. Without another word and remaining otherwise totally still she pressed her thumb firmly against the chime control.

Lt. J.G. Che’lak - Medical

“Mum in,” Jasmine said in a loud but muffled voice. When Shon and Chel’ak entered the room, they would see her leaning over a small furry object in a blanket being held by a very stoic child about eight years of age. The child’s gaze followed every action of the CMO with the concern and scrutiny of an Academy professor making sure the job was being done correctly. Jasmine snuck a fast side glance seeing who had just entered her office. Since both officers appeared to be relaxed, she decided to finish up with her patient before seeing what they needed.

As the duo entered, the Vulcan doctor eyed the scene, displaying no interest whatsoever. She began to speak up in an effort to engage the CMO herself, but the emoting of the lad quickly overpowered her attempt.

“Miss Jasmine are you sure that is not hurting him,” the voice asked a bit warbly trying to hold back emotions yet needing to speak. Turning her head to the side, Jasmine spit out the wad of cloth bandage roll she was holding between her teeth. The bandage unrolled slightly before stopping as it hit her coffee cup.

“I am positive it is not hurting him,” she smiled looking at the child eye level as she rocked back onto her heels examining her work. “In fact,” she rose slightly grabbing the roll of cloth bandage and motioned Shon forward. “Dr. Shon could you please assist me for a second. Could you hold the patient?” Her head nod was to the ball of soft fur curled up in the arms of the child. It was clearly a puppy that was warm, happy, and half drifting off to sleep in the young owner’s arms. It looked like a regular sleeping puppy except for the bandage tied in a bow around the dog’s tail.

Che’lak stepped back to allow Shon passage. Her bold eyebrows were raised quizically although exactly what she was expressing a view on was unclear.

Shon slid past Che’lak with a smile and an inclination of his head in thanks, then gingerly accepted the puppy from the boy when offered. He tried to adjust the limp dog to a comfortable sleeping position in his arms without waking him. Shon’s face indicated a slight hint of ‘here we go again’.

Opening up the roll of bandage again, she began to present the case as if she were back at the academy during a clinical round. “Mr. Timothy Summer’s brought in Sebastian about an hour ago. He had a fracture of the coccygeal bones of the posterior tip of Sebastian’s tail due to an unfortunate accident falling off the bed,” she explained in a soft, reassuring tone as she reached out taking Timothy’s free arm. “Tricorders showed it wil heal on its own in under a week but Timothy is worried about long term effects,” Jasmine began to slowly wrap the child’s bicep with the bandage.

“I am worried he won’t be able to wag his tail again,” Tim looked up at Shon desperate for a second opinion. “I mean what if she is wrong and he can’t.”

“Doctor Wynter is never wrong, especially when it comes to things as important as this,” Shon said with a tone fit to validate the child’s concerns. “If I had a hurt tail, I’d trust Doctor Wynter to get me wagging again.” He offered a smile, hoping his silly reply would put the young man at ease. He did his part to hold the dog still, firmly amnd yet with a gentleness as to not upset the poor thing.

Jasmine fought the smile on her face from appearing at how serious Tim was taking the situation. “Okay done,” she tied off the bandage into a knot. “Now tomorrow you can take off your bandage along with Sebastain’s and you both will be good as new. How this feels on your arm is how it feels on Sebastian if this doesn’t hurt you it doesn’t hurt him right?” Timothy nodded secretly liking a little attention right as he moved his arm. “But....”she drew out the word reaching into her pocket for a lollipop, “because you did such a great job staying calm and bring so good when I treated him you get this.”

Instantly Timothy’s face lit up into a smile already showing his mood had changed since arriving in her office full of tears less than thirty minutes ago. “Thanks Miss, Jasmine,” Tim grinned taking the puppy back from Shon and carrying the puppy out the door.

As Timothy passed by on his way out of the office Che’lak nodded to him, her angular chin swinging sharply into her clavicle. When he failed to return the polite gesture she simply held herself in the nod, tracking him as he disappeared from view. Children not raised in the Vulcan tradition were most confusing to her…

Holding the edge of the desk, Jasmine pulled herself off the ground and brished off her hands. “Coffee,” she asked the two men in her office as she gestured to two seats.

Lt Jasmine Wynter CMO

“Spice tea please, if the replicator will be so cooperative.” Che’lak had attempted to deploy trivial humour and ‘small talk’ engaged in by her non-Vulcan colleages in the past as a means of promoting their feeling at ease. It wasn’t something she ever kept up for very long, her interest would never stretch that far, but it had become almost a go-to at the openings of meetings.

Lt. J.G. Che’lak

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“Oh I’ll take some orange juice, thanks,” Shon said as he moved back around to the side of the desk with Che’lak and plopped down into one of the chairs available there. He looked between the other two doctors, suddenly unsure of what his role was here, exactly. “We also run a vet clinic here,” he said in a joking tone as a way of explaianing what had just happened to Che’lak.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

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