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“Halt Lift,” she called out. The turbolift paused and Shara turned to Creed. “Well, as it seems to be apparent now, you have someone on your team here. I don’t know how that will work for Faye, and it means we have to get her through this mess first. But at the end of the day, her file speaks for itself. People will see a difficult and belligerent rebel, but if they only looked closer they would see someone with a highly defined sense of justice who will fight for a cause she believes in. That’s been Starfleet since the day she joined. Someone wants us to doubt her. And I get not being able to trust, about field work taking over your sense of reality. That’s been my reality for the last years.”

“Just because I doubt everyone, doesn’t for a second mean I can’t learn to trust them. Trust takes time, and not just in relations to her. Everyone, it doesn’t just come cause you are a member of Starfleet. That said, I never set anyone up to fail, and if she proves herself like everyone seems to think she is going to, well I have no problem at all with her then.” Jack said, it wasn’t even that he was unwilling to trust Faye, but he had seen plenty of people feign ignorance and turn around and try to stab him. This mission she was on was also something he had been dealing with for over five years. His parent’s murder stole their tech, tech she was now searching for. Whether she knew this connection or not yet, the data he had seen showed all the markings of his parents and their designs.

Calloway considered him. “Look, for better or worse my presence here will be temporary. And I can’t say for sure that Faye will want it to continue after. It’ll be her call, not mine. But… I need someone to look out for her. I’m asking that of you, from one agent to another. Cochrane seems reasonable, but Faye needs all the people on her side that she can get. She’s earned that privilege, even if some don’t see it that way.”

~Commander Shara Calloway, Starfleet Intelligence

“If this all goes to plan, I will gladly back her. Her past doesn’t concern me nearly as much as what she does in the here and now, that’s what I am concerned about. Something that happened on Romulus doesn’t register for me in the slightest. Starfleet vetted her, but right now… we are in a new story… new threat. The old doesn’t matter but this one does, it’s the risk every ineligence officer has when their mission goes off script, prove loyalty. It’s unforunate at times, but it is part of our duty as well when we decide to work in the more gray areas of Starfleet.” Jack said with a pause as he looked at the woman as he knew this in some ways was a mothers plead, but he supected it was also someone who had seen her fair shair of burns due to Starfleet as well. He wasn’t perfectly pleased at all times himself with how things happened when Starfleet stepped in.

“That assumes that everything that is happening in the grey areas are things Faye agreed to. I’m getting the impression that her original arrangement with Intelligence has been altered significantly, in which case no one agreed to that,” Shara said with an edge of irritation in her voice.

“So, that said… all this gets cleared, she will have a place on my team no other questions. She will have earned that and much more.”

Creed, XO

Shara gave him a long look. “That’s all I ask,” she said. “Computer, resume.” The turbolift carried on for a few more seconds before they came to the next deck. Calloway gestured for him to lead the way, though she knew the way.

~Commander Shara Calloway, Starfleet Intelligence


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