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Posted Aug. 10, 2020, 7:05 a.m. by Lieutenant Luke Wyatt (Chief of Security) (J Ridgley)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Zef Rollo (Counselor) in Holodeck - Scuba Diving

Posted by Lieutenant Luke Wyatt (Chief of Security) in Holodeck - Scuba Diving

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Zef Rollo (Counselor) in Holodeck - Scuba Diving
Zef had been waiting a week to get time on the holodeck. She’d gotten a block of two hours to do anything she wanted and had been thinking about it for days leading up to the time slot. She hadn’t made a decision on the activity until her meeting with Lt Wyatt a few days before. When they’d met, she’d found him attractive and interesting, and while reading his records, found out that he was one of a very few who enjoyed a pastime she also spent time on. Scuba diving.

Entering the holodeck, the yellow and black grid greeted her. =/\=Computer, run Rollo 26A. The room changed immediately to a sunny day on a beach. The sand was white and the water a crystal blue. There were two sets of tanks, flippers and masks near the water line and she walked to them while taking off her robe. Stark white hair was pulled back in a french braid that hung down to her waist and a pastel aqua colored one piece bathing suit clung to the pale curves of her body.

Having received the invitation from the chief counselor Luke had been looking forward to getting in the water, it was probably the one time he felt most at peace and had often used it as a way to escape the realities of the world but he had never done it with a work colleague before, Abbey would sometimes join him whenever they had the opportunity but she preferred doing it for real which often left Luke alone.

As she dropped the robe in the sand, Zef looked back in the direction of where the entry doors were hidden by plant life, wondering if Wyatt would be joining her for a swim.


The door opened revealing the security officer, it wasn’t difficult to see Zef after he had moved through the plant life. Zef against the backdrop of the crystal blue sea stood out, but her feet seemed to melt away into the sand the two equally a brilliant white. He had decided that being in a holodeck environment and the fact they would be doing shore diving instead of deep-sea diving he had opted to wear some simple beach shorts which had patens of pink flamingo’s on them. He was carrying his towel, flip flops, and a water bottle with a pair of polarised sunglasses.

“Lieutenant,” He said with a smile greeting the woman and placing his things on the floor. “Thank you for inviting me to use your holodeck time, I appreciate it.” Genuinely meaning it he looked around. “So is this a custom location or somewhere I should definitely visit when I get the chance?” It was beautiful and after a minute of taking in the breathtaking view, he turned back to Zef her own usually light blue eyes seemingly radiating from the way the sun and sea reflected on them, or at least that’s how he perceived them, bright Azul diamonds.

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Light eyes turned to look at the sea. “It’s a place back home on Baj.” Her voice was wistful, but then she turned back to him with a smile. “Thank you for joining me. Scuba diving is a wonderful way to relax, but its always nice to share something you love with someone else who appreciates it as much as you do.” She looked down at the sand for a moment. It wasn’t a big reveal for her, but it still gave her a bit of anxiety admitting how important it was to her.

“I’d be lying if I even knew where Baj was, but I am guessing it’s your homeworld. It’s truly beautiful, Maybe ill go there one day.” He said taking another look around before back to Zef who was seemingly feeling nervous or embarrassed about the admission, or that he was there with her, He wondered what that meant but only for a moment. “Well shall we get wet?” He moved closer to examine the equipment she had assembled.

Zef stepped toward the gear. “Nice shorts, by the way.” The pink bird looked boldly out of place, but she liked the look of it anyway. “I have no idea what kind of gear you’re used to using, but since we’re just going to be around the shore line, I thought these smaller systems would be fine. A full face mask with a twelve inch re-breather (a chrome colored tube with a three inch diameter) attached. “I looked up your shoe size in order to get flippers that would fit. I hope you don’t mind.”


“Thanks, my daughter hates them” He laughed looking to his shorts, they were truly atrocious but that’s why he liked them. “Just the usual gear, depends on what we’re doing but none of this looked foreign to me. Most diving gear all come with the same functionality whether its Klingon, Vulcan, Human 21st century to now” He picked up the flippers “No I don’t mind at all, I appreciate the gesture.” He began to get dressed.

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