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“Captain, Commander You have both just been stunned by phasers at least let me send some security officers with you” It wasn’t that he didn’t trust the other Calloway its just experience proved they we’re rather good a deceit and Luke wasn’t going to allow him to be made a fool again.

  • Lieutenant Luke Wyatt, CoS

Cochrane put a hand on the man’s shoulder and said “I appreciate the concern, Lieutenant. But she got hit, too. And she was the one who brought the evidence to our attention. I think I’ll be okay. Just have a detail post outside the lab.”

Cochrane, CO

OOC: Assuming Wyatt leaves and then calls up a minute later (yay for sorting out timelines)…
=^= Wyatt to the bridge, Scan the ship for any life signs within the ships Jefferey tube system and close of all access.=^=

  • Lieutenant Luke Wyatt, CoS

=^= Acknowledge Lieutenant,=^= Walker said as he walked back onto the bridge and over to his console. It only took a few seconds to enter the commands, and the security seals started latching on the Jefferey Tube access hatches. He also started a rolling scan of the system.

=^= Darach to Wyatt. I have secured the hatches, and started the scan. I’ll keep you updated as the scan progresses. =^=

As everyone was running around, Walker leaned in closer to his console. Something was definitely up, why would she suddenly shoot the Captain? He had worked with her enough that his gut questioned what was happening. Something wasn’t right.

He was sure he was breaking all sorts of rules, but he needed to find out what was happening. Keeping one eye on the scan, Walker tapped into the EPS grid. So far the scans were coming back with no unexpected lifesigns in the Jefferey Tubes, but Faye was way to smart for that. She was probably masking her life sign from the internal sensors, if not using one of her additions to just bypass the internal sensors altogether. But if he could just get to her....

Using the EPS grid, Walker could broadcast a low power level transmission and blanket the entire ship. Time was short, but he knew she wouldn’t answer if it gave away her position, so it was worth the time. And there was no way he could stand in the middle of the bridge and just talk to her, so he programmed a short message into the computers text to voice sub-routines:
What really happened? Can I help? Ship on lockdown.

Taking just one more second he encrypted the program, keying it to only decrypt if Faye’s communicator was activated. He just had to hope she still had it on her as he sent the transmission.

Looking over at the sensor scans again, Walker tapped his commbadge. =^= Wyatt, no joy on the scanners. But we are seeing multiple activations of the Jefferey Tube hatches, she’s somehow bypassed my lockout. I’m rolling the security codes in an attempt to keep her from bypassing again. =^=

WO Darach - COO

It didn’t take long for the (perhaps unexpected) reply to hit Darroch’s terminal: ||Long story. Need to make a big show. Flashy systems play. SB 1 the goal. Need to bypass the jefferies tube access points- they’re slowing me down. No time.||

~Faye Calloway, Fugitive

Walker blinked as the message popped up on his screen. He had not actually expected a response, figuring that Faye would feel like she couldn’t trust anyone. Taking a second, he quickly read the response before he wiped it away, before leaning back against his console.

It only took him a second to decide, there was only one way to get the full story, and that was getting Faye somewhere safe. Opening up the text window he quickly typed out a message.

|| Resetting security codes, attempt to keep you “locked down.” System vulnerable for 60 seconds. Open sesame. ||

He hoped that Faye got the message. If she could take advantage of the system being down, she would hopefully be able to use that trick of hers to open all of the hatches.

Waiting a couple of seconds after the message sent, Walker released the restrictions on the number of hatches that could be accessed at one time, so he could start the process of resetting the security codes.

WO Darach - COO

There was no response, of course.

But shortly after the lights went out on the bridge. It lasted a grand total of five seconds and then they came back on as if nothing had happened.

~Faye Calloway, Fugitive

“Oh that’s not good,” Walker said as the lights flashed off.

=^= Darach to Wyatt. And she’s got access to the powergrid. She’s a step ahead of my lock downs. Still nothing on the sensors, she must have something scattering our scanners. =^=

WO Darach - COO

Wyatt had to think carefully, how were they going to flush her out. =^= Darach, begin venting Jefferies tubes the safety protocol will stop you from doing it if there are any life signs in them. All the crew should be avoiding them and populated in communal areas. When you find the first Jefferies tubes seal all exits and vent adjoining tubes then lock them with authorisation for only me Wyatt out=^= There was no way she was getting off this ship, and Wyatt was having some gut feelings about what was going on.

  • Lieutenant Luke Wyatt

Walker blinked. What was the chief thinking, that might kill her. He had to stall.

=^= Lieutenant, I have to voice my objection. With the computer unable to track her life signs, any safeguards in place probably won’t work. We might end up venting the entire network, trapping her in a section without any air. =^=

As he talked, Walker quickly typed up a flash message to Faye.

| Get out of tubes now! |

WO Darach - COO

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