Somewhere on the Ship- On the Run!

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The computer chirped in response. “Working…”

A minute later, there was a reply. “There is an equal probability of forty-five percent of Deck Eleven or Deck Three being a terminating location, with a fifteen percent chance of Deck Twenty. Unable to predict exact locations.”

~Helpful Computer?

=^= Wyatt, no joy on the scanners. But we are seeing multiple activations of the Jefferey Tube hatches, she’s somehow bypassed my lockout. I’m rolling the security codes in an attempt to keep her from bypassing again. =^=

WO Darach - COO

From her new location (she was moving quickly and trying to avoid staying in one spot for any length of time) Faye heard the unexpected chirp on her combadge.

||What really happened? Can I help? Ship on lockdown.||

It was tagged to Darroch. Faye sat back on her heels, genuinely surprised. But then she smiled. Huh. Who’d have thought? Puling out her modified miniature padd, she coded in an encrypted reply to his station on the bridge, praying to gods she didn’t believe in that he was still there.

||Long story. Need to make a big show. Flashy systems play. SB 1 the goal. Need to bypass the jefferies tube access points- they’re slowing me down. No time.||

It was longer than she preferred but she didn’t intend to reply to him again unless absolutely necessary.

~Faye Calloway, Fugitive

|| Resetting security codes, attempt to keep you “locked down.” System vulnerable for 60 seconds. Open sesame. ||

WO Darach - COO

She grinned. “Ahhhhhh! You beautiful, beautiful man!” Faye took advantage of the window he gave her, moving swiftly while she had the opportunity. A new deck and she was closer to her final location, but she knew that she wouldn’t have the advantage for much longer. She needed to create a distraction. Using her portable relay, Faye sent a message into the system and accessed the one thing she could control without it becoming an issue. She grinned to herself- despite the tension of the situation- and had the lights go dark for only five seconds on the bridge, Deck Three and Deck Thirteen. Then she was on the move again.

~Faye Calloway, Fugitive

=^= Darach to Wyatt. And she’s got access to the powergrid. She’s a step ahead of my lock downs. Still nothing on the sensors, she must have something scattering our scanners. =^=

WO Darach - COO

Wyatt had to think carefully, how were they going to flush her out. =^= Darach, begin venting Jefferies tubes the safety protocol will stop you from doing it if there are any life signs in them. All the crew should be avoiding them and populated in communal areas. When you find the first Jefferies tubes seal all exits and vent adjoining tubes then lock them with authorisation for only me Wyatt out=^= There was no way she was getting off this ship, and Wyatt was having some gut feelings about what was going on.

Pretha’s voice came over the comms. =^=Security to bridge. I have dispatched additional security to Decks eleven and three to bolster the transporter rooms and shuttle bays, respectively. Those are the most likely targets. With deck twenty’s shuttle bay being the alternative. Still have computer narrowing down her route.=^= Her voice was calm and decisive. She was on a hunt and was going to stop this woman and find out what was going on.

As she closed the comms she whispered, Where are you going? And why? Suddenly she had a thought. “Computer, locate Crewman Faye Calloway.” Maybe she could get Calloway to come to her. She’d see to it she was protected, if she was running ‘from’ something here on the ship. And if she was running ‘to’ something, perhaps she could assist with that as well. It certainly didn’t sit well with her to be blindly seeking out a fellow crewman she had never heard anything about until now.

Security/CRIT Ldr

Luke was also thinking the same thing, instead of being reactive perhaps they should be practice. “Computer display all active hatches since going to red alert and show me a path and sequence they have opened up. Also calculate the possibilities for diversions and sensor ghosts.” Faye wasn’t stupid, well stupid enough to do what she had done but not stupid enough to not at least have some distractions and diversions to throw them off but Luke was like a bloodhound, and he smelled blood.

OOC: I’ll let out fugitive decide if the computer works out a path and likely destination.

  • Lieutenant Luke Wyatt
    ((giggles great minds. That’s how Pretha figured the locations she did hehehe… the following was posted with permission))

Wyatt’s response was not very different than Pretha’s but with a few more data points it did increase the certainty… a bit. “There is an equal probability of fifty-eight percent of Deck Eleven or Deck Three being a terminating location, with a twelve percent chance of Deck Twenty. Unable to predict exact locations.”

Pretha frowned. Something wasn’t right. It took a moment but the computer replied. “Unable to locate crewman Calloway.”

Ok so she’d jammed her comm signal. “Computer, is crewman Calloway’s comm badge deactivated?”

“Negative. Communication badge signal is still open but unlocatable due to interference of unknown origin.”

A few key taps and Pretha smiled. “Let’s see if this works…” she murmured. Raising her voice once more she commanded, “Computer, send the following message directly to communication badge for crewman Calloway. My name is Pretha Oberon. I’m a new security officer on board so I haven’t been here long enough to be the sight of your ire or your fear. Let me help you. I will protect you and hear you out if that’s what you need. Tell me where to meet you. I’ll come alone.” Once she’d finished she sighed. “Computer, any way to know if message was heard by crewman Calloway?”


Pretha sighed again and hoped the woman would respond.


She wasn’t close enough to her destination for her liking. The jefferies tube lockdown, while expected, had taken up valuable time circumventing. Faye’s progress had been quick, but not quick enough and the longer it took to reach the agreed upon destination, the more that could go wrong.

Pretha’s comm stunned her for a moment. What is it with this crew? She almost smiled. Maybe there would still be a home left for her after all. Pretha said she would protect her, hear her out. Faye sat back on her heels and tried desperately to quell the tears. She wanted more than anything to say ‘yes, come help me!’ but she couldn’t risk dragging any more of the crew into this, and she didn’t want to risk anyone getting hurt. Using her padd, she replied to Oberon using the text-to-voice. =/\=If you truly want to help me, then don’t interfere. Give me space. Let this play out the way it needs to. I don’t want anyone to get hurt.=/\= It said nothing and yet everything.

~Faye Calloway, Fugitive

=^= Lieutenant, I have to voice my objection. With the computer unable to track her life signs, any safeguards in place probably won’t work. We might end up venting the entire network, trapping her in a section without any air. =^=

As he talked, Walker quickly typed up a flash message to Faye.

| Get out of tubes now! |

WO Darach - COO

=^=Then you should watch the control readouts extremely carefully, chief. Do I need to remind you that Miss Calloway opened fire on three of our command staff? We’re not trying to kill her, make sure there is an audible and visual tone post venting maybe she’ll realize she’s stuck and give herself up. Wyatt out=^= He let out a long breath, there had to be more to this situation but right now he had to go off the information he had been given which highlighted Faye as a threat. Looking at the computer readout it showed several routes that could be leading to her final destination. He picked the one he thought made the most sense, to Faye and went there. Alone.

  • Lieutenant Luke Wyatt

=^= Understood. =^=

WO Darach - COO

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