Deck 3, Shuttlebay 1- On the Run!

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Her final movement caught his eye and he finally saw her, well a part of her as she slipped behind the shuttle. “Because a fair trial is all you deserve. You’re making a mockery to the legal system if you think you can get out of this one Faye, shooting three officers isn’t exactly what I would call discrete which does beg the question what your true intentions are. You’ve never been sloppy.” He now stood near he shuttle, he had position himself so she either came out the way he was or around the side and towards the doors which meant crossing open ground and then getting stuck because he had shot out the controls. It was her final few words that caught him off guard, however. “You’re guilt in shooting three officers anything else will be investigated, I never thought you were guilty I always knew you were hiding something more, I could have helped but instead you isolated the one person who may have been able to help.”

  • Lieutenant Luke Wyatt

=^= Darach to Wyatt. I’m detecting phaser fire in the shuttlebay! =^=

Pretha saw the computer tell her the hatch to the shuttle bat had been opened. That’s all she needed. Phaser on her hip, she took off like a shot towards the destination.

The new security officer had arrived too late. Having received the report the control panel was fried, she wasted no time heading to the access hatch just around the corner. The security officers said they had heard the shot then tried to open the door again. That wasn’t good. Either Faye had the Chief hostage, of the Chief was gonna play hero and end this himself. Either way didn’t suit the newest member of the ship.

Quietly she lifted the hatch. Heading the voices echo back and forth, she was grateful. Her frown deepened as she caught the last two exchanges. The CoS had gotten rid of witnesses? That didn’t sit well either. Her own phaser now out, she shifted her position till she caught sight of both people. Seeing Faye behind cover, she took a chance.

She tapped her comm badge. Whispering first to the bridge while the two were talking. =^=This is Oberon. Cease Jefferies tube purge. I’m in hatchway above shuttle bay. Calloway and the Chief are inside. Access panel destroyed.=^=

Leaving the bridge still open, she messaged the Chief next. =^=Chief, it’s Oberon. Let me in to assist.=^= she hoped he’d think her still in the hallway. Her phaser remaining pointed towards him from above on low stun as she remained in shadows.

Security/ CRIT Ldr

=^= Noted. I detected the phaser fire in the shuttlebay already. Pausing the venting process. =^=

WO Darach - COO

Faye laughed, all the bitterness of the last few hours rounding out the sound. “You? Help me? You couldn’t have helped me if you wanted to. Hell, even the people who want to help may not be able to. And you think I’m supposed to come running to you? What kind of fool do you take me for?”

~Faye Calloway, Fugitive

The chief heard Oberons voice but felt obligated to do this himself, Faye and manipulated this whole crew and had deceived him, “The longer this continues the bigger fool, you know the way we work you know this never ends well. There’s no way of this ship surrender now and make this easier for both of us despite what you believe I don’t take enjoyment from this, but I will do my job.” Luke was bored of this so he advanced onto the position her voice was coming from, all their talking was getting them nowhere she would either have to escape, surrender or be subdued and Luke hoped only one but would take two of the three options.

“Please, Faye.” He said finally, one last attempt at doing this peacefully.

  • Lieutenant Luke Wyatt

She had seen the blown door panel and realized that it was probably the Chief who had done it. He certainly hadn’t claimed Faye had. Now he was below her, about to fire on a fellow crewman. No more newbie feigned ignorance.

A voice above Wyatt rang out. “Chief, it’s Oberon. I’m coming in.” Without warning, or waiting for his approval, she dropped to the floor and landed in a crouch behind him. Her phaser was at the ready, as was her ability to swiftly roll aside if needed be.

Security/ CRIT Ldr

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