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“Unfortunately it was not specific. All age groups and gender, at least in the adult age. No children have died.” He paused and stepped back. “My apologies but sleep comes. I trust in your skill.” As he lay back onto a biobed he murmured, “The principal vein near the spine is the optimum source for blood from Maree.” Then he was out.
- Hone

“Che’lak, I need you to take over now.” Jasmine snapped out quickly. Since the Vulcan was assisting the surgery he should be ready to take over at a moments notice as he had been trained throughout medical school. “Stay on top of this and suture the blood vessels Hone indicated.” Chel’ak was not a novice doctor and right now he as as much experience as Jasmine did. She had another problem to deal with.

A gentle nod was the simple acknowledgement returned to Jasmine as the Vulcan woman continued the surgery with deeply rapt attention.

“Hone,” Jasmine moved away with her hands up in the traditional travel pose of someone performing surgery who had to move to another spot.

Rollo watched Hone lay down. “What are you doing? You need to assist with the surgery!” She looked from Wynter to Hone to Maree. “How can he just go to sleep at a time like this?” Then she noted the elder Gravinian at her side was looking especially tired with heavy lids. “What’s happening here? Minister, are you alright?”

—Rollo, CNS (trying to get their sleep cycle introduced to the ones who don’t know about it.)

Maree was laying back herself. “It is Even-Fall,” she said. “It is when we sleep. When the sun sets, so do we. We can do nothing to forestall this.” Hone was already asleep; Maree nearly so herself.

Seeing Hone was already asleep, Jasmine uttered a small curse between her lips. “Maree, you can not lie down and expect me to start a transfusion from your spine. You need to get up.” This was lie in part. People came in all the time unconscious and Jasmine performed surgeries when needed. There were inherent problems with dealing with unconscious people and administering medical treatments; however, when you knew the physiology of the patient there were work arounds. Now Jasmine knew why Hone was not assisting past verbal directions in the surgery. He was checking out as was Marree was now attempting to do.

Alas it was over. Maree was asleep.

Che’lak’s focus on her careful stillness was momentarily distracted as Hone made to lie down. Rather quickly, however, she came to the conclusion that Hone was reacting to some kind of strongly regimented sleep cycle. The physiologist’s mind was racing. Globular anatomy, regimented and sudden sleep and a mysterious transport related mass differential… Her participation in the surgery became increasingly based on instinct and muscle memory as she intently tried to put the disparate elements of the puzzle together.

Lt. J.G. Che’lak - Medical

It became apparent that the large ‘organ’ that fulfilled the purpose of many of the common humanoid organs was a sac that held a single, but still separate series of connected sub organs. This was injured and was going to take work to sort out and render healing to, as well as a blood transfusion from Maree.
- Wookiee

Jasmine looked over at her husband feeling a huge sense of urgency and then back to the the counselor. “Max, Rollo…you need to get in touch with the team on the surface and probably get security up here.” While this was just a hypothesis, Jasmine would rather look like a fool that get caught with her pants down. “Computer erect level five biological containment fields around beds 5, 7, and 3,” she rapidly called out the beds Hone, Tor, and Maree were occupying. “On Graven, Shon and I were investigated a medical condition affecting three people. Shon and I were just getting somewhere when I was beamed back here but as insane as this sounds, I think Gravenian’s have a symbiotic relationship with…something. I wish I could be more specific but right now I am still finding out information. I am going to sound crazy stiller but I think their physiology allows for some corporeal form.” Jasmine knew she sounded like she had been drinking yet there was nothing ever wrong about being wrong if people could be harmed.

Despite her focus appearing to remain intently focussed on the surgery, her covered hands dancing swiftly between serene and delicate movements at points of contact, Che’lak had been taking in the CMO’s words with fascination. Her suspicions around the Graviens’ physiology included a solid subset which aligned with Wynter’s words. She had, however, had very little time to filter her theories and narrow down her focus. The senior medic voicing support for this particular theory would have immensely excited Che’lak if she were to allow herself react in such a way.

“I agree, Doctor Wynter.” The Vulcan woman spoke up while her gaze remained down on her patient, electing to lend the weight of her expertise to backing the credibility of the theory. “That is certainly a palpable possibility.”

“Max, I know you just got into a massive car accident but I need you to run some tests on the ingreity of the Bio field. It is supposed to stop all biological pathogens but I am not ready to call....whatever it is a pathogen. I have a gut feeling that this symbiote is sentient.” Glancing at Che’lak, Jasmine knew she needed to be in the surgery. “Its just a hunch but I need to get back in there. You know as much as I do and yes it sounds insane. If I find out anything else you will be the first to know.”

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

Another life form? Could they really be dealing with that? ” You think inside each Gravinian, there is another sentient being with a corporeal form?” She shivered at the possibilities it brought to mind. How would it be to have something slither out of you to live its own life during your sleep cycle ,when you were your most vulnerable?

“I have no idea but right now I would rather be safe than sorry. On the planet surface, there were three patients in the medical center that were gravely ill. I am not going to say something hurt them but I can’t rule it out. I also can’t rule out that maybe the loss of the corporeal form caused the illness. The point is I don’t know but I dont’ think we can ignore any of this without more studies,” Jasmine said

Lt. Jasmine Wyner CMO

Zef shook herself to break the hold of unpleasant thoughts and looked at the Cmdr. “I’ll contact Captain Cochrane if you’ll call security.”

—Rollo, CNS

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The Cmdr tapped her combadge. =/\=Rollo to Cochrane. Sir, there’s been a development in the Gravinian situation. Shall I meet you or tell you over an open channel?=/\=

—Rollo, CNS (don’t know where he is at the moment so I won’t cross post)

When she was satisfied that the damage to Hone’s various tissues and clumped up organs had been repaired as best as possible with regenerators, bleeding stemmed, she finally raised her head to look at Wynter. “Doctor Wynter.” Her speech was slow and relaxed. “We should begin the transfusion.”

Lt. J.G. Che’lak - Medical

=^= Go ahead Counselor. =^= came the response.

Cochrane, CO

=/\=Captain, there have been some developments with the Gravinians. Those aboard have fallen into a deep sleep, but announced that it was part of their species particulars. During the time they sleep, from dusk till dawn, another life form of some kind leaves their bodies and rules the night. We aren’t sure what the second life form is or if it has a corporeal form, but it has been posited that the loss of it may be the reason for illness Dr Wynter observed on the planet. It may also have something to do with the unexplained deaths.=/\=

—Rollo, CNS

Che’lak had only just become aware of the Graviens’ sleep cycle and had been distracted by her surgery. At Rollo’s spelling out of the connection between that and the hypothetical second life form, the Vulcan looked up with wide eyes conveying immense approval. “Remarkable.” Then she felt it.

While Tov was being worked on by the Vulcan, it was at the point where she was just getting the bleeding stemmed, and when Maree and Hone were just asleep when Che’lak felt something. It started at her hands and worked up through her limbs - a cool sensation that felt like the change of day to night in the Vulcan desert. This passed through her.

Che’lak’s eyes widened yet further to an uncomfortable extent.

To the others that witnessed this they would first hear the drop of the instrument that Che’lak had in hand hitting the floor, having fallen out of her hand. Next they would see her stumbling backward and would have fallen (assuming someone close will catch her).

With her hands free now that Maree was asleep, Zef had moved closer to the surgical table out of curiosity. She was still far enough away that she had to lunge fully to catch Che’lak as she started to fall. The two women landed in a heap, but neither was hurt.

To Che’lak the feeling would leave her senses reeling. It was not a physical sensation or attack but something spiritual - like something that touched her very Katra. The sensation would work out of her after a minute but the uneasy sense that something had touched her Katra would remain.

There was no affect on the containment field.
- Wookiee

“What happened? Did you faint?” She looked around the bay, not sure what her eyes sought out. The situation was so unique that Zef didn’t limit her expectations. She also flipped her sight into the mode that allowed her to see aural images. With the Gravinians sleeping…was something else in the bay with them now?

—Rollo, CNS

A head smacked onto the carpeted floor with a muted smack. The Vulcan’s conscious self had departed the ship. As, for a dozen or two seconds, the woman lived as her core self alone, passion and raw self-attachment flooded her mind. Vital aspects of her true self, usually pushed so far aside by her conscious mind in vain attempts to be something she should never be, returned in an instant. Once the wave of feeling subsided and she began to slowly return to her senses, an overwhelming sense of something having penetrated the most inner sphere of her being enveloped her. After a minute or so, Che’lak came to in a true sense as she desperately attempted to come to terms with what had just become of her.

Lt. J.G. Che’lak - Medical

Ensign Kaia, having fallen asleep during the regeneration of her broken arm, came to consciousness upon hearing the thud that was the Vulcan ensign hitting the ground. “Huh…?” She muttered, looking around at everything that was going on and being utterly confused.

Kaia, Eng.

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