Deck 3, Shuttlebay 1- On the Run!

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=^= Noted. I detected the phaser fire in the shuttlebay already. Pausing the venting process. =^=

WO Darach - COO

Faye laughed, all the bitterness of the last few hours rounding out the sound. “You? Help me? You couldn’t have helped me if you wanted to. Hell, even the people who want to help may not be able to. And you think I’m supposed to come running to you? What kind of fool do you take me for?”

~Faye Calloway, Fugitive

The chief heard Oberons voice but felt obligated to do this himself, Faye and manipulated this whole crew and had deceived him, “The longer this continues the bigger fool, you know the way we work you know this never ends well. There’s no way of this ship surrender now and make this easier for both of us despite what you believe I don’t take enjoyment from this, but I will do my job.” Luke was bored of this so he advanced onto the position her voice was coming from, all their talking was getting them nowhere she would either have to escape, surrender or be subdued and Luke hoped only one but would take two of the three options.

“Please, Faye.” He said finally, one last attempt at doing this peacefully.

  • Lieutenant Luke Wyatt

Bastard. he was appealing to her better nature. Some might not beleive she actually had one. But she did, as some people on the ship had been learning.

She had seen the blown door panel and realized that it was probably the Chief who had done it. He certainly hadn’t claimed Faye had. Now he was below her, about to fire on a fellow crewman. No more newbie feigned ignorance.

A voice above Wyatt rang out. “Chief, it’s Oberon. I’m coming in.” Without warning, or waiting for his approval, she dropped to the floor and landed in a crouch behind him. Her phaser was at the ready, as was her ability to swiftly roll aside if needed be.

Security/ CRIT Ldr

It was two against one and there was no way this was going to go well. He was right that there was no current way off the ship- not that that was her desired outcome anyway. The outcome was inevitable. I told her to say out of it! Faye suppressed a growl of frustration. But at the same time, having someone else to temper the situation was actually a good thing, and so Faye was equally grateful to Oberon.

It was time, wasn’t it? There was a part of her that had been okay with him just shooting her so that she would avoid what was next, but well, Faye hadn’t prescribed much to Luck in her life and she knew there wasn’t any point in starting now. Fully expecting a smug and satisfied look on his face, Faye spoke up. “Okay… I’m coming out. Just remember that I went through great trouble to make sure no one got hurt…”

Finally Luke thought thanful that she finally decided to give up, and silently thankful for Pretha’s appearance even if he felt that this was the only outcome she just expedited it.

Standing up fully, phaser still in hand, Faye ventured out, taking slow steps. Though she was holding her phaser, her hands were up in front of her. Her stormy grey-green eyes told the story she wasn’t going to trust her words with. That she was angry. And that she was terrified. Her eyes searched them for any indication of what they wold do next.

~Faye Calloway, Fugitive

“Place the phaser on the floor and then step towards us” Luke had no intentions of shooting her unless she gave him any reason too, the situation was all but over and well and truly in their favor and not Fayes. He leveled his own phaser at the and flicked it towards himself “Let’s go, Faye, time to answer some questions” Truth was the security chief was beyond wanting to ask questions, Faye knew what he wanted to know and whether or not he’d eventually be let in on it would most likely be down to her.

  • Lieutenant Luke Wyatt

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