Counsellor's Office- Calloway's Eval

Posted Aug. 11, 2020, 11:25 a.m. by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) (Lindsay Bayes)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Zef Rollo (Counselor) in Counsellor’s Office- Calloway’s Eval

Posted by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) in Counsellor’s Office- Calloway’s Eval


There went her eyes again, misting over. Faye’s hands flew to her mouth as she realized that there was a similitude between their two stories and that it revealed something she wasn’t sure she wanted to deal with. “Chameleons…” she said. “Your… whatever term you want to use. Him, and Nevol. Chameleons. I don’t know why he was that way towards you, and I do know that Nevol was coerced into getting close to me, to save his family. Am I just fool for wanting to believe that he actually cared, that he might have actually loved me?” That tension in her stomach was back but this time it held a different edge- one that cut deeply with all the anger she had been wrestling with. “I mean he was willing to drag me back to the Tal Shair and let them carry on their…” She gestured with a hand, not intending to go down that path. “He would have handed me over and let them destroy me bit by bit until there was nothing left of me. And I want to hate him for it, especially since he killed himself and left me to clean up his mess! But if he was just using me, if he didn’t love me, then the whole of it was a ruse, then I’ve never been…” She furiously wiped at the tears, her mind cursing their presence.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

Zef sat forward and balanced on the edge of the couch, knowing comfort needed to be offered but she was of the mind that touching was out of the question. Some people wanted a physical touch when they were sad, but Calloway was different. She’d lived her life cut off from that kind of affection mostly, so to do it now, while she was so vulnerable, would likely shock her enough to halt the progress she was currently making. So, the counselor just leaned forward a bit to lessen the distance between them.

“Then you’ve never been…what?”

—Rollo, CNS

The word she needed rolled around in her head, but it seemed resistant to reaching her lips, as if it were an active participant in the conversation (or rather a recalcitrant one in this case). Faye managed to resist turning her head away but she purposefully avoided Rollo’s gaze. “Loved,” she said as a painful sensation spread in her stomach.

“I know my parents did,” Faye said quietly. “But they’ve both been gone a long time now and every relationship since then has been… a disaster. I just want to know what it’s like. Just once!” Actual love. Healthy love. Was Faye even capable of it? She had no idea.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

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