Computer Science Lab 2- The Hunt for Faye

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Shara couldn’t help but laugh. “Nice one Baby Girl,” she said as she focused on the screen before her. “I want to see how far they’ve tracked her, so let’s listen in a little on the chatter,” she said as she sent Faye the coded message that Cochrane came up with.

=^= Wyatt, no joy on the scanners. But we are seeing multiple activations of the Jefferey Tube hatches, she’s somehow bypassed my lockout. I’m rolling the security codes in an attempt to keep her from bypassing again. =^=

=^= Darach to Wyatt. And she’s got access to the powergrid. She’s a step ahead of my lock downs. Still nothing on the sensors, she must have something scattering our scanners. =^=

=^= Darach, begin venting Jefferies tubes the safety protocol will stop you from doing it if there are any life signs in them. All the crew should be avoiding them and populated in communal areas. When you find the first Jefferies tubes seal all exits and vent adjoining tubes then lock them with authorisation for only me Wyatt out=^=

Cochrane cursed and looked at Calloway. “What in the nine hells does he think he is doing?!?! He could kill her!”

=^=Security to bridge. I have dispatched additional security to Decks eleven and three to bolster the transporter rooms and shuttle bays, respectively. Those are the most likely targets. With deck twenty’s shuttle bay being the alternative. Still have computer narrowing down her route.=^=

=^= Lieutenant, I have to voice my objection. With the computer unable to track her life signs, any safeguards in place probably won’t work. We might end up venting the entire network, trapping her in a section without any air. =^=

Cochrane exhaled slightly and said “Good man, Darach.”

=^=Then you should watch the control readouts extremely carefully, chief. Do I need to remind you that Miss Calloway opened fire on three of our command staff? We’re not trying to kill her, make sure there is an audible and visual tone post venting maybe she’ll realize she’s stuck and give herself up. Wyatt out=^=

=^= Understood. =^=

For a moment Shara froze. What in the actual hell? Rage swam through her as she shot Cochrane a look. “Since when does your crew think it okay to use potentially lethal force on an assailant?!?” she said, venom lacing her voice. Shara Calloway did not panic easily, but this was not a typical situation, and it was rather personal. Still, even factoring that out, there was something ruthless about the action that seem incongruent with the situation. She had expected them to take down Faye, hard if necessary, but not once after Faye had outlined the plan did Shara think it could come to close to the edge. And yet, neither her nor Cochrane could intervene unless they wanted to give away the plan and rick their advantage with whomever was pulling strings to frame Faye and other officers like her.

~Commander Calloway, Starfleet Intelligence

“That is a direct violation of the order you heard me give him. We’ll get ibto custody. Just let me know if anything changes. I’m going to the shuttle bay to make sure she’s safe

Shara nodded, forcing herself to take a deep breath.

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The open comms would alert the Captain to the state of affairs in the shuttle bay. Pretha tapped her comm badge. =^=Engineering and security. I want this shuttle bay door opened right now. Panel is shot on this side. And stand by for Brig escort.=^= She had the feeling they didn’t need extra bodies for one prisoner, regardless how good she was at evading. But the more witnesses, in her mind, the better.

Security/CRIT Ldr

=^= Cochrane to transporter room. Emergency point to point transport. Shuttle bay. Energize. =^= and he swirled into light and disappeared.

Cochrane, CO

For the time being, Shara decided to stay put. Since they weren’t touching her work, she just continued to listen to the chatter and track events as they unfolded. This wasn’t like before where she could make decisions to intervene. She already had, to a degree, but she couldn’t save Faye. Not this time. Stay strong Baby Girl. We’ll get you out of this mess. Somehow.

~Commander Calloway, Starfleet Intelligence

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