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Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Main Sim - Conference Room - What Do We Know (Tag ALL DH and Sim Support staff)

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As the planet below began to slip into night, the shipwide comms activated and the Captain spoke.

=^= Attention crew of the Manhattan. All personnel who have been dealing directly with the Gravian people, or who have conducted first hand scans on behalf of the ship or the inhabitants, are to meet in the Confereance at 2000 hours for debrief and planning. That is all. =^=

=/\= Understood Sir. Naim out. =/\= came the woman’s voice in reply.

Cochrane leaned back in his chair in the room. There was about an hour till people would start arriving. He took a moment to enjoy the silence.

Cochrane, CO

At just before 2000, Raye came in and smiled. “I’m glad to see you got a moment to yourself, Captain. How are you doing?” She took her seat a few spaces down from him. She smiled. “Did you manage to get some lunch or dinner?”

After their dinner the other night and long talk, while not intimately close, she at least felt a lot more comfortable being personal around him. And she hoped he did as well.


Cochrane nodded and said “I did, thank you. Since you are first here, I’ll ask that you prepare your briefing first.”

Cochrane, CO

Soon after and very shortly before the hour, Doctor Che’lak silently slithered into the room. The angular Vulcan circled the conference table and sat herself at a seat at the far end from the captain. She had become involved in the mission but had only just arrived nonetheless. Listening and learning about the situation was to be her role in this meeting, or so she anticipated. The aspect of the situation she had been exposed to may have been perfectly tailored to her expertise but as far as she was concerned it was in all likelihood a small aside to a grander more important mission. A quick pause accompanied by polite nods to Cochrane and Raye were the only acknowledgement she made of the others present, deliberately keeping her gaze fixed on the opposite wall once she was sat at the table.

Lt. J.G. Che’lak - Medical

Pretha came in on the heels of the Doc and nodded to everyone. “Captain, good evening,” she said before taking her seat midway down one side of the table.

Sec/CRIT Ldr

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Jack entered as he nodded at the room. “Captain.” he said quietly as he nodded and took his chair next to him.

It was only moments later that the doors swished open again and Naim entered the conference room. With a slight bow of her head and smile playing across her face, she greeted every who was already in the room before sliding gracefully onto one of the chairs around the table. As always when sitting her posture was very straight, almost a little stiff. In her mind she went through everything she had learned on the surface once again, making sure she wasn’t forgetting anything for her report. At the same time she tried to keep her confusion and emotions about there suddenly being a new CSO as far in the back of her mind as possible. She wouldn’t let that influence her work and her responsibilities.

~Lt.jg. Naim, Scientist

With Drake currently preoccupied else where Luke had been delegated the task of attending the briefing, he wasn’t sure if it would been received well being that so far he had avoided contact with the Gravian people, not by choice by sheer coincidence but Drake had handed him a PaDD an extremely quick overview and sent the former marine on his merry way like a kid going to school after the summer holidays. His entrance was discreet as he walked over the threshold and into the main conference room somewhere he had yet to visit. Luke smiled at the current occupants and as gracefully for a man of his height and build could sat in a free chair next to the woman who had entered moments before him.

  • Lieutenant JG Luke Wyatt, Security

Rollo came in looking preoccupied and biting at the corner of her bottom lip. She nodded to those gathered, noticed a new face and then took a seat. As she waited for the meeting to begin, she listened to the comments being made and thought on the biology/physiology of the people they were trying to help. Apparently, there was a lot about the Gravinians that the UFP didn’t know, or their would be more information in the ship’s database.

—Rollo, CNS

“Captain,” Walker said as he walked into the conference room. Taking a seat at the conference table he looked around at the crew that had already arrived.

WO Darach - COO

Faye had taken a moment to check on her systems before arriving, and she simply took up a quiet space against the wall. There were a lot of people here and only so many chairs and she was happy to stand for the moment anyway. Her mind though was actively running through what she knew so far and what they could extrapolate from any of it.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

K’sang was also quiet, he didn’t have much to offer as of yet.
K’sang, CSO

Raye nodded and smiled to the rest as they came in. She wasn’t interested in more than finishing her report and turning in, tonight. It had been a trying day and she wasn’t exactly sure how much she had accomplished beyond them now being willing to discuss more. But she hoped it was enough. And tomorrow would be a longer day, still.


Creed, XO

Cochrane cleared his throat and said “We’ll not wait for the CMO. We need to get all our information together, people. Anyone who knows anything about the Gravians, their culture, biology… anything at all… speak up now. Department personnel report in this order: Medical, Science, Security, Counselor, and Diplomatic Corps. Full updates. Go.”

Cochrane, CO

At that point the voice of the Counselor came through.

=/\=Captain, there have been some developments with the Gravinians. Those aboard have fallen into a deep sleep, but announced that it was part of their species particulars. During the time they sleep, from dusk till dawn, another life form of some kind leaves their bodies and rules the night. We aren’t sure what the second life form is or if it has a corporeal form, but it has been posited that the loss of it may be the reason for illness Dr Wynter observed on the planet. It may also have something to do with the unexplained deaths.=/\=

Cochrane, CO

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