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Posted Aug. 13, 2020, 6:57 a.m. by Civilian Kalig Marrov (Civilian) (Chris Perry)

Kalig re-materialised aboard the Kestra feeling quite pleased with himself. He hadn’t expected to be able to take possession of his prize so easily, and being dismissed from the ship outright was a setback, but he had been able to get aboard, the meet her and to size up the scale of the challenge taking her presented.

He knew that the Kestra couldn’t take the Manhattan in a stand-up fight. If they’d had the luxury of an ambush then he’d have been confident of doing some damage, but enough to get aboard and snatch a single crew member? No chance. Diplomacy also wasn’t going to work, he didn’t lack for charm, but he was dealing with two people, one of whom already had plenty of reason to dislike him, and another who had years of experience dealing with his type, so that avenue was closed to him as well.

Fortunately, one didn’t become a top-class smuggler and pirate without knowing a thing or two about how to take possession of things that didn’t want to be possessed. And if all else failed, he could always resort to that most reliable of last resorts. Cheating.

Kalig Marrov

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