Deck 3, Shuttlebay 1- On the Run!

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“Place the phaser on the floor and then step towards us” Luke had no intentions of shooting her unless she gave him any reason too, the situation was all but over and well and truly in their favor and not Fayes. He leveled his own phaser at the and flicked it towards himself “Let’s go, Faye, time to answer some questions” Truth was the security chief was beyond wanting to ask questions, Faye knew what he wanted to know and whether or not he’d eventually be let in on it would most likely be down to her.

  • Lieutenant Luke Wyatt

Eyes unwavering, Faye bent slightly and dropped the phaser on the floor. For a brief moment the emptiness in her hand caused mild anxiety to form but she quashed it right quick. Now was not the time. But bereft of her safeguard (such as it was), there was nothing left to do but step forward as he had said, hands in front of her. One step. Two. “I’m pretty sure I have the right to remain silent.”

~Faye Calloway, Fugitive

Pretha tapped her comm badge. =^=Engineering and security. I want this shuttle bay door opened right now. Panel is shot on this side. And stand by for Brig escort.=^= She had the feeling they didn’t need extra bodies for one prisoner, regardless how good she was at evading. But the more witnesses, in her mind, the better.

Security/CRIT Ldr
(pasted Faye in cause of split)

The doors to the bay opened up and a six security officers, three to a side entered. In between the officers stood the Captain.

Faye had not seen that coming. She fully expected to see him again after she was in the brig. But relief flooded over her face, at least until she remember that she had fired a phaser (even on the lowest setting) at the man.

“Lieutenant Faye Calloway. You are hereby placed into custody by my authority. The charge is espionage. Lieutenant Pretha, escort the prisoner to the brig. Lieutenant Wyatt, my office.” The man was not pleased. The whole incident had been a near disaster, and he was now faced with a potential trial of one of his crew.

“Ensure the Lieutenant is screened by the Chief Medical Officer before confinement. After that, no contact with anyone save myself or those escorted by me.” He glanced once at Wyatt before turning and walking out if the bay.

Cochrane, CO

Pretha’s eyes widened as the Captain arrived. She hasn’t expected that. “Yes, Sir,” she nodded and then turned and stepped towards Faye. “Come with me.” One hand remained on her phaser, the other motioned to the door.

Huh, no restraints. Again, Faye was slightly surprised. She had expected that under the circumstances there would be a whole humiliating walk to the brig with her hands behind her back. If the roles had been reversed, she would have, even giving the benefit of the doubt. Faye nodded and took a couple tentative steps towards the woman who had reached out to her in good faith.

When they reached the door, Pretha nodded to two of the security officers to join them. “You in front, you in back,” she pointed and turned into the corridor.

Security/ CRIT Ldr

Surrounded by people who, as far as she knew, would shoot her at the first instance of resistance, Faye felt strangely calm and safe. But they were on the move. It was the destination that was problematic. How that would go, she had no idea.

~Faye Calloway, Captured Fugitive

Cochrane looked at the group as they passed and said “Lieutenant, secure the prisoner. She isn’t to be trusted outside of her cell.”

He watched the restraints be applied and then looked at Wyatt before turning abruptly and heading for the turbo lift.

Cochrane, CO

Luke was seemingly calmer now too, as he followed behind the contingent he couldn’t help now but wonder why Faye had done what she had. These were all questions he hoped to find answer to in the coming days but right now ihis only concern was getting her safely to the brig.

  • Lieutenant Luke Wyatt

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