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Pretha felt Faye slow and as they entered the brig area, she nodded off their escort. “Stand by the door. Bring the Medical Chief when they arrive.”

She nodded to the furthest holding cell. “Come.” After a few steps, she debated how to answer Faye. There was a lot that Wyatt had done that Pretha hadn’t agreed with. Those actions left a bad taste in the back of her mouth. “He shouldn’t have shot that panel that kept the rest of us from coming in.” It was the safest and most obvious answer, so she stuck with that.


Faye snorted and she actually looked amused as she walked into the cell. But her expression shifted quickly as she looked over the walls and turned to face Oberon. She had to remind herself that she chose this outcome. But that was never going to make it easy. Instead, she focused on Pretha’s response. “True. It wasn’t very smart of him, now was it? But I think I struck a nerve in him. I could be wrong though,” she said.

~Faye Calloway, Captured Fugitive

OOC: Just wanted to say that Faye might want to talk to the counselor since that conversation would be privileged. Also, isn’t anyone going to search her?

D…(causing trouble)

Ooc…oh yea of little faith. Yes she’ll be searched. And she speaks to no one but the doctor till Captain says. Pretha isn’t gonna question her.

Pretha smiled. “Something tells me your instincts aren’t that wrong.” She smiled and opened the replicator outside the cell. A moment later she produced a set of work out sweats and actually handed them to Faye instead of tossing them. “I need you to put these on. While I’m sure you have no visible weapons, in light of your antics, I can’t chance that there aren’t other devices on you a simple search would find. The others will step away if you wish, but I’m staying.” Once the woman took the clothes, Pretha would remove one of the restraints to allow her to dress, but the CRIT Ldr remained very close.

As the restraints were removed she flexed her wrists glad that particular humiliation was over. She had avoided each and every set of eyes they had come across (not that there had been -thankfully- many). But still, knowing this ship, the story fo Faye Calloway being hauled off to the brig was sure to have circulated around the ship by dinnertime. It was in her best interest that it did so, and yet she would still resent the whole thing. uggh. She needed to stop dwelling. “Do what you need to, Lieutenant. I would if our roles were reversed and we both know it,” she said as she accepted the garments.

The ideas of how to search the woman had weighed on Pretha’s mind since she dropped into the shuttle bay. This woman had far too many skills to credit to some simple handheld devices. This was the only way she hoped to be sure.

Without awaiting Faye’s choice, she waved her hand to have the males turn away. Then she nodded to Faye. If she wasn’t a fugitive, Pretha would have actually considered the woman for the CRIT team.

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The folded pile of cloth rested in her hands and for a moment she resisted. Every fibre of her being despised the idea of getting rid of her uniform- her one external sign of her allegiance to Starfleet. Truth was one of those things easy twisted and bent, as her current predicament revealed so clearly. Looking down at the workout sweats she was very quiet for several moments.

Finally, Faye shuffled the garments to one arm and reached into her pockets. She pulled out in turn: her little portable relay and the miniature PADD. Both were all that it had taken to cause havoc on the starship. A brief smirk appeared on her face as she sat them on the floor near Pretha with a clunk. “I choose to also take your remarks about my antics as the compliment as think they were intended to be.”

Mask fo indifference firmly back on, Faye Calloway stripped off her uniform and dressed. She folded each uniform piece with reverence, resting her now scuffed boots (Jefferies tubes were not great on one’s appearance) beside them. She stepped to the side to allow Pretha to take it all away.

~Faye Calloway, Captured Fugitive

Pretha was impressed by the compact nature of the small devices Faye handed her. “No comment.” The CRIT Leader smiled and took the objects. As she watched Faye change, she took each piece of clothing as it was folded. She wasn’t aware of the true nature of the fear and anxiety in Faye, but she sympathized. It wasn’t easy to betray your fellow crewmen and ship. Whatever reason she had, she had thought it was right and just in her figuring. Once Faye was in the sweats, Pretha murmured an apology by way of curtesy and refastened the restraints. Stepping back, she set the clothes on the monitor counter in the central area about 7 feet behind her. She then got a glass of water from the replicator and handed it to Faye. “I can’t offer you anything else till the Doc clears you. But I won’t have you feint from exertion, either.” She nodded and held the glass out towards the restrained hands.


A withering stare. Sure, there was probably a better response, but suddenly Faye was on edge. She had been mentally preparing herself for her little stint in the brig on their walk through the ship. With each step, she had been reinforcing the differences between before and now. But it was the small things, the tiny details that slipped through her guard and caught her unaware. The tiny details that would tear her down before she even knew what was happening.

There had already been too many.

She didn’t have a huge range of motion with her wrists encumbered, but Faye was actually grateful for the water so she reached out and accepted the glass carefully, trying to not spill it on herself. “Thanks,” she said quietly before gulping a bunch of it down. The race through the ship had been tiring and her adrenaline had been pumping through her veins for awhile. Already she could feel that influx of energy draining out of her. She could sleep. Soon, maybe.

~Faye Calloway, Captured Fugitive

Having been previously engaged with some of the paperwork so to speak, Luke finally entered the Brig and looked around the room. No one as unconscious or screaming profanities at each other so he thanked his lucky stars. Moving over to the cell that now housed Faye he could see she had been released from her cuffs and had some fluids in a glass “Has medical seen to you yet?” He asked, his tone was neutral with a hint of concern. Though he doubted she was injured they hadn’t fought and his methods of flushing her out never got fully into effect or put her in any true or serious danger.

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Jasmine entered the brig. Seeing Faye, she took on a tight lipped expression. “She doesn’t look like she is hurt. Is there a reason I was called down here?” Jasmine’s tone was icy.

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