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A withering stare. Sure, there was probably a better response, but suddenly Faye was on edge. She had been mentally preparing herself for her little stint in the brig on their walk through the ship. With each step, she had been reinforcing the differences between before and now. But it was the small things, the tiny details that slipped through her guard and caught her unaware. The tiny details that would tear her down before she even knew what was happening.

There had already been too many.

She didn’t have a huge range of motion with her wrists encumbered, but Faye was actually grateful for the water so she reached out and accepted the glass carefully, trying to not spill it on herself. “Thanks,” she said quietly before gulping a bunch of it down. The race through the ship had been tiring and her adrenaline had been pumping through her veins for awhile. Already she could feel that influx of energy draining out of her. She could sleep. Soon, maybe.

~Faye Calloway, Captured Fugitive

Jasmine entered the brig. Seeing Faye, she took on a tight lipped expression. “She doesn’t look like she is hurt. Is there a reason I was called down here?” Jasmine’s tone was icy.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

It was hard to fully read Jas’ tone, but Faye allowed herself to look up at the CMO with an uncertain expression. But she averted that gaze after a brief moment. Certainly between the ship-wide comm and the call for medical to the Ready Room there was enough information to piece things together, and that was hardly unexpected. But this was her friend and that voice did not exactly carry much hope for some benefit of the doubt.

Pretha saw the others walk in and nodded to them. As the Doc approached, she removed Faye’s restraints and stepped back to guard her escape route. “Captain’s orders were for her to see you before being secured in a cell, Doc. She been crawling thru Jeffries tubes and other conduits and I’m sure it’s to make sure she isn’t hurt, externally or internally, before she settles down to await the Captain’s return.”


A small measure of anxiety dissipated as the restraints were removed again but Faye simply set her hands to the side, palms flat on the bench. She avoided looking at either Jasmine or Pretha, but having her friend here just reinforced how badly this would be in the aftermath. “I’m sure certain parties will want to also establish that I’ve not got any subcutaneous devices. Which I don’t, and your scans will show,” she said. “If I had I could have just saved us a whole lot of trouble and just beamed myself somewhere.”

“I’m not injured,” Faye added. “Knees are a little sore, but nothing more than some bruising. Anxiety is high though.” She wanted to ask for an anxiolytic to tide her over through the worst of this, but that seemed perhaps a bit much under the circumstances. Medical records were one thing and knowing someone else’s experience was another. Their conversations before had gotten serious but they always shifted them to lighter topics. The dark areas of her mind weren’t something most people wanted to roam about in and she couldn’t blame them. But she had survived those nine months of hell- though she could admit that it had not been entirely on her own- through some sort of mental fortitude that had refused to be stripped bare, that had held on to her sense of self with more conviction than she had known was possible. It could be enough to ride out this self-imposed humiliation. Perhaps.

~Faye Calloway, Captured Fugitive

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