Officer's Mess - Congratualtions Faye!

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Posted by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) in Officer’s Mess - Congratualtions Faye!
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Mouth agape, Faye reached over the table and playfully swatted him on the arm. “You take that back Alex!” she said seriously, despite the gleam in her eyes. “That is a disaster and a half waiting to happen! Besides, Command would take one look at the application and laugh themselves across the quadrant!”

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

He laughed and said “Oh, I don’t know about that… I can write on helluva recommendation letter.” and downed the last of his champagne.

Cochrane, CO

She shook her head and finished off her drink, eyeing him suspiciously. “Okay, for amusement’s sake, let’s assume that your singular recommendation was so extraordinary that they went ‘well, we just have to have her and I did do Command. What does that brain of yours see happening with ‘command-trained Faye Calloway’?” This whole train of thought was hilarious to her and she really needed to hear what sort of crazy notion had popped into his head.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

He ooked at her and said flatly “Upon graduation you’d be the CSO of something complex… I’d say another Hevy Science Vessel like this… or maybe a Mjolnir-class. There a couple of years, XO spot for 3 or 4, then your own command.” He spoke as if it was a simple as saying space is dark.

Cochrane, CO

The joking and amusement had just evaporated as if they had snapped their fingers. He was really serious! She went to say something and then found herself without words. Taking the last bite of her cake, she allowed there to be silence as she mused over how to respond. Could that really be her path? It was an interesting take, that was for sure. Captain Faye Calloway. Faye didn’t know who that woman was, but she intrigued her enough that when she looked up at Alex finally, she smiled. “Look who’s being the surprising one this time. Don’t ever stop, okay?” He seemed to constantly throw her off balance and it always seemed to be in the best possible way. It wasn’t just about challenging her (admittedly) self-defeating beliefs about herself, but actually demonstrating that they weren’t true. When you had spent years upon years being told you were one thing, it was so very hard to make that switch. But little by little it was happening. And people like Alex, and Jasmine had been playing a large role in that.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist


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