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“What? Oh,” he said. “You’ll need to ask my assistant. Intern Drrue. He will be able to access that information for you.”
- Wookiee

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=^= Standby Doc. This might be a bit bumpy. =^=

WO Darach - COO

Shon nodded. “It’s best that I speak with Intern Drrue immediately then.” Shon could only hope that the security department had better leads than he did at this point.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

OOC: You introduced Hommer as another doctor that would stay on the surface to interact with Olde, before he left. If you crtl+f for Hommer you’ll see the post where you introduce him.
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The transporter signal locked on to Hone. It looked normal for the most part but flared brightly but only for a moment then settled back to what was a normal transporter signal that slowly faded as Hone was carried away. In the silence that followed the rain could be heard to patter about them as it picked up. Lightning in the distance showed up as a small ball rather than anything like forks, the thunder low in the distance.

The flare from the transporter beam gave Ensign Baht pause. He was pretty sure that wasn’t normal, and for a second his mind flashed to the stories of transporter accidents from times past. But he shook his head, knowing that the chief operations officer would handle any irregularities with the transport. Shon had other concerns, at the moment. Still, he spent a couple precious seconds listening to the rain, closing his eyes and breathing deeply to center himself. Storms always reminded him of Bolaris IX. The rumble of the thunder only served to comfort him more.

After a small search, an orderly was able to guide Baht to an office that felt like was in the bowels of the building. The door frame was wooden and scarred, as was the door that sported a round semi-opaque glass window. It’s violet color had writing on it: Records Office. The door was partially open. “This is it,” the orderly said before quickly departing, his soft soled shoes making a light clop clop on the stone flooring.
- Wookiee

Shon inspected the door as his mind wandered to the fact that this was his first away mission, and he was now alone on an alien world with sensitive cultural restrictions in a hospital that was currently housing the bodies of people that died of some unknown cause, potentially murder. He rested a hand over his comm badge for comfort, but ended up feeling the increased beating of his heart. Snapping himself out of his distracting thoughts once again, Ensign Baht knocked lightly on the door a couple of times before slowly pushing it open, peeking inside as he did before entering fully.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

There was a response to the light knock. It was less of a scream but certainly more than a start. That was followed by the sound of many things falling like a slow avalanche. Baht’s peek would see a round faced, bespectacled Gravenian wearing a lavender lab coat and sporting a billy goat like beard lunging for a huge pile of files shearing off from the desk that was, in itself, piled with said files. Everywhere Baht looked he could see files, file folders, books and more on almost every surface. As he clutched a small stack about to tumble he squeaked out, “Hello?”
- Drrue Mikkal

Shon flinched reflexively at the commotion his intrusion caused. “Hello,” he started apologetically, “I’m sorry to startle you, I’m Ensign Baht from the Federation Starship U.S.S. Manhattan, I’m here to help investigate the deaths of the Blanks. Are you Mister Drrue? I was told you could help me with locating the autopsies.” Shon slowly opened the door further, mentally crossing his fingers that seeing an alien wouldn’t make the Gravenian jump again.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

His head rose over the stack. “Mikkal. You can call me Mikkal.” Recentering the pile he cautiously let go while not letting up on his gaze on Baht. “Well you smell better than the Kazon. Federation. That near here?” He came around the desk and looked at the piles. “Hone asked me to go through the archives to see whether there was anything like this in the past. Uh, way in the past.” Brushing the dust off his hands on his lab coat he let out a sigh. “Well I guess we can look. They’re not pretty.” He looked at the stack as though it was a harbinger of bad news.

“They’re here. Unfortunately I’ll have to leave shortly for Even-Fall and sleep. But you are welcome to continue.”
- Mikkal

“Not really,” Shon said to dodge Mikkal’s question. He still wasn’t sure how much information he was supposed to share with people on this world about the outside galaxy. Then he nodded in appreciation as he moved to inspect the stack, taking the first couple of files and beginning to thumb through them. He gulped subconsciously as he was reminded that nightfall was coming, and that once it did he would be completely alone on an alien world without even the locals to help him. Shon was tempted to call Wynter, but decided that he could decide for himself to stay on the surface for a couple hours into the night while he searched, if necessary.

“So no one remembers this happening before, right? So we can rule out the last… fifty years, maybe? And then there’s no… I don’t know, scray stories you tell kids that speaks to something similar?” Shon was taking shots in the dark, but the stack was rather large and if he could find any hints of where to start looking, that would help immensely.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

Mikkal was shuffling through piles off files and looked at Baht when he said fifty years. “You’re handling files that are eleven hundred years old.” He sat heavily on a stool that squeaked at his weight and tugged at his billy goat beard. His eyes flickered to a poster on the wall that had a series of concentric rings on them with the wording that translated as ‘The truth is out there’. We’ve got lots of stories. For a people who are out of it for easily a third of our day there are always stories people make up. But we are the most boring people that way. Nothing happens. Until now. He moved a stack that was discolored. “These are over two thousand years old.”

“I was just getting to here,” he said, looking at the younger pile. “Outlying villages in the area had a flurry of deaths there. That is as far as I got.” He let out a slow blink. “But I must go. I’ll .. I’ll be in the next room on a cot. There’s a food coolant unit there and a cooker next to it. Sorry. You know, we usually don’t let any foreigners stay about this long. All Visitors are supposed to be at the Visitor center at Evenfall.”
- Mikkal

Shon let out a small “I see” when informed of the age of the files. And he nodded in confirmation of understanding, both of the place to pick up the search and the leeway he was being given. “Thank you for being flexible,” Shon said sincerely, “if the situation wasn’t so dire I wouldn’t be asking for an exception to that rule… But you have my word that nothing will be out of place in the morning, and I’ll contact my ship for them to beam me up when I’m ready to depart.” Realizing that he didn’t now the appropriate phrase for this situation, he settled for “Sleep well, Mikkal.”

When the archivist left, Shon resumed scanning the files starting where he had been indicated, searching for anything out of place, including that series of deaths Mikkal had mentioned in the villages.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

The atmosphere would feel creepy to anyone, being in an old basement an night surrounded, at least in principle, by dead people. The read was interesting, if dry, and in places pretty medical, though in some cases it read more like a tale. Some excerpts ..

Traie 21 - Grubb Meyyer - The rain is persistent. Flooding is occurring in nearly all the lowlands and the rivers are swollen and quick. We have had several related injuries and, to my sadness, drownings. The village of Perrnick is particularly devastated, having been built upon a flood plain many centuries ago. The flood unearthed ruins of at least one prior settlement which, in history books was known to be the town of Radden.

Ravel 9 - Loppek Dir - Clouds hang over us like a pervasive damp covering. The Klinn Dam burst and three towns were flooded. We’ve only now been able to get in to see the devastation with the waters down. We have discovered a strange thing. People showing signs of drowning as expected. However some people, in macabre fashion, in homes above the waterline - and those taken by the water - dead by what looked to be horrible boils, almost burn like through their body.

Ravel 16 - Loppek Dir - We pushed up to the small mining village of Mathh. It was not flooded and in safe soil, and home to 64 people. All were dead. Some had the same condition of burning. Some no evidence at all. But all had perished. This has been put to Investigations. It is .. unnatural. We will be conducting autopsies on them in time. The worry is that they all were in their beds. This happened at night when we are all, as a people, cannot be responsible and are protected by our very souls. It would be a shock and fear would any of our night protectors .. turn on us. Inconceivable. Untenable.

There were faded and dim photos with this, looking similar to what Baht had witnessed in the morgue.

As he was pouring over the photos .. he heard a sound .. was it the scuffling of a foot on stone? A whisper of fabric? Was that the sound of a door hinge squeaking? ..

A horrible feeling of dread settled on Shon as he read the last report. He stifled a gasp as his hand moved to his mouth reflexively. 64 people? That sounded like a massacre. There was no way these deaths were natural, if that wasn’t clear already. Something or someone was doing this to people.

Shon slapped his communicator just as the sound split the silence. The medical officer paused, wondering if it had just been an echo from the beep of his communicator ready to relay his message. But the chills that raced up his arms told Shon to be wary. He gulped and let the communicator signal expire, listening closely for any further sounds. It couldn’t be Mikkal, couldn’t be any other native. And all the other ‘foreigners’ were at the visitor’s center, right?

“Hello?” Ensign Baht called out nervously. He flinched at the sound of his own voice, exponentially loud in the quiet of the hospital. He took a step toward the direction of the sound, breathing shakily as he hoped beyond hope he’d find this planet’s equivalent of a rat scurrying about.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

There was a soft snuffling sound just as Baht was nearing the door. Outside in the hallway it seemed darker. Were the lights dimmed there on a schedule? The air felt close, humid, but that could be because of the rain, but it only made it feel clammy.
- Wookiee

Shon frowned slightly as he considered the odd sound. What was that? He wiped a hand across his forehead to clear the condensation that had compiled there. Then he continued to creep toward the door and slowly opened it with a lightly shaking hand. He stuck his head out into the hallway and quickly looked from one end of the hall to the other, ready to duck back into the room if he saw something that scared him.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)


There was a sound behind Baht, the sound of one of the stacks of files falling with a papery series of splats to the tiled floor.

In the next direction that Baht looked he would see a shadowy, transparent form .. it looked like any humanoid, though transparent as he could see the background through it. “The conjunction approaches,” it said. It seemed to radiate cold. Then he blinked, and it was gone.

Then, another voice behind .. “Many will burn.”

Then, another … this time in a more female voice. “Those left behind return, with much wrath.”

The chill was pervasive .. but slowly warmed up .. another stack slid off the desk to the floor.

Shon jumped at the sound of the papers falling behind him, which caused him to turn back instinctively. Then when he heard the voice, his neck snapped around yet again. His heartbeat accelerated wildly upon seeing the apparition. As the voices increased in number, Shon slammed his palm into his comm badge. =^= Baht to Manhattan! =^= he hissed. Stuck between the voices in the hallway and the possessed books, Shon was frozen in place. Then he remembered that Mikkal was in the next room. Shon’s indigo eyes widened. If these were the things killing these people, Mikkal was in mortal danger. Shon stomached his fear and bolted for the room where Mikkal was sleeping, hoping to slip inside and close the door so he could stand guard over the records-keeper until help could arrive.

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(Ensign Baht, Medical)

Mikkal was resting on the cot .. apparently still quite alive ..
- Wookiee

OOC: This is fun and very spooky!!!

Shon hurried over to Mikkal and the first thing he thought to do in his panicked state was try and wake the other man. Shon shook Mikkal by the shoulders and hissed “Mikkal! Mikkal!” Realizing that of course the bookkeeper wasn’t going to make up, Shon moved to pick up a piece of furniture in the room, likely a lamp or a chair, to defend them if the forms got closer. Huddling in the corner next to Mikkal’s bed, Shon tried his communicator again.

There was only a half snort half snore as a response. Medically Baht would think that this simulated someone essentially in a coma. As Baht set the furniture down there was further deepening of shadows about the door. There was a whispering that was like a sound on the wind, were there any wind .. “You bring danger to us ..”

=^= Baht to Manhattan! Baht to Manhattan! =^=

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(Ensign Baht, Medical)

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The comms responded (almost) immediately. =^= Manhattan here. Report, Mr. Baht. =^=


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IC: Shon covered his comm badge with one hand to muffle the sound of the voice from the other end. Then he removed it from his tunic and held it to his mouth, whispering his response. =^= I’m inside the Ka Verde medical center on Graven XII. There are… incorporeal lifeforms of some kind that are threatening me and the medical staff. We need assistance! =^= Shon looked down at Mikkal sleeping beside him. He swallowed his fear. =^= No emergency beam out, I’m with an incapacitated Gravan and can’t leave him. =^=

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

=^= Get near the Gravan and we will beam you both directly to Sickbay, Ensign. Let us know when you are ready. =^= replied the ship with a edge of nervousness to their voice.


Ensign Baht frowned as he looked over at Mikkal. =^= I thought Gravans couldn’t transport? =^= he replied in a hushed voice. He turned his gaze back to the door he was guarding and listened for more noises from the appreciations. His wheels started turning in the meantime. The twin spirit nature of these people was obviously more than folklore. There was indeed some sort of spectral force on the planet. So if the gravans’ ‘spirits’ really did leave their bodies during the night time… was Mikkal’s spirit here somewhere? And would it be dangerous to transport Mikkal’s body away from its other half?

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

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