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Before the CMO could leave entirely, Faye opened her eyes, debating whether to say anything at all. Whether it would make a difference. But a part of her was desperate for Jasmine to at least have a reason to rethink the appearance of the situation. To question. Even just a tiny bit and wonder if there was more to the story. “I asked him out. He said he’d think about it.”

Jasmine paused and turned around looking at Faye. “Do you want me to say I feel bad or some sympathy for you right now or get excited about your possible dating opportunites?” Her voice was calm but cool indicating she was mad but also in control. All actions had consequences. Jasmine would not be as mad as she was right now if Faye hadn’t tried to be so casual about the situation and seemed to be more interested in talking about her dating life instead of what had just occurred. Her eyes did not hesitate to look into Faye’s. “Faye you shot three people. You created havoc on the ship as we searched for you. Everyone makes choices and you made yours. You chose to shoot the CO and XO.” She let her sentence hang in the air for a long second before continuing. ” Did you think for one second about what was going to happen after you pulled the trigger? Did you think about what if they fell and cracked thier head open on something on the way down? Break thier neck if they fell wrong? Probably not but then again you would not be tasked with putting them back together or telling their families the news of what happened if it hadn’t ended the way it did.” The more Jasmine thought about all the possible scenarios that could have resulted, the angier she got. “Your actions endangered the crew. Crew I am tasked with taking care of both as the chief medical officer of this ship and as their friend. Who do you think I am going to be worried about more. Them after being shot or you who was able to run, hide, and evade us?” Turning back around Jasmine headed for the door hating the situation Faye put her in.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

Faye had nothing to say to that. What could she say anyway? When she had been in the thick of the adrenaline, of the (now self-admitted) panic, she had gone straight for the natural reaction. Protect herself and hide. Jas was right, she hadn’t considered the consequences of her actions for others. And having taken that step she realized she had well and truly ripped up every bit of progress she had made and tossed it all out the airlock. Well done!

“I guess now we wait,” she said to Faye and sighed. She had heard such great things about the woman before her. Now she wasn’t sure, but something wasn’t sitting right with her. It wasn’t her call, so she merely sat, like Faye, and waited to see what would come next.


Patience was a skill she had in abundance. Not because it was natural to her, but because she practiced. A lot.

Still, the quiet was somehow untenable and Shara had been sitting in Faye’s lab not only desperate to know if their gamble had paid off but if Faye was okay. Okay was a relative term, especially under the circumstances. She had tried to warn Cochrane but the situation had escalated so unexpectedly that she had been distracted. To say the least. And now she had to make sure that everything was at least okay for the moment.

Walking through now calm ship, Shara was an anomaly in that her rank and command division colours marked her as outside of the Manhattan’s expected crew. Though her age was hard to place, a good guess would mark her somewhere in her fifties or sixties. Her brown hair was swept back neatly at the back of her head and her keen grey eyes (tinged blue) took in every detail of the ship and the crew she passed.

Approaching the brig, she noted the officers standing guard and gave them a nod of acknowledgement. The slipped open, but then one of the guards stepped into her path. “Sorry, Commander. No one else goes in there. Captain’s orders.”

She really couldn’t argue with the logic of the arrangement, but it did pose a difficulty. “I’m just checking o the status of our prisoner.”

The Ensign shook his head. “No can-do Commander. Sorry.”

Commander Shara Calloway, Starfleet Intelligence

Pretha heard the whoosh of the door and the raised voices. They were professional, polite even. But something raised the hairs on thre back of her neck anyway.

Slipping from her stool, she made her way to the doors. The vision of rank before her was a bit of setting, but nothing she hadn’t dealt with before. “Forgive me, ma’am. Lieutenant Oberon. How may I help you?”

She stepped into the opening of the door, effectively blocking it a her hand went to the security officer’s shoulder who had stepped in the way of the formidable looking woman.


The voice. Ah hell! Weren’t things bad enough that she could get a pass on that? But did she have a choice? Apparently not. It was bound to happen eventually and when it did she sure hoped there was still a forcefield between them.

~Faye Calloway, Captured Fugitive

Shara gaze shifted to the Lieutenant and gave her a polite nod. “Commander Calloway, Starfleet Intelligence. I’m checking on the prisoner. I understand that the Captain has ordered that no one enters, and I’ll respect that. I just want an update,” she said, gesturing with her chin towards the interior of the brig, her face utterly impassive.

Commander Shara Calloway, Starfleet Intelligence

Pretha nodded, her smile still genuine and polite. “Lieutenant Calloway is well. Physically she didn’t suffer for her actions. The Doctor is with her now, but I’m told that save for a few bruises that will heal. She is fine, Commander. I assure you.” She wasn’t about to talk of Faye’s mental status. She was shaken, that was for sure. But how badly and just exactly from what, Pretha wasn’t about to create conjecture.


Shara watched as the CMO exited, stepping out of the woman’s way. Everything about Wynter’s demeanour told her everything she needed to know. Shifting her gaze to Pretha, Shara allowed a small fraction of her feelings to show through the mask: concern. “Just… keep an eye on her, alright?

Commander Calloway stepped back again and leaned herself up against the opposite wall. “I’ll just wait for the Captain. He said he’d be down soon enough.”

Commander Shara Calloway, Starfleet Intelligence

Inside the brig, Faye moved back and forth across the length of her holding cell. To most it would probably seem like she was pacing, and there was a bit of that. But to the observant eye, her steps were perfectly measured and the focus on the woman’s face seem to be calculating something as she reached one end, spun carefully and walked back the other way.

It was very close: the spacing between this cell and the other one were near dead on. This one just a fraction bigger, but also wider because there was the bench that served as a bed. Her other one had had no such luxury. Her right hand hung down at her side as she moved, the trembling sometimes moving towards tapping against her thigh.

~Faye Calloway, Captured Fugitive

Pretha nodded respectfully at the woman. “Then I’m sure he’ll be here soon. You’ll forgive me, but I need to close the door. It’s certainly nothing personal, ma’am.” She nodded once more and closed the door.

Turning around, she looked at Faye. Watching her only a moment was all she needed to see this wasn’t boredom pacing. It was stalking. The measured pace along with the look she had at the doorway was evident of that. Pretha stepped closer to the cell. “Are you all right? I can’t discuss what occurred, but I need to make sure you’re ok or the Captain will have my head.” She smiled, trying to make light of it and hopefully ease the woman’s tension.


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