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Cochrane cleared his throat and said “We’ll not wait for the CMO. We need to get all our information together, people. Anyone who knows anything about the Gravians, their culture, biology… anything at all… speak up now. Department personnel report in this order: Medical, Science, Security, Counselor, and Diplomatic Corps. Full updates. Go.”

Cochrane, CO

At that point the voice of the Counselor came through.

=/\=Captain, there have been some developments with the Gravinians. Those aboard have fallen into a deep sleep, but announced that it was part of their species particulars. During the time they sleep, from dusk till dawn, another life form of some kind leaves their bodies and rules the night. We aren’t sure what the second life form is or if it has a corporeal form, but it has been posited that the loss of it may be the reason for illness Dr Wynter observed on the planet. It may also have something to do with the unexplained deaths.=/\=

Cochrane, CO

OOC: If this is concurrent with the Sickbay thread, which it is going by that crosspost, then Che’lak should be passed out on the floor over there rather than sat at the conference table. Sooo I suppose I am retconning her out of this thread. I misunderstood the timeline!


(ooc) I dont really have much info from science, faye is the expert atm.

Jasmine came into the room quickly and didn’t wait to be invited to speak. She knew she was late but it wasn’t as if she hadn’t been busy. “Okay so none of this is going to make sense but its a hypothesis and we can work from there. Shon and I were given three patients to triage. All three had varying symptoms and at first glance they did not see to be related however, from the cryptic responses given by Hone I think the Gravinian’s have a symbiotic relationships with…something. Think Trill but not. These symbiotes seem to be more etheral or spiritual but can move around when the Gravinian’s sleep. I know how it sounds but right now this is the leading thought. The physiology,” Jasmine typed a few buttons on her PaDD transferring an image to the large wall PaDD in the room, “has these strange structures around the main systems of the body,” she traced the images with her finger giving the crew a visual highlight of what she saw. “I am completely taking a stab here but the organs seem to encompass the main organs one needs to get around. Heart, lungs, and most probably the brain although we did not get a good scan of that. The problem is I don’t know if we can even communicate with the corporeal form as I am thinking of it. Dr. Hone seemed to act as if it were its only personality or such so my analogy of a Trill was mainly to give you a reference to a symbiotic relationship but not a cognitive relationship.” Jasmine paused and waited to see what questions the crew has she might be able to answer.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

“I think they may be trying to learn how to communicate with us Doc,” Walker said speaking up. He had been taking in what she said, and with he had seen in the transporter room it was starting to make sense.

“I’m guessing that they are missing part or all of the symbiotes as well Doc. Am I correct?”

WO Darach - COO

Faye took in all the information with a frown. “Well that explains why our escort wanted to get back before dark so quickly,” she said from her place leaning against the wall. “She described it to me as being linked to the sun. As soon as night fell, her entire people needed to rest and it wasn’t something they could control.”

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

Raye was taking notes. If there was to be an ambassadorial representation on the planet, they would certainly need to know about the sleep cycle and change of ‘control’ for those they dealt with.


“I don’t about communicating with us. Lt. Calloway is correct that we all seemed to be experiencing the same thing with the Gravenians. It however does not seem like a willing thing to me in the sense that you can’t control losing consciousness. While my conversation with Dr. Hone on the surface was brief, he seemed willing to talk but didn’t have any answers to any of my questions. This many sound insane but it felt like to me almost like it was a split personality in them where they knew the other existed but I am not sure they actually share any combined experience. What has me most concerned was the severe illnesses we saw on the planet. Dr. Hone asked Dr. Shon and I to triage three patients. All presented with different symptoms and the only thing that was a commonality was they went to sleep and never woke up.” Jasmine paused for a second letting what little she knew sink in hoping someone had another piece of information to add that would support or refute her hypothesis.

“Dr. Shon was able to spend more time with the patients so I am hoping he has more than I do; however, my best guess given the information I have is if the symbiote,” she said the word with little confidence showing she wasn’t sure that was even the right word to use, “doesn’t go back to the correct host, major medical problems.”

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

“So am I correct in my inferramce that we currently have some oind of incorporeal life form running about the ship? And that we have no way of knowing the nature of the relationship it has with the corporeal Gravians?”

Cochrane, CO

OOC: I’m confused. Is this before or after the symbiots get loose in sickbay?

“I’m going to have to say yes Captain. We had some weird fluctuations with the transporters, every time we transported one of the Gravians up from the surface. It was as if there was a large mass detected in the pattern buffer, but it cleared after only milliseconds. We couldn’t determine the exact origin, but we were seeing strange energy patterns in the buffer. The closest we could match it up to was a race called the Metron’s.

“It did seem like whatever it was was trying to communicate though. We were getting some weird feedback through the speakers in the transporter room.”

WO Darach - COO

OOC: James says this thread and the thread in sickbay are happening at the same time, so I’m taking Rollo out of this meeting because she’s in the other place.


Up next Luke quickly skimmed through the mental notes he had committed to memory before the meeting, notes that the previous Chief of Security had left him. “Before Mr. Logan was called away he was dealing with some murders, they appear to be premeditated by a group known as ‘Blanks’ the difference between them and our Gravian friends. The Gravians have two souls whereas the blanks have only one. Currently, we are only monitoring the situation as to not interfere with local laws but this could become a problem down the line if they continue, and further to that the murders appear to happen at night. The locals suggest that non-blank locals can not operate at might suggesting that the murders must be either blank or something else.”

  • Lieutenant Luke Wyatt

OCC: I am just filling in to give information so we are magically going to pretend I left this thread and I am back in the sickbay for that frantic message calling for help but before I go…~ Kate

Jasmine listened to Wyatt and tapped her finger on the edge of the coffee mug she was holding. “Instead of murder could it be more of a missing person thing? I am not security but what if the Blank as they call it just can’t find its way back home to its host meaning the Gravian it left. If neither has a memory of the other it would be like two people with amnesia trying to find their way back to their home. The issue is maybe there is some biological or physiological parameters that if you don’t find the right host the body rejects it.” Her theory was just that but nothing so far seemed to led her to hope it was just some kind of crazy mix up.

“I have to get back to sick bay. If you need anything else let me know. Sir,” she nodded to the captain before heading to the door and back to her patients in sickbay.

Lt Jasmine Wynter CMO

At rhat moment, Wyatt’s comms activated. =^= Security to Sickbay! =^= came a frantic voice.


Luke looked to the Captain and gave him an apologetic look as he tapped his comm badge. =^=Wyatt here, we’re in our way.=^= he then looked around the table before looking back to the Captain, “Apologies sir but it would seem I’m needed else where”

Luke stood and gave one last glance around the room before leaving.

  • Lieutenant Luke Wyatt

Raye watched as one by one the departments checked in then departed. It never ceased to amaze her how a simple meeting in the middle of the evening could still be riddled with issues. It was one of the great things she liked about being out here. Almost nothing was easy or boring. A small smile crept over her lips at the ‘normalcy’ of it all.


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