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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Kiama Naim (Science Officer) in Engineering Lab - The Artifact

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Wynter (Chief Engineer / 2nd Officer) in Engineering Lab - The Artifact
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Taking the box, her hands placed as best as possible on the hand prints, Kiama closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She then focused on the box and on opening it. At the same time she let her mental shields slightly down to make sure she’d be able to fully notice any changes in the box.

~Lt.jg. Naim, aCSO

The moment Kiama let down her mental shield slightly, she became aware of something different about the box. There was life, so much in that tiny amount she had let down her shields that for a moment it would be almost overwhelming with the suddenness of it.

Kiama gasped softly and very nearly dropped box she was hit by … something the moment she started to lower her mental shields. But she managed to continue to hold onto the box and keep her shields lowered.

Max would see that the lines that came from the hand holds on the box where Kiama had placed her hands had begun to glow, and spread from her hands out following the myriad of channels that traced their way all over the surface of the box, lighting the room with a soft golden glow. “You did something,” Max said softly, picking up a scanner and trying to get a reading from what was happening. “There is some kind of energy reading, but I don’t understand where it is coming from,” he explained, as the glowing lines slowly continued to spread.

For Kiama, the sensation might be hard to describe. Every emotion that was possible to be felt was there; joy, sadness, fear, jealousy, contentment and love, and many more that would feel strange to her. It was almost like voices could be felt in whatever connection had been made, but far too many to be able to make out just one clearly, and she would know instinctively that was never the function of it. She would feel that the energy Max spoke about was from her, and that the box was using it. She could stop at any time she somehow knew, she had full control, but she could also give more and open the box.

Lt Cmdr Wynter, CE

Kiama tried to sort through everything she was sensing from the box while also keeping it separate from herself. “I think the energy is coming from … me,” she whispered back, sounding slightly breathless. She knew she could open the box if she wanted to and she did want to. She just wasn’t sure if that was the smartest idea. What if there was something dangerous inside the box? Then again they were explores and if they didn’t open the box they would never find out what was inside. And she knew for herself that it would haunt her, probably forever, if she stopped now. So after taking a deep breath and focused even more on the box, thinking hard about opening it.

~Lt.jg. Naim, aCSO

“From you?” Max answered, and scanned Kiama as well. There was nothing harmful or sinister about what was happening, the device appeared to be using Kiama’s telepathic energy as a battery, but it wasn’t draining her in the slightest. It was more of a symbiotic joining than anything, but not one that seemed to be leaving anything in or on her.

Kiama simply nodded, her focus on the box and her attempt to open it. She didn’t really think speaking aloud would break her focus, but why risk it, when nodding would communicate her answer just as well.

As she focused her thoughts and energy on the box and opening it, the lines glowed brighter and all of the connections were made in the lines on the carved conduits. A soft whooshing sound began and the energy lines appeared in each corner of the box, and spread to all others. The box began to unfold, the left and right sides remaining against Kiama’s hands but they slowly ‘flattened’ out so her hands we left palms upwards, apart and the sides of the box flat in them. The rest of the box unfolded on it’s own and made an almost weightless platform extending from her hands.

With her eyes still closed, Kiama felt the box move in her hands while her hands seemed to adjust their position automatically as the box opened and unfolded.

On top of that platform, suspended by some unknown means was a slowly swirling mass that was recognisable by anyone who had ever looked at a picture of space as a galaxy. It sparkled with the lights of countless millions of stars of different colours, the arms of the galaxy curling around and spreading from the centre as it turned, different hues of colour thrown out by the stars within them and the differing gases found within. Max could only blink for a second in surprise, then raised the scanner quickly.

“There is a containment field of some kind around it,” he explained. “It seems to make the thing exist in it’s own pocket of subspace, but makes it visible to us. Otherwise the black hole at the centre of it would have ripped us apart already. This is amazing,” he said to Kiama, lowering the scanner and looking at her. “It’s a micro-galaxy that shouldn’t exist here. It would take us an impossible amount of time to travel to another one, but you have one in your hands right now.”

With the box opened, Kiama would be able to feel a stronger connection to the galaxy. There was life, it was inhabited like their own but she could not interact with it in any way. She was an observer pure and simple. She instinctively knew that their was more to the device than she knew, more she could discover about it if she wished to make the time to do so.

Lt Cmdr Wynter, CE

It wasn’t until Max spoke again that Kiama slowly opened her eyes. The moment she lay eyes on the tiny galaxy, she gasped ever so softly. Her eyes were wide and her lips slightly parted. For a while she just stared at the galaxy while she tried to make sense of everything she feeling and sensing. She wasn’t trying to prob more. Not yet anyway. For now she just tried to make heads and tails out of what she was already feeling. It was breathtaking, almost overwhelming, and without he noticing it, a single tear was rolling down her dark cheek. “This is beautiful and … unbelievable,” she whispered, her voice hushed, barely audible. “Commander … I can sense life within this galaxy. I don’t think I could interact with them, but there are innumerable different forms of life. How is that possible? How can I hold a galaxy in my hands?” For the briefest moment her eyes flickered up to Max, before she stared in awe at the galaxy again.

~Lt.jg. Naim, aCSO

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