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“Oh I’ll take some orange juice, thanks,” Shon said as he moved back around to the side of the desk with Che’lak and plopped down into one of the chairs available there. He looked between the other two doctors, suddenly unsure of what his role was here, exactly. “We also run a vet clinic here,” he said in a joking tone as a way of explaianing what had just happened to Che’lak.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

The Vulcan woman lifted her head in the first half of a nod. She froze momentarily at the zenith, however, pondering whether or not to critique such a use of Sickbay. Before she could speak, or even complete her nod, the CMO spoke out.

“Speaking of that,” Jasmine brought out a large piece of paper from behind her desk. “Mrs. Whipp brought this by from the primary department. I thought we could hang it in sick bay,” she could barely hold back her smile as she laid it on the desk getting the requested drinks. The poster size paper was white but covered in brightly colored images. Most of them were of stick characters holding barely better than stick-like animals. Not so neatly printed names were under most of the images indicating who each stick figure was the varying colored blobs indicated what pet they were holding. Across the tops in brightly colored letters was the words THANK YOU DOC’S. WE LOVE YOU. Where there wasn’t a name there were hearts, stars, and balloons to fill the space.

Che’lak’s gaze was oscillating between Wynter and Baht as she attempted to understand the tone of the moment. “It is very… thoughtful, indeed.”

“Take a look at Torf,” she nodded to the small image of a Klingon warrior at the bottom. “I think,” Jasmine stressed the word, “he is holding a spider so if that thing breaks a leg he is all yours.” Setting the glasses on the table Jasmine pointed out a specific image at the bottom corner of the poster making sure Shon saw it. “It was a school like chart with two columns that held stars. The column with Shon’s name held two more stars than Jasmine’s. “I think Torf is keeping score and the emergency fish floating upside down that you saved by replicating new ones when the class went to lunch,” she laughed leaning back, “so was cheating and yes,” she pointed a finger at Shon, “I so would have done it if you hadn’t thought of it.”

“So Che’lak aside from witnessing Star Vet Dr. Shon and Wynters how are things going so far on the Manhattan for you?”

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

Star Vet? What correlation have veterinary medicine and solar affairs? Put it to one side Che’lak… The woman rested her hands in her lap. “‘Things’ are ‘going’ quite satisfactorily, thank you. My research is proceeding at a satisfying pace. The department is exemplary, in both facilities and staffing.” Che’lak lifeted a hand to indicate Shon.

Resisting her instincts to jump straight to the point of her visit, Che’lak ran interference in her own mind in an effort to obfuscate her single minded purpose. “How would you assess my integration into your department, Doctor Wynter?”

Lt. J.G. Che’lak - Medical

OOC: Feel free to be as negative as you like! :D Her bedside manner is certainly iffy.

“I read your file. You were top of your class in med school in comparative anatomy and physiology. Dr. Kent said you were one of the brightest students he had ever worked with. I think your expertise is going to benefit this crew, the missions, and Starfleet in ways we can’t even imagine.” Che’lak did tend to be more curt and honest than she or Shon but the woman was Vulcan. They didn’t tend to be the most touchy, feely, lovey, of Federation citizens. What they lacked in expressing emotions however they more than made up intelligence and analytics. The question however made Jasmine wonder if it was meant to be answered by her or a way to start a conversation.

“How do you think you are fitting in,” Jasmine turned the question back on the young lieutenant. Her answer would help Jasmine figure out what she needed to do for Che’lak if anything.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

The Vulcan woman was unmoving. She had shifted into delivery mode; her points were to be conveyed concisely and unpolluted by innuendo. “Your words are most kind Lieutenant. However, my years as a student are many decades behind me, aside from my brief aside at Starfleet Academy to fulfil the the requirements for my commission.” Che’lak turned to Shon, assessing his expression before continuing, her eyes receding along with much of her manner yet burning into Wynter all the same.

“I have spent the last four decades researching and wrestling with the frontiers of my field of study.” Her tone remained monotone yet gave a sense of groundedness and conviction all the same. “It was ensured, by no one more than me, that I was ready to practice field medicine before being assigned here or to my previous, and first, starship. This posting has provided me with a great new reservoir of study, perhaps the most exciting opportunities of my career. With respect, therefore, it is my view that my skills are ill served by the bulk of mundane and procedural Sickbay operations I have been assigned.” That was that. Che’lak was still again aside from the occasional whisper of a loose grey-black hair in the gentle breeze blowing through the subtle ventilation of the ship.

Lt. J.G. Che’lak - Medical

Jasmine listened to her new officer and took a long sip of her coffee. She had a million ways she could reply to the woman’s statement. Many of them could set their burgeoning working relationship into the hostile realm. Not that Jasmine cared one way or another. This wasnt the first time a doctor sat before her with a God complex. It was an easy trap to fall into.

When you were sick or injured a doctor fixed what ailed you. When the worst happened to you or a loved one and the concerned face of a doctor suiting up for surgery showed up instead of the the easy breezy bedside manner people got emotional. That emotion broke like a damn when the procedure was a success and the patient or the loved ones found things would be okay. People would break down and hug you as they cried happy tears. Mothers and fathers gazed at you with an awe knowing you were the only person that gave them back their child to read to at night and watch grow.

People brought and sent gifts much like Timmy had with his cardboard poster that showed she and Shon were the hero’s of the primary classroom. It was easy to fall into the mindset that you were a special and forget your true reason to go into medicine was to be there for others. What was hard was to remove someone from the I am special mindset. Typically it was something only young doctors slipped into due to their inexperience. Che’lak was not young or inexperienced so based on what she had seen. The Vulcan doctor had chosen to accept and embrace the idea she was better than others. Jasmine didn’t have the time or desire to point out how far she had slipped from the true purpose of medicine which was to serve any and all patients regardless of the condition. She would not give the standard lecture that trust began with patients before they were sick or injured. That trust had to be there because when they came in hurt or injured people became panicky and unpredictable making your job harder.

There was a place however for everyone in life. Places that made you excel and grow past your potential. “Have you thought about applying to a Federation research hospital?” The comment was not mean or sarcastic but information seeking as the CMO took a long sip of her coffee. Che’lak was brilliant in her field. The advances in medical due to her skill might be best served there.

Lt. Jasmine. Wynter. CMO

Shon’s mouth parted slightly and his eyes widened as he was taken a bit aback by Che’lak’s statement, and his brow raised at Lieutenant Wynter’s response. He pulled at the collar of his uniform. Ever social and upbeat, Shon was suddenly feeling very uncomfortable with the energy in the office. He chuckled nervously as he interjected lightly, “Well out here in the Delta Quadrant we get to treat and study diseases and ailments never seen before back home. So there’s plenty of opportunity for day to day operations to take a turn for the more exciting.”

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

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