Side Sim: Blue-shirt Holodeck Hangout

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Shon eyed Kiama’s scans with apprehension, and although he winced at seeing the injuries that were undoubtedly more painful than she had let on, he was also mildly relieved that nothing seemed too horribly dire. Once he was sure that she was being taken care of, he nodded to the nurse and allowed himself to be led away. His roadrashs were starting to scab, but was still a sticky mess that hurt to touch, leading to some hisses of pain as they tended to it. Likely, they’d solidify into purple scars as they healed. The ensign’s eyes flickered back to Kiama’s biobed with regularity.

“She’ll be okay,” NE Lorel said gently and put a hand on his shoulder while first scanning Shon and then treating he injuries with a dermal regenrator. It didn’t take long till they had tended to all his injuries. Putting the dermal regenrator on a try, they said, “You can go over there and help, if you like.”

OOC: This is about as far as I got with the anomaly, so we can really go wherever with that!

Faye would notice that a similar phenomenon was occurring in the other holodecks throughout the ship. Undoubtedly there were other crew members in trouble as their holodecks went similarly haywire. But given her expertise and having demonstrated a solution, she could save all of them. The Manhattan was currently heading toward a large nebula-like anomaly, and it seemed that as they got closer, some sort of previously unidentified radiation had wrecked havoc on the holoemitters. The science department would need to look into it further, but it would be prudent to shut down all holodecks while they were within range of the anomaly.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

Meanwhile Kiama had succumb to the pain and exhaustion and became unconscious. The two NEs were treating her injuries. Their main focus was her head injury. Her broken rib hadn’t shifted, so there was no risk of her lung getting punctured. NE Jones tended to the hairline fracture of her skull and the laceration, while NE T’Mir made sure that there really were no injuries to her brain (other than the concussion) and that there would be no swelling that would cause any complications later on.

~Lt.jg. Naim, aCSO

A quick scan said that they had been fortunate and no one else was currently in any of the holo-facilities. However, someone was on the schedule soon so Faye hurried to lock down all the holodecks and put up a safety warning that would prevent people from entering without command authorization.

For the moment it seemed the ordeal was over so Calloway slumped against the wall to catch her breath before she would pack up her tools. Someone else could deal with the rest of this mess. Unless of course they wanted her help… in which case they could ask. Nicely.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

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OOC: Going to be honest, I have no idea how to wrap this up XD It sounds like we reached a happy ending, unless someone had something to add?


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