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Raye watched as one by one the departments checked in then departed. It never ceased to amaze her how a simple meeting in the middle of the evening could still be riddled with issues. It was one of the great things she liked about being out here. Almost nothing was easy or boring. A small smile crept over her lips at the ‘normalcy’ of it all.


Cochrane looked around thr table. “Mr. Darach, work with Security and try to find these ‘others’. Get with Science as well and see if we can communicate somehow. I’m tired of having half information. Now, foes anyone else have anything pertinent before we adjurn?”

Cochrane, CO

“I’m guessing they’ve found us already Captain,” Walker said as he watched Wyatt run off to sickbay. “But we’ll find them.”

Pushing himself back from the table, Walker was ready to move once the Captain let them go.

WO Darach - COO

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Just then the Captain’s badge bee[ed with an incoming message. =/\= Rollo to the Captain. I was in sickbay and I saw their auras, Sir. The symbiot that lives inside the Gravinians. They all went in different directions, but I’m following one of them. I might lose it because whatever it is, it can pass through the bulkheads. Right now I’m on deck 3 in corridor 4-A. Put a trace on my com badge and have security and science find me.=/\=

—Rollo, CNS

Not long after the first message, another one came through, =/\=Captain, Rollo here. I’m in the recovery ward. Two of the energies are here—wait…they just passed through a biobed and a bulkhead, but I swear one of them looked at me. Also, important point—there are four energies, not three. We only have three Gravinians on board so where did the fourth one come from? Are security and science on the way?=/\=

—Rollo, CNS

=/\= K’sang to Rollo, I’m on my way.. Try to contain one in a field and tell the computer to calibrate shields with similar ultra violet lights found radiating off of the systems star. I don’t know if it’ll work, but these things become active when not in sunlight. We might be able to make them docile using the same theory. =/\=

K’sang, CSO

Cochrane looked around and said simply “Everyone. Establishing communication with the symbiotes is the first priority. K’sang, meet with the Counselor, help her find and contain our new ‘guests’… but no hostile action, understood? We have until the Graviens wake up to figure out the other side of this story. I’ll be on the bridge. Dismissed and let’s get some results as quick as we can.”

Cochrane, CO

Faye exchanged a look with Kiama. Everything had spun kind of quickly, but they had also skipped over the science report entirely. Her part wasn’t as exciting as others but it was a big piece of Naim’s find. “So… no one cares about the old piece of likely Romulan tech we found? Cool, we’ll just… do some lab tests on it?” she suggested to Kiama.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

Cochrane looked at Calloway and said “What tech and where was it found. Lieutenant? And does it have any bearing on the lifeforms currently running around this ship?”

Cochrane, CO

Kiama had just been about to answer Faye, when the Captain asked his questions. So instead she turned towards him and replied evenly, “While taking soil samples I found a twisted piece of metal about this size.” She moved her hands to show the dimensions while talking. “The initial scan I ran showed that while not the source of the radiation issues we saw with the crops, it was affected by radiation and that it’s nature is not unlike that released from a singularity. And what is more: the closest match - and we’re talking 81% - is that from the detonation of an early Romulan war bird.” She looked meaningfully at the Captain, her eyebrows slightly raised as she finished, “Which raises the questions: When were the Romulans here? What were they doing here? What caused the explosion of their warbird? And what happened to the crew?”

~Lt. j.g. Naim, Scientist

Romulan Warbird? No one had mentioned such a thing during her time with the natives. It was curious that they wouldn’t say something if it had been part of their troubles. Shaking her head slightly, she spoke up. “Captain, if there was a Romulan encounter here, it wasn’t brought up in the talks. Though they did mention being open to discussing an ambassador or even an embassy here. I was going to discuss it further tomorrow. I can bring up the Romulans in a round about way if you wish. Perhaps even find out what other species have been here they haven’t mentioned yet.” She wasn’t sure if the destruction of the Romulans was insignificant to those below to the point they didn’t bother to mention it, or perhaps something had happened in orbit they weren’t aware of and the debris was just that, debris from the fallout.


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