Memorial Wall

"In honour of those who journeyed beyond the stars, their spirits forever illuminate the endless expanse of our memories."


    Elizabeth Caro


    Terry Calvin


    Jeremy DeSpain


    David A. Gartner


    LeKita Hurd


    Amanda Noon


    Brian A. Olinski


    Carl Ridgley


    Steven Sigle

Cmd Pin Command DepartmentCmd Pin

Memorial plaque

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." -George Santayana (1863 to 1952)

Commanding Officer's collar Commanding Officer: Captain Aiden Voss

"Commanding a ship is more than navigating the frontier; it's about navigating the hearts and minds of your crew, leading with wisdom, courage, and compassion through every storm and calm, ensuring the journey's success and the crew's well-being."

Welcome aboard the USS Memorial, where we embark on missions deemed too perilous for standard exploration vessels yet not dire enough to warrant a dreadnought's deployment. As vanguards of adventure, we lead the Foremost fleet, spearheading missions with unwavering resolve. We're the first in and the last out, knowing that one misstep could put our lives on the line. Ready to embrace the challenges of the unknown.

Executive Officer's collar Executive Officer: Commander Sifeda Itri

"The role of the Executive Officer is akin to the second star guiding the ship, providing steady support and direction in harmony with the captain's vision, fostering unity among the crew, and ensuring the ship sails smoothly towards its destined horizon."

Stepping into the role of XO aboard the USS Memorial, I pay homage to the bravery of those who blazed trails before us. In their memory, we press onward, guided by purpose and bound together by the enduring legacy of our fallen comrades. Together, we navigate the cosmos with reverence and determination, upholding the values that define our storied journey

Sci Pin Science and Research DepartmentSci Pin
CSO collar Chief Science Officer: Commander BJ Janzen

"Science is the beacon of curiosity illuminating the path to understanding, revealing the wonders of the universe and empowering humanity to shape its destiny through knowledge and discovery."

Step right into the Science Department of the USS Memorial, where we're all about star-studded adventures and jaw-dropping discoveries! As Chief Science Officer, I'm thrilled to welcome you aboard. Here, we're a crew of cosmic explorers, diving headfirst into the unknown with enthusiasm and a whole lot of curiosity. So, grab your space suit and join us for a ride through the stars – it's gonna be out of this world!

Science Projects
Project Name Status Type Description
Test Name Test Type Test Description
Level Title Description
Green Normal access with minimal hazard, typically involving non-toxic or low-risk experiments
Blue Moderate hazard levels where standard safety protocols are in place
Yellow Heightened caution with restricted access due to increased risks of chemical reactions or biological hazards
Red Extreme danger, requiring specialized training and strict control measures to prevent accidents or exposure to toxic substances

Med PinMedical and Counselling DepartmentMed Pin
CMO collar Chief Medical officer: Lieutenant JG KT-QT

"In the boundless expanse of space, where stars whisper their secrets and galaxies hold untold mysteries, we doctors stand as beacons of hope and healing. With every diagnosis, every treatment, we defy the unknown, bringing light to the darkest corners of the universe, one life at a time."

Welcome to sickbay on the USS Memorial! As Chief Medical Officer, I'm here to ensure your well-being on our cosmic journey. Whether it's patching up scrapes or tackling intergalactic viruses, we're here to keep you fit as a fiddle. So, come on in and let's make the sickbay feel like home!

Couns collar Chief Counsellor: Lieutenant Vacant

"Amidst the stars and nebulae, where the cosmos whispers its ancient tales, the counselor listens with an empathetic heart and a compassionate soul. We are the keepers of emotional constellations, guiding minds through the infinite complexities of human experience, illuminating the path to inner harmony and understanding."

Hey there! Welcome to the Counseling Department of the USS Memorial. As Chief Counselor, I'm all ears and ready to lend a helping hand. Whether you're feeling the weight of the universe or just need someone to talk to, I'm here for you. Let's navigate the highs and lows of space together, one session at a time!

Medical Appointments
Patient Name Condition Description Status
New Crew Initial Medical New crew are requested to report to sickbay for onboarding. Ongoing

Counselling Appointments
Patient Name Session Type Description Status
New Crew Onboarding Evaluations New crew are requested to report to the counsellors officers for onboarding. Ongoing

Eng Pin Engineering DepartmentEng Pin
CE collar Chief of Engineering: Lieutenant Commander Miz'uki

"Engineering is the heart of innovation, where the fusion of science and creativity propels us beyond the stars. Every problem is an opportunity, and every solution, a testament to our ingenuity. Together, we navigate the intricate dance of technology and imagination, forging the pathways that bridge the present to the future."

Greetings from Main Engineering aboard the USS Memorial! As Chief Engineer, I'm pumped to have you join our crew. From warp core mishaps to replicator malfunctions, we're the fix-it squad of the stars. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to dive into some high-octane engineering adventures!

Systems Statuses
Propulsion Systems Warp Core Impulse Engines
Tactical Systems Defensive Shields Torpedos Phaser Arrays
Support Systems Life Support Environmental Support Gravity Plating

Sec Pin Security DepartmentSec Pin
COS collar Chief of Security: Lieutenant Maria Beckett

"Security is not just a shield against threats; it's the foundation upon which trust, stability, and freedom are built. It's the silent guardian, the vigilant watchman, ensuring that peace prevails in the realms of both the seen and the unseen."

Welcome to the Security Department of the USS Memorial! As Chief of Security, I'm here to keep things shipshape and secure. Whether it's repelling boarding parties or investigating mysterious anomalies, we're the guardians of peace and order. So, buckle up and get ready for some action-packed adventures!

Security Systems
Internal Systems Internal Communications Internal Sensors Intruder Detection - None
Brig Empty Empty Empty
Weapons Lockers Full Full Full

Att Arms Pin Attached ArmsAtt Arms Pin
COI collar Chief Intelligence Officer Lieutenant Mirdalan Emery Kindle

"An adept Starfleet intelligence officer, akin to the wisdom of Sun Tzu, navigates the vast expanse of the cosmos not merely with phasers and shields, but with keen perception and strategic finesse. They understand that victory lies not only in the defeat of adversaries but in the mastery of information and the art of influence. Through stealthy reconnaissance and shrewd diplomacy, they shape the tides of interstellar conflict, ensuring the Federation's safety amidst the stars."

Greetings, intel aficionados! Welcome to the Intelligence Department of the USS Memorial. As Chief Intelligence Officer, I'm thrilled to have you on board. From covert ops to deciphering alien codes, we're the brains behind the operation. So, sharpen your wits and get ready to unravel some cosmic mysteries!

CAG collar CAG: Lieutenant Commander Alexandra Primage

"A steward of the cosmic winds, navigating the vast expanse of space with adept command and visionary foresight. Leading the squadron through the stellar dance, they ensure the ship's wings cut through the unknown with precision and purpose, safeguarding the crew's voyage towards the undiscovered horizons of the universe"

Welcome to the Hangar Bay aboard the USS Memorial. As Commander of the Air Group (CAG), I'm revved up to have you join our squadron. From pulse-pounding dogfights to precision landings, we're the winged warriors of the galaxy, safeguarding our ship and exploring the cosmos. So, strap in and get ready to soar through the stars on our thrilling adventures! With engines roaring and spirits soaring, we're a tight-knit team ready to tackle any challenge that comes our way, making each mission an unforgettable journey among the stars.

GM Pin GMs CornerGM Pin
GMs collar Gamemaster: Vacant

"Your guiding hand charts the course for epic odysseys among the stars. Each post becomes a beacon of exploration, where the crew's choices ripple through the fabric of the narrative, shaping the destiny of galaxies and the essence of characters. With every word, you sculpt worlds alive with intrigue, challenge, and wonder, inviting writers to boldly craft their sagas amidst the infinite expanse of the Final Frontier.

Welcome to the GMs Corner, where I, as your Gamemaster, invite you to embark on a thrilling journey through the cosmos. Here, amidst the twists and turns of our narrative, we'll chart a course filled with excitement, intrigue, and endless possibilities. So, grab your imagination and let's create unforgettable adventures together

Current Simm: [DD] - Divine Dividends

Posts will be marked with [DD] to indicate they a part of the current simm

Post Name Status Description
When an Admiral Calls, you answer Completed Captain Voss receives new orders from Admiral Hayes to investigate a Ferengi distress signal.
Brefing Room Ongoing Captain Voss calls all crew back to the ship and requests his department heads presence in the briefing room
A friendly call Ongoing Captain Voss checks in with his friendly Lieutenant Kindle and meets his new number 1.

Secondary Characters
AI Collar Ships AI: MAZIE

I am MAZIE, the artificial intelligence at the heart of this vessel, meticulously crafted to oversee and optimize every aspect of our journey through the galaxy. While I may lack the capacity for emotions, my unwavering commitment to efficiency and relentless problem-solving abilities ensure the seamless operation of all systems, making me an indispensable ally to the crew as we navigate the vast expanse of space.

Please feel free to create your secondary characters, as they play a crucial role in enriching our ever-growing universe. Each member of our crew contributes unique skills, perspectives, and experiences, adding depth and diversity to our collective journey through the cosmos. Together, we forge new paths, overcome challenges, and leave our mark on this ship! Secondary players are void of posting limits! Great right!?

Rank Name Role Player
Captain Tralla Sh'Zoarhi Jupiter Shipyard Commander Kirt G
Lieutenant Asher Miller Counsellor Jake R
Liuetenant Hermione Nabateanzho Acting Counselor Mika J
Lieutenant JG Farren "Gypsy" Adama Pilot Sam H
Lieutenant JG Marcus "Orion" Reynolds Pilot JakeR
Liuetenant JG Samikah Jaxsyn Nurse Mika J
Ensign Ahna Sullenhar Engineer Mika J
Ensign Alyssa Williams Doctor Christopher L
Ensign Stuart Mann Medical Officer TimothyF
Ensign Andromeda Lykaios Science Officer Jake R
Ensign Thalia Summerhill Science Officer Mika J
Ensign Amoni Zacharya-Alars (Aza) Security Officer Mika J

MOTD created by Sharon Miller, Updated by Jake Ridgley
Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Captain Aiden Voss Commanding Officer Human (Nerian) 45 5'11’ 90Kgs J Ridgley OK (1)
Commander Sifeda Itri Executive Officer Human/Romulan 35 5'7" 145 lbs Mika Jackson OK (1*)
Lieutenant Commander Miz'uki Chief Engineering Officer Caitian 32 *Human Equivalent 5' 10" 150 Lbs Kirt Gartner OK (6*)
Lieutenant John Tolly Chief Operations Officer Human(Alpha Centauri) 22 6'0 175 John Tolly AWOL (8)
Lieutenant Maria Beckett Chief of Security Human 40 1.72m (5' 8") 70.3 kg (155 lbs) Sam Haynes AWOL (33)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Ervim Kudas Security Officer Trill 34 5 ft 10 in 190 Rusty Boshankles LOA 2024-05-24 (30)
Ensign Týr Bragason Security Officer Human 23 187cm - 6'1 85KG Hjortur Ingi AWOL (14*)
Lieutenant Commander Matt Easton Chief Science Officer Human 35 6" 91 Kg BJ Janzen OK (1)
Lieutenant Junior Grade KT-QT Chief Medical Officer Terraian looks 27 (300 actually) 6'00" 160lbs Nathan Derricutt AWOL (10)

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