USS Aztec
Captain: Tralla Zoarhi
Player: Kirt Gartner

Figure out what we just brought onto my ship and if it's in someway dangerous Please get it the heck back Off my ship!

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Executive Officer: Karina Enger
Player: Jennifer Ward

I am very excited to be on the Memorial and to play with you all. I'm ancient when it comes to STF and have been back for about a year. I can not wait to see the amazing writing you will all create. You can find me by e-mail or on Discord (Capt Kelpie/Sharah Fayth)

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Gamemaster (GM): Mischief Maker
Player: Linds Bayes

Sim Start: 15 Oct 2020

Place in Sim: Beginning "Pandora's Sphere"

Not everything is what it seems, nor is everything the danger it appears to be.

The Memorial has been tasked with investigating an object that triggered the wormhole at Starbase Event Horizon (in the Delta Quadrant) and entered the Alpha Quadrant. The ship subsequently found a metallic sphere and brought it aboard to investigate. Once inside the crew has managed to open it, but something escaped out of it! Does this substance with a morphogenic matrix mean harm? How do you find something that can turn into anything? Stay tuned to find out!

Important posts:
Email: Contact Form
Counselor: Katron s'Tei
Department Orders:
Mental Health is Important and we are all out of date!
Chief Engineer: Mark Sinclair
Department Orders:
Make sure our containment fields are working properly. We'll be bringing an unknown probe aboard, and don't want to take any chances!

Chief Medical Officer: Jack A. Grey
Department Orders:
Keep our crew healthy!
Chief Science Officer: Wendell Vaughn
Department Orders:
We'll be intercepting a probe of unknown origin soon. We'll need as much information about it as quickly as possible.

Chief of Security: Zero
Department Orders:
Ensure the shuttlebay is secure and unauthorized personnel are kept away.
Chief Tactical Officer: CLOSED
Department Orders:
This position has been permanently closed Until I think of a new position to open which will warrant this Box it will remain as it currently is -Kirt G

AWOL Limits & Ship Info:
Ship Motto: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." -George Santayana (1863 to 1952)

Ship Information:

The Memorial is often the ship sent on missions that are too risky for a science or exploration ship, but not so risky a dreadnought is required. We are the vanguards of adventure. We are the foremost ship of the Foremost fleet. As the tip of the spear we are the first in and the last out. One wrong step and our lives will surly be on the line.

We are looking for junior officers to fill the following core positions:
  • Science (x1)
  • Security (x1)
  • AWOL Limits:
    Slow Rate Means - At least 1 post every:
    • 5 days - Command Staff/GM
    • 7 days - Department Heads
    • 10 days - Junior Officers
    AWOL Policy:
    "3 Strike System" The Memorial currently operates a 3 Strike System in regards to AWOL players. This means if a Player receives three AWOL Notices within a 30 day period they will be hidden on the roster. They must post or speak to the command team to be reinstated. If they do not the character will be removed. AWOL notices will be sent out after a Player goes AWOL for a full 6 days beyond the established AWOL Limit. However, an initial AWOL Warning will be sent 3 days over as a Courtesy. This Warning notice will of course not count towards a player's strikes.

    Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
    Captain Tralla Sh'Zoarhi Captain Andorian 31 5' 10" 175 lbs Kirt Gartner OK (1)
    Lieutenant Commander Karina Enger Executive Officer Cairn 30 5'7" 145 Jennifer Ward OK (0)
    Lieutenant Commander Wendell Vaughn Chief Science Officer Human 30 5'8" 140# Mike Monte AWOL (24)
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Mark Sinclair Chief Engineer Human 26 6'0" 160 lbs Daniel Lerner AWOL (9)
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Jack A. Grey Chief Medical Officer Human 31 1.95m - 6'4" 90 Kg Hjortur Ingi LOA 2021-04-19 (14)
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Zero Chief of Security Human 25 5’11 200 James Gray OK (6)
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Katron s'Tei Counselor Romulan 26 5'11" 155 Matt Bongiorno OK (0)
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Danora Allance Engineer/Artificial Intelligence Expert Human 26 5' 7" 180 lbs Melissa Aragon OK (2)
    Commander BJ Janzen Scientist/Mission Specialist Human 29 5'5" 150 BJ Janzen OK (6)
    Ensign Rika Nishizumi Doctor Human (Japanese) 20 5'9 120lbs Nathan Derricutt OK (9)
    Ensign Brianna Engineer El-Aurian looks 35 (is actually about 125) 5'5" 125 lbs Tyra Schroll OK (1)
    Ensign Benjamin Scientist Human Benjamin Fernando
    Ensign Jordar Security Officer Zaldan 34 6'3" 191 Brian Richards OK (4)
    Ensign Brekag Security Officer Ferengi (Ferenginar) 27 4 feet 9 inches 190 lbs. Rusty Boshankles OK (2)
    Gamemaster Mischief Maker Gamemaster Lindsay Bayes OK (1)

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