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Buzz himself was sitting behind a 5 inch raised desk on a small step up work area in the rear left corner of the 80x100 foot long rectangular office. The corner here was flowing out onto a small covered patio enclosed from the weather by large aluminum glass. Buzz himself was an aged man as they expected in his late 60s, and as he stood rose to a rough height of 5‘8 or so. Wearing a dark blue robe and a similar color toned dark blue leather boots, which as he came out from around the desk to greet them they saw they had given him a raised height of about an inch or so (OOC: Which the dm forgets the name of for ‘male high heels’ atm!) so his seeming height of 5‘8 was probably naturally around 5‘6! His hair was short but simple cropped, and was a sandy red in color, with his eyes being dark blue and his skin tone being an off olive tan color.

Looking both over, he simply nodded then, “..So you all are from the Memorial huh? Well welcome to our little slice of scientific frontiers in the arse end of no where!” He said extending a hand, showing that despite his gruff, over the top ownership of possessions and snappy grumpy voice in tone, he least had some manners!

Jade was not a fan of the Decor. She figured a person who has a decor like this was probably full of themselves. However Jade hid her feelings. She figured it was probably best not to annoy the governor. “I’m Commander Jade Jones the XO of the memorial. This is Lieutenant Tera Casey our ships counselor.” Jade said in a friendly manner accepting the handshake “Hopefully we can help you with this storm” she added.

Tera had observed the decor and came to the conclusion that this governor must be overcompensating for something somewhere. The raised work area and heeled boots only solidified her thoughts in that direction. Perhaps she would share her thoughts with the XO at a later date.

She stood calmly and smiled as he introduced himself.

”..Good to meet you both then, you may as well come on in and take a seat.” he said turning with a gesture to the chairs near his desk which sat lower then the raised desk itself. Situating himself behind the desk again he leaned forward clasping his hands to look a bit down on then. “..As for our need of help, I am not sure there is much to say, the weather storms you are experiencing are entirely natural to this planet, we have weathered one such as this, though I grant not quite as bad, before..” he said. “..So I am unsure what help you will be. In either case, rarely is it that Starfleet sends out teams to us colonies in the boon docks of space without a reason, so go on and ask any questions or whatever you may have..” he said. Showing once more his poor manners as he forewent any offer of a drink or the like, as many others would have.

Jade didn’t like the lack of manners after all since she was a child she had always been taught that manners maketh Man. However there was no need to go into that now “We are here to help and check up on the colony. In the past couple of years star fleet and the federation have realized that their outer most colonies have been neglected for far to long. However the means to come and check have not been available, thanks to the many conflicts that have emerged. it’s only now that the fleet is organised enough to be bale to come and check. We here to see how you’re getting on, if you need any hard to find resources and to check the security of the colony. ” Jade explained simply

“It’s also a matter of internal federation security. Often as i know all to well, outposts and colonies on the far ends of space tend to run into new or exsisting hostile races or dangerous spacial anomalies. Also sadly in some cases they become issue or the threat. the last thing the federation wants is another group such as the maquis. However that is not the case here. We are just here to evaluate and help this colony however we can.” she added.

Buzz leaned back in his chair a bit to relax. “..Not much to say really. A couple of years ago the Orions and some renegade Ferengi were trying to get pushy out here, but Starfleet handled that fairly enough. Since then things have been quiet as can be, you cant even scan the region and expect a mouse fart..” he said with a hearty chuckle, “..well assuming sound did travel in space that is!” he grinned a bit.

Leaning forward then and as if to prove his point he pressed a comm button on the desk, =/\= Computer, display local scans of the region out to max sensor readings, full band spectrum display..” he said.

=/\= Acknowledged..=/\= The computer MAJEL interface replied. On the large side screen to their left a detailed layered scan out to a range of almost 12 light years from the colony much of it beyond explored space showed up. The scans confirmed yet again that this whole region of space being as barren and empty as its name sake. There was simply no stellar gases, echoes, signals, particle dust, anomalies etc, within that 12 year light span of scans.

”..See what I mean?” he said.

GM CockRoach

Tera had sat quietly observing the exchange and glancing at the over abundance of art work. She noted that the Governor had a significant lack of manners but, being out so far and being so familiar with the same people, maybe such a thing never occurred to him. Tera did not think the same explanation applied tot he layout of his office though. They way the dais for his desk and chairs was set reminded one of a subtle game of King of the Hill. She would have to look at his psychological profile when she got back to the memorial.

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