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If [Winston] hadn’t seen the blip, everyone on board soon felt it - the ship suddenly lurched with force overwhelming the inertial dampers. The black hole’s gravitational field had momentarily magnified by an order of magnitude, briefly pulling the Memorial off course and interrupting its warp field and knocking its warp drive offline.

NE Winston staggered but quickly recovered his balance. Warnings chimed urgently from stations all around engineering.
“I told you that didn’t look good,” he said sheepishly. It was going to be a very busy day…


Danora had been leaning slightly to tap a button on the console when the jolt knocked her off balance. A grunted ‘oof’ sounded as she was sent to the floor. At his words, she laughed. “Yes, you did say that.” She got up, rubbing her hip where she had landed. “Well, that will wake you up. Let’s see what happened.” She tapped her comm badge to call the bridge as she ran a quick diagnostic to see what caused the shut down on their end.

=/\= All departments report your status, damage, and casualties to the XO. =/\=

Mulligan, XO

=^=Engineering to bridge, you guys tapping the brakes without warning again? Any idea what happened?=^= Her tone, though relatively light, still had an edge to it that was either irritation or pain. She realized they had nearly talked over one another and a slight laugh tickled her throat. =^=Engineering is fine, Sir. A couple bumps ‘n’ bruises but we’ll live.=^= She rubbed her hip and winked at her cohort. =^=The warp core is another story. Complete shut down. Diagnosing now. Will let you know what I find.=^=

Eng/AI Spec

=/\= Understood, =/\= Tyrran said. =/\= Keep us informed of your progress. Bridge out. =/\= The channel closed.

Mulligan, XO

Sivith came around the bend and saw Danora. “What was that Danora?”

Lt jg Sivith Ch’shriaqes CE

Danora smiled at Sivith and shrugged. “Bad flying? Seriously, though. The black hole temporarily interrupted the warp field and inertial dampeners. We are all right for now but I highly recommend the ship expand the distance a bit more if they are able. I don’t know how many of the ‘ooopses’ we can manage to quick recover from before we don’t.” She was already typing to the AI to see what could be done to perhaps dampen or prevent the interruption from happening again.

Eng/AI Spec

NE Winston was staring at the readouts for the warp core.
“What do you think the gravitational distortion did to the warp drive?” He asked.

NE Winston, Eng

Danora shook her head, still trying to get the AI to respond and run a deep diagnostic. “I’m not sure, honestly. Something about the wave, or whatever it was, that hit us. I think it disrupted the field and shut it down. Honestly, we should be thankful it didn’t rev us up into overload, Chief.” She glanced at the Chief and smiled, but it was leery. Something like a simple wave in space shouldn’t have just shut them down dead in the water, so to speak. “Are you all right?” She glanced him up and down to be sure. The jolt had knocked them all for a good bump. Last thing she wanted was the Engineering Chief needing medical cause he fell and bumped, bruised, or knocked himself silly.

Eng/AI Spec

Brianna came over rubbing her elbow, she still did not fully understand why it was called the funny bone, it was never funny when it was bumped extremely hard “I’ll start running a diagnostic on the other systems and see what else has been jarred by whatever just happened.” She said as she stepped over to one of the consoles, gave her elbow one more rub and got back to work.


The diagnostics showed that all of the phase inducers on the ship had been knocked out of alignment by the gravitational distortion. Warp drive, transporters, replicators, and holodecks were all offline.


Brianna looked up at the CE as the data started coming in “Well sir....the phase inducers are out of alignment, and as you know, warp drive, transporters, replicators and holodecks are off line.” She said as she rattled off the list of damages “We may need to send someone to rescue anyone that is trapped in a holodeck if they are not able to open the doors.” She said as she looked up “Where would you like me to start working on repairs?” She asked.

Brianna (Eng)

NE Winston suddenly piped up,
“I believe the Captain would want the warp drive restored as quickly as possible.” He opened a nearby equipment locker and grabbed a toolkit.

NE Winston

Brianna nodded and set about looking at what the issues were with the warp drive. She began with a simple diagnostic hoping to get information that might point them in the right direction for fixing the problem.


Danora sent word to security to check on the holodecks and other related spaces for folks possibly stuck from lack of door access. She then set to with the AI to see what systems could easily be ‘reset’ and which needed a more in depth approach to repair. “Well, today certainly isn’t boring.” She laughed and smiled at the Chief.

Eng/AI Spec

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