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Hello! Some of you I have RP’d with as a GM before and some of you have not yet experienced any of my sims. So that we all start on the same page, here are some things you need to know and the expectations we can have of each other:

1) I usually run character-based sims of a complex nature. This first sim of mine will be simpler so we can get to know each other and I can get a feel for the ship. But as the story evolves, I will bounce off you as much as I can to make it interesting for your characters.

2) Character development is a very important thing for me. I want your characters to be affected by the sim when all is said and done. BUT, as with anything, you get what you put into it. If you don’t participate much and/or don’t give me much to work with, it will be very hard to create character development opportunities for you.

3) I try very hard not to hand-hold my crews. I expect you to ask clear questions in order to get clear responses. Don’t just tell me you’re running a scan. What are you scanning? What kind of scan? What are you looking for? The more details you give me, the more detail I’ll reply with.

4) I rarely know the exact outcome of a sim, and that is true for this one as well. I have an idea what the final act entails, but how any of it goes down is up to you! I will adapt this sim as needed. Just remember that your actions always have consequences. ;)

5) Post Etiquette:

-CROSS-POST your comms each and every time if there is already an active Main Sim thread going in that location. COMMUNICATE with each other. Sharing knowledge is almost always the key to solving a mystery I toss at you.

-TRIM Threads- Don’t cut out players who need to respond, but do try to keep things tidy and I will help with this. But I have 15+ migraines a month. Help me out and keep things easy to read and reply to.

-THREAD TITLES: Each and every sim thread must have Main Sim in the location field. DO not deviate from this please. It keeps things easy to track and find what we need to at any point. Some days I will have to skim the board to look for where I need to reply (though I like to read side sims when I can). If you start a thread, make sure it says Main Sim in it somewhere. Thank you in advance!

-COOPERATION- I try hard not to void posts, but if you take thing too far beyond what is a natural reaction, or don’t give me room to respond before the next thing happens, I may pull you back. If I void a post it’s in the interest of maintaining the integrity of the sim and the information that is being conveyed. Every post is a learning opportunity. Please don’t take it personally.

6) I have an open door policy! If you have suggestions, or are confused about something, unsure about where to post, send me an email or find me in Discord as BusyBeaver. I’m happy to work through issues and also to brainstorm ways to make things more interesting for your character.

I’ll be starting the sim very soon. Hold on to your hats folx!

~Linds (aka. Mischief Maker)

Welcome aboard, Linds!


Ooo welcome aboard the memo, linds!

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