Transporter Room Two - Arrival of the new CNS

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Danora Allance (Engineer/Artificial Intelligence Expert) in Transporter Room Two - Arrival of the new CNS

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The blue shimmer of the transporter appeared, and dissipated, leaving the figure of a man standing there on the transporter pad. He was a shorter man, only about 5’9”. His hair was dark auburn, both on his head and his trimmed facial hair. His eyes were deep black, a stark contrast to his light complexion.

Simon Arbogist slowly descended the small steps from the transporter pad. He looked over at the NE manning the transporter controls. There was a curiosity in his black eyes.

“Yes,” Simon said. “I am the new Counselor.” His lips crept into a small smile. “And yes, I am a Betazoid.”

“I… I…” The NE stammered. “Welcome to the Memorial sir.”

Simon gave a nod. “Thank you.” He stepped closer to the control console. “My personal belongings were to be transported as well. I had an item marked as priority and fragile. Can you check to make certain it made the transport and was placed in the counselors office?”

The NE moved his hands over the console, making the inquiry. Then the young man gave a nod. “Yes, sir, everything looks to be in order.”

Simon smiled. “Very well.” He paused, looking over at the NE. “Thank you. I appreciate it. I believe someone was supposed to meet me for my arrival, or shall I proceed directly to medical?”

“I…” The NE gave a small frown. “Let me check the orders sir.” He went back to moving his fingers across the console.

-Counselor Simon Arbogist

Danora had been coming to the transporter room to replace a tool box she had borrowed to fix a panel further down the hall. Not expecting to see anyone there, she was softly humming to herself but her thoughts were a million miles away. As she entered the room, she stopped whistling and the chaos in her mind ceased to dead silence for a moment before returning on a slightly more muted level. “Oh, didn’t realize we had company, Michael.” She set the toolbox in the nearby locker and turned smiling. “I’m Danora. Welcome aboard.” Her surface thoughts were a cacophony of things from the AI on the ship to her own loneliness, from the tool box inventory running thru her head to be sure she remembered to put everything back, to wondering why someone so cute had come aboard and she hadn’t heard the gossip. “Her hand extended towards the man, unaware of his mental abilities as she admired his eyes.

Simon smiled and gave her hand a friendly shake. “I’m Simon Arbogist, your new Counselor.”

The slightly smaller 5’ 7 blond woman had eyes like green shot forest canopies in the fall. The gold and blue facets occasionally showing based on how the lighting hit them. Her own skin, nearly as pale as his own, meant the tendrils of almost white blond hair seemed to almost blend into her cheeks as it floated around her face where locks had come undone during her duties. “Has anyone been assigned to seeing you to your quarters?” She guessed from the bag and comment about luggage she had heard coming in, that whoever this was, he was going to be here for a bit.

Lt JG Danora Allance
Engineer/AI Specialist

“Not that I’m aware of,” Simon said. “I was kind of hoping that Captain Sh’Zoarhi would have been down here to meet me in person.” He winked at Danora in a friendly manner. “I’d be happy for you to show me to my quarters, or better yet, how about you show me to my new office?”

-Counselor Simon Arbogist

Danora actually blushed at the wink and looked away. “Of course, I’d be happy to.” She nodded to the NE on the transporter console and then moved her arm to let the Counselor precede her out the door. Turning down the corridor, she got herself under control. A simple wink shouldn’t have made her react like she had. But it had been unexpected. She had always been too deep in engineering and AI stuff to worry about dating. And most guys didn’t want to hang out with a woman who could reprogram their replicator to spit out goo if she was crossed once too often.

“So what brings you to the Memorial? I mean, surely there are more glamorous ships to ask to be assigned to.” She glanced sideways and laughed. “And you don’t strike me as the kind of person who gets punished, so you probably weren’t forced here.” Having missed the conversation where Simon had admitted to being a Betazoid, she had no clue the surface thoughts that she found him handsome, and loved the beard, were open to his reading. Her interest in him was genuine as well. It wasn’t like she was making small talk, her inner voice was going around with wondering how they got so lucky to get a Counselor she might actually talk to.

Eng/AI Spec

Simon smiled broadly. “Well, I was actually asked here personally by Admiral Brinks, a dear friend of mine. I haven’t stayed on a ship very long during my career. I find that I quite enjoy interacting with different people and different crews.” He paused, thinking for a moment. “Or maybe I just haven’t found anywhere that I want to settle down yet and make more a permanent home.”

He paused, as if deep in thought. “So you are very interested in programming and artificial intelligence?” He asked, even though it was more of a statement and less of a question by the tone of his voice.

-Counselor Simon Arbogist

Danora smiled. “I know what you mean about wanting to interact with folks. Despite having a more than fascinating curiosity about AIs, I find myself interacting with people on a curiosity basis more and more. Perhaps it’s because I want to see where the similarities and differences truly are between us and our computer counterparts.”

When he mentioned having not found a place to settle, she fought back a broader smile. “Well, maybe you can find a place here.” She didn’t dare look up at him.

At his query about AI, she nodded. “I find that the AIs have the ability to be similar to humans, on some levels. But they think on such a different level that my curiosity of what they can do, and in time what they will be capable of doing, is fascinating. When we see a problem, or object, or situation, those in that moment can only draw on their own experiences. Yet give that same situation or problem to an AI and they can draw on the experiences and knowledge of so many people, so many experiences, that they find solutions and come up with possibilities most of us can’t dream of. People worry AI will replace humans, but I don’t believe that at all. I think they will help us expand ourselves in much broader leaps than if we didn’t have them.” This time her blush wasn’t kept at bay. “Sorry… I didn’t mean to ramble. I guess the answer to your question is yes.” She laughed and bit her lip wondering if she just made herself look ridiculous beyond saving. “But I honestly do prefer human company when it’s pleasant.” She tried to save the conversation.

Eng/AI Spec
(foot in mouth pro)

Ensign Brekag was walking down a corridor as he passed them. “Hello, I’m ensign Brekag, I work in security.” He introduced himself.
Ensign Brekag, security.

Danora almost choked as the Ensign rounded the corner. She steeled her expression and tried to smile, grateful he hadn’t witnessed her embarrassment. “Hello Ensign, this is the new Counselor, Lieutenant Arbogist. Just showing him to his office.” She didn’t want to mention his quarters because the last thing she wanted was to bring further embarrassment to herself or him.

Eng/AI Spec

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