Captain’s Ready Room - Meeting the new CNS

Posted Oct. 16, 2020, 3:04 p.m. by Captain Tralla Sh'Zoarhi (Captain) (Kirt Gartner)

Posted by Lieutenant Simon Arbogist (Counselor) in Captain’s Ready Room - Meeting the new CNS
Simon had already had his medical examination, and had taken a look at his new office. Now he made his way to the Captain’s ready room to meet his new Commanding Officer. Some Captains were very fond of ships counselors and some saw them to be a bit of a burdern. He wondered what kind of Captain that Captain Sh’Zoarhi would be.

Reaching the ready room doors, Simon pressed the chime, waiting patiently, while reaching out with his telepathic senses to see what kind of a reading he could get from his new Captain before she answered the door.

-Counselor Simon Arbogist

“Enter” came the voice from inside Upon the doors opening Simon would see a figure hunched over at a side table working on something the figures back facing the door a pair of blue antenna poking up from silver hair was the only details visible at the moment of this persons head there was an array of weapons and other souvenirs hanging on the wall one was quite unsettling and that was a piece of Borg armor “Just a moment this is a delicate operation right now One wrong move and this is ruined…” the female voice called “Have a Seat get yourself something to drink from the replicator” the captain said


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