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A few moments later they received the “echo” of the original transmission as it bounced off the moon.
=/\= Mayday, this… Resolution… distortion… offline… failing… required. =/\= A ship’s automated disaster beacon began to sound and the computer chirped that it had received a data packet that was imbedded in the transmission. It was standard procedure for this to be a readout of the ship’s coordinates, but the computer couldn’t open the file due to the corrupted signal.


“Commander, we are getting something. Looks like a corrupted file… Danora, how are you with corrupted files? Think you can do something with it, it should be the coordinates we need.”

“If we can’t decrypt it here; we’ll pass it on to the Memorial. If we can pass the co-ordinates to the Memorial.” BJ was thinking that the Flying Angel wasn’t quite powerful enough to make much a difference.


Danora bit her lip. “I can try…” She moved to the console near the back where she had been working and tried to see what she could make of the signal and the embedded coordinates. “Hopefully Memi can help out,” she murmured to herself. Memi popped into her head as the name for the Memorial’s AI. She wasn’t sure why it popped in at that moment, but she ignored the trail the thought was taking a tangent off to and came back to work on the project at hand hoping the connection to the ship’s computer would be able to help her somewhat.

Eng/AI Spec

The onboard computer was able to establish a connection to the Memorial, but it was painfully slow. However it turned out that the file wasn’t as badly garbled as they had originally thought, and Danora was able to reassemble it very easily.
[DISTRESS DISTRESS - S.S. Anne - Federation Merchant - NCC-82105 - Coordinates 152.162.015 x 110.225.031 - Beacon activated stardate 22030.5 DISTRESS DISTRESS]
Everything looked to be in order, but two pieces of information quickly appeared to be wrong. The coordinates were several parsecs away from here, and the stardate was two years into the future.


“Any luck?” JT asked the engineer, hoping she was able to find something useful.


“Ummmm....” Danora bit her lip and stifled a giggle. “I’m thinking we may need a few more supplies before we go after them.” She came forward and reached over JT’s shoulder to tap the console so he would see what she had seen on her rear computer. “It appears to be several parsecs that way,” she pointed out the window. “And, umm.... about two years away. As in, the stardate attached to the message is two years from now.” She left her hands on the back of his seat and tried once more not to laugh.

It was a funny moment. In fact, what she felt welling up in her throat was more of a hysterical laugh than a myrth snicker. Two years in the future. How was that even possible?

Eng/AI Spec

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