Side Sim - AIs and CEs... what a combination

Posted Oct. 28, 2020, 5:51 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Danora Allance (Engineer/Artificial Intelligence Expert) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Mark Sinclair (Chief Engineer) in Side Sim - AIs and CEs… what a combination

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Danora Allance (Engineer/Artificial Intelligence Expert) in Side Sim - AIs and CEs… what a combination

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Mark Sinclair (Chief Engineer) in Side Sim - AIs and CEs… what a combination
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Danora was at the main console table just inside engineering. She had been going back and forth between the vacant Engineering Chief’s office and the table like console for over two hours. The middle of the night was usually the best time for this, but one of her programs had finished up partway thru first shift. So here she was, dancing around the usual engineering staff as she once more entered the Chief’s office, then back to the console once more. The smile on her face was slowly growing and she leaned on her arms as she watched the current program run itself before her eyes. With luck, today she would be able to tell the Lieutenant who was supervising them, that she had been successful.

The AI specialist was whistling a tune as she went back into the Chief’s office and sat at his desk to run the second part of the program from in here.

Lt JG Danora Allance
Eng/AI Spec

Another lieutenant with ops gold colouring on his uniform entered the Chief Engineer’s office at that time. Seeing Allance sitting behind the desk, a curious expression showed on his face. He knocked on the open door to get Allance’s attention. “Good evening, Lieutenant…?”

-Lt. (j.g.) Mark Sinclair, CE

“Just Danora… easier than,” she had started answering before looking up. Soon as she saw who it was, she stood up fast enough that the chair teetered a bit before settling and rolling away behind her.

“Chief! Sorry…I was,” she started laughing with nervousness as she came out from behind the desk. “Sorry. I was making sure the new interface was running smoothly in here as well. The AI should be more agreeable now.” She smiled and did beside his desk, hair in light wisps around her face where it had freed itself from the braid down the back of her head. Her eyes bright and shiny as she looked at him.

Eng/AI Spec

“Well, Lieutenant, it’s good to see my desk getting some use while I’m not here,” Mark said, easing the tension a bit as he sat down at his chair.

“Have a seat,” he said, gesturing one of the other chairs in the office. “So if the AI will be more agreeable, what was it like before I arrived on board?”

-Lt (j.g.) . Mark Sinclair, CE

Danora laughed and stepped towards the offered chair. Taking a seat, she shook her head. “The AI worked fine, but had to be called upon for some of the actions we may use her for. At least in Engineering, I’m linking her to all the systems. I’m setting her to monitor all systems and extrapolate, from records since inception, the performance of the ship. We can see how far down, or up, we have gone in the performance arena. This is also going to allow us to instantly know from all the past maintenance records, which systems are most likely to fail at any given time and be able to adjust rotational routines to accomidate the new information. Such as, say we realign the chips on the transporter pads every six months. But AI tells us that on average, every five months there is a power loss within the system. If it’s not significant enough to be out of specs, we wouldn’t get the alert. AI would be able to tell us about the difference and we now we can set the maintenance to five month intervals, instead of six.”

She bit her lip and blushed. “Sorry… didn’t mean to ramble. This is a bit of an obsession for me, as you can see.” She sat almost ramrod straight, knees together and hands on her lap. She hadn’t done more than an informal swift check in with Sinclair since she and he had taken up their respective positions. And now, she was a bit worried she had overstepped, both in her actions as well as her words.

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