Side Sim for all- Training Exercises

Posted Nov. 19, 2020, 8:54 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Zero (Chief of Security) (James Gray)

Posted by Ensign Brekag (Security Officer) in Side Sim for all- Training Exercises

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Zero (Chief of Security) in Side Sim for all- Training Exercises

Posted by Ensign Brekag (Security Officer) in Side Sim for all- Training Exercises
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The USS Memorial was on her way back to Starbase 243 she was in her ready room she went over something on a padd nodded to herself turning the pad off she caught the reflection of a piece of Borg Armor that she had hanging on the wall her expression turning dark as she remembered that horrible experince she quickly shook it off before then turning her head saying in a clear bright voice “Maizie Would you be a dear and Send Mr. Mulligan Mr. Vaughn My Husband and Ensign Brianna to my ready room?” she asked politely

=^=”Yes Right away captain!”=^= the voice replied the Four officers would then get a Visit from Maizie telling them the Captain had requested their presence in the ready room


Just a few minutes later, the door chime sounded announcing one of the officers had arrived.

Mulligan, XO

“Enter” the Captains voice called out after the door opened “Commander Mulligan come on in We are going to wait for the others that I have called however I think I would like to take the ship on a small diversion before we get back to base” she explained


Tyrran found himself a chair near the desk and made himself comfortable.
“A small diversion?” He asked.

Mulligan, XO

Yeah A Training exercise…Would you like something to drink?” she asked getting up and heading to her replicator he would see the things hanging on her wall a Ushann-Tor Ice Mining Pick That was used in traditional duels a few other random nicknacks However there was one very unsettling piece on her wall A piece of Borg Drone armor it was a piece that had been once attached to the Captains own hip during her own small period of being assimilated by the collective on a small table to the side there was a model ship under construction it looked like a Mythology class ship


BJ came to the door of the ready room. He rang the chime.


Enter!” Tralla called simply seeing it was her husband did not change her professionalism “Ahhh Commander Janzen come in!” she said though giving him the smile he loved so much


BJ looked around to see his surroundings. “Captain, Commander; don’t believe we’ve met yet.”

Wendell was wearing his white lab coat over his uniform when he arrived about the same time as Commander Janzen did.



Ensign Brekag was on patrol as he walked by the ready room door when he heard the captain say “Training exercise.” He wondered who was chosen to be the security officer for the training. The Ferengi pondered for a minute what it would be like to be on his first mission, then started his patrol again.
Ensign Brekag, security

(Hey Brekag I didn’t even assigned you to patrol yet we have even finished our meeting and you haven’t been cleared to use phaser On bored. You should finish our meeting before role-playing on your own)

Lt. Zero (COS)

OOC: There was some confusion between my character and the new security ensign that has recently joined the ship.

OOC: ya but I will still like to assign new patrol

Lt. Zero (COS)

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