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As the ship sped along to its destination, speculation was of course expected. The fact that duranium was a common metal used in constructing thing probably didn’t help the search, as well as the fact that it was so small. Given their experience with the Delta Quadrant was limited to the explorations of a handful of ships, and the bulk of it from the USS Voyager, there wasn’t much hope for a match.

And indeed Maizie wasn’t able to help very much. There were no matches, and if they expanded their search to include just similarities, there were thousands of similar metallurgical compositions used by species all over the galaxy. It would appear, at least initially that whomever created the object was using similar methods as other spacefaring species but nothing that they could pinpoint directly.

Within twenty minutes, the Memorial arrived in the region where the entrance/exit to the wormhole was. They would of course need to keep their distance from the triggering location, but given the time that had lapsed, the object would likely have moved some distance away by that point, accounting of course for momentum.

~Mischief Maker

Helm Work with Science and set up a search grid we will have to see what comes up” The andorian ordered still not sure what to think not that she could very well during the trip to the wormhole she began once again to get a headache due to her ocular implants she was as deep into her chair as possible with her hand over her eyes and rubbing the temples of her head with her thumbs her Antenna dropped over as if looking sickly


“Working on it, Captain,” Wendell acknowledged. “Which really shouldn’t be too difficult of a task. If we have its last known coordinates, course, and speed, we can accurately predict it’s final destination.”


“Even if don’t know its last course or speed we could use the wormhole as a starting point and fan out our search based on an estimated top speed it could have been going which would give us an idea of how far it could have gotten in any direction.” JT offered to the CSO


“True,” Wendell said. “Also, if we had its warp signature, we can use our sensors to track it tbat way. But all I need is three of its past coordinates to triangulate its current position based on its course and speed.,


“As I said, needle meet haystack.”


Extrapolating the object’s probable course was easy, but its speed was hard to know exactly given how powerful the wormhole was and how small the object was. Grid by grid, the sensors scanned, but to no avail. Ten minutes went by, twenty. Thirty minutes.

But then, the sensors pinged. There was a small bit of duranium drifting along on a course that would match an exit trajectory from the wormhole. Matching its path, the Memorial would be able to draw closer to it.

~Mischief Maker

Danora had been scanning back and forth like an old time coin seeker on the beach. Suddenly, after what felt like an eternity, she piped up. “Captain! I think I have something. It’s pretty small. But there is a bit of duranium drifting along the course plotted from the worm hole. We should be able to catch up fairly quickly.” She turned to be sure the Captain had heard. Excitement lit her face.

Eng/AI Spec

“Of course,” Wendell said. “The blasted wormhole effect. I should have taken that into account.”


The Chief Engineer’s voice came through from the bridge’s comm.

=^= Engineering to Bridge. Any updates on where we are going? =^=

-Lt. (j.g.) Mark Sinclair, CE

=^=”We are chasing down an unknown object that has come through the wormhole that leads to the Delta Quadrant”=^= she replied to the engineer before then barking out her orders “Helm Intercept course Mr. Vaughn once we are in range lock a tractor beam on it and bring it into the shuttle bay I want full Quarintene procedures on it until we know what we are dealing with Maizie I want you to isolate yourself from the Shuttle bay until we are sure it will not have an affect on you is that understood” The andorian ordered simply not rising from her seat but instead just starring out into the inky black void her ship swam through

JT wasn’t thrilled with the idea of bringing the item aboard, but kept his concerns to himself and made sure the ship was in a course to intercept

Tyrran looked at the Captain, tilting his head slightly as he thought. Bringing the unknown object aboard was certainly risky, and his first instinct was that they should analyze it remotely as much as possible before taking that step. But the Captain had made up her mind, and it was now Tyrran’s job to ensure that it was completed properly. He returned his attention to his console, organizing a plan of what needed to be done in the short time they had before intercept.

=/\= Bridge to Engineering. Lt. Sinclair, we’ll shortly be bringing an unknown object into our shuttlebay. I’d like you to ensure the forcefield containment systems in that area are working properly. =/\=

Danora scanned the probe to be sure the tractor beam would be able to lock on it. She also readied the shuttle bay with a message about the incoming probe and the quarantine procedures. Once the message was acknowledged, she glanced back at the Captain. “Shuttle bay set and quarantine protocols in place. All personnel are absent and cargo stored or moved to secure location.” She turned back to her console to monitor the wrangling of the probe when it happened.

She was glad the Captain had the AI isolating itself from the bay. The last thing they wanted was the probe linking to the ship thru it, or pulling the ship’s AI into someplace it could be compromised. She murmured under her breath a small thanks to the CO for thinking of it, and a chide to herself for not.

Eng/AI Spec

=/\= Bridge to Lt. Zero, we’ll be bringing an unknown object into the shuttlebay. I need you to ensure all personnel are cleared from the area. We’ll have to quarantine the shuttlebay until further notice. =/\=

“I’ll have the tractor beam on her when we’re ready to bring her in, Captain,” Wendell reported.


Tyrran turned to Wendell.
“Lt. Vaughn. We’ll need a preliminary analysis of the object before we bring it onboard. I’d like to rule out any obvious hazards. How long would you need to perform a high-resolution scan?”

BJ was happy he didn’t have to do much. But, he did know about those protocols. He had a few memorable incidents that involved them. One of them nearly cost the Angel.


Mulligan, XO

JT Helm

Wendell replied, “I’ll pre-program the scan parameters into the ship’s computer AI, Sir. And then I’ll have an estimate for your scan results shortly. But. I doubt that it will take more then a few seconds.”


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