Side sim- Before main sim-Captains Ready Room

Posted Nov. 29, 2020, 10:44 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade JT Robinson (Helm Officer/Shuttle Pilot) (Jeff VanZilen)

Posted by Captain Tralla Sh’Zoarhi (Captain) in Side sim- Before main sim-Captains Ready Room
Tralla was in her ready room looking at some of the pictures of her with her old squadron on her terminal the specs for the memorial class as well a specific crew members Service record She smiled and tapped her comm badge +^=” Lieutenant Robinson Will you please report to my ready room?”=^= she said before turning and sitting down at her desk drafting up a message she would relay to the admiral one way or another


JT was in the holodeck and had just sunk the 8 ball in the corner pocket in a game of pool vs a very large Naussican when the call came through. Said Naussican was just about to make his displeasure known when JT paused the program, “sorry buddy, going to have ta wait a bit to try and break my neck” he said to the stationary holo. “Duty calls”. =/\= Aye Cap’n, on my way =/\= he replied to the hail before ending the program making his way out of the holodeck and to the CO’s ready room

Pressing the buzzer JT waited for the call to enter then stepped into the CO’s office. “You wanted to see me Cap’n?”


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