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Posted Nov. 30, 2020, 6:25 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Zero (Chief of Security) (James Gray)

Posted by Ensign Brekag (Security Officer) in Patrolling security

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Zero (Chief of Security) in Patrolling security
Lt. Zero was in his office he got done with the patrol routes for his Officers and he was going to join them today. He turned in his chair and put his hand to the wall behind him. The wall opened for his personal weapons locker and got his duty phaser and a smaller phaser he keeps on his back belt holster. After he made sure everything was checked he started his patrol.

Lt. Zero (COS)

Any one can join

Ensign Brekag arrived to the Chief of Security’s office. He was told there would be changes to the patrols and to come to the office to get his new orders. He chimed the door to let the COS know he was outside.
Ensign Brekag, security.

The door opened as Zero was on his way out “oh ensign Brekag excellent timing” he said giving him a pad. “Today I will like to see you run patrol route bravo” he continued as they walked to the turbo lift.

Lt. Zero (COS)

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