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Posted Dec. 3, 2020, 10:28 p.m. by Captain Tralla Sh'Zoarhi (Captain) (Kirt Gartner)

Posted by Gamemaster Mischief Maker (Gamemaster) in Shuttlebay- Main Sim
The tractor beam snagged the sphere and pulled it to the ship, stopping just outside the shuttlebay as programmed. The Memorial’s scanners ran the deep scan and reported the following:

The sphere was 2 metres in diameter and there appeared to be an internal structure with another sphere inside, so the outer portion was much like a shell. The inner sphere was one metre in diameter and the space between them contained structural protections, shielding, and some sort of sophisticated computer system but nothing suggested an AI like the memorial’s. The outside was protected by metaphasic shielding and there was a subspace transmitter.

Dating placed the object at about 850 years old, and the tech was noticeably less advanced on the whole compared to the Federation but the shielding seemed on par with what the Federation used. While they couldn’t get details, there seemed to be some rudimentary onboard sensors to collect information and protect the interior from damage. All of this was run by a power cell, but able to regenerate power by hydrogen particles and EM radiation, which could potentially run indefinitely unless damaged.

The sphere showed damage caused by some sort of explosion, most likely a power source (like a warp core) exploding.

~Mischief Maker

The voice of the Captain called out over the intercom =^=”Bridge to shuttle bay go ahead and bring it in if there are no dangerous emissions “=^= the order was direct and too the point the channel closing right after she finished saying what she needed not needing a reply


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