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Danora made sure there wasn’t anything wrong with the ship to preclude lowering the force field and walked back to the others. “Well, I’m not seeing anything that looks like it will jump out or turn us to goo. So, Doc, if you wanna come on in and do a final ‘go ahead’ scan, let’s get to it. Captain,” she turned to him. “It seems benign but we’ll take precautions anyway. I’ll keep it linked to the isolated system in here and send the information files to the AI till we are sure we can link them without compromising the ship. Soon as Doc clears the bad boy, and me,” she smiled, “you’re welcome to come in and see for yourself.”

She stepped back to allow the Doc to do what he needed. She was fascinated by the object and couldn’t wait to get to its computer core.

Eng/AI Spec

“It’s a metal ball. A big metal ball.”BJ responded.


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Lieutenant Allance do you have any theories about what this is?” she asked after the Lieutenant had given her report the vibrant green cybernetic eyes looking the object over almost as if they were scanning it however her eyes did not have that kind of capability


After a moment of careful inspection there was definitely some sort of access hatch. When Danora touched it, it did nothing at first, but then there was a small noise before the hatch opened up, flipping upwards and lying back against the outside of the sphere. Inside were the inner workings, but also access to the inner metal sphere.

~Mischief Maker

The Chief Engineer’s voice came over the comms at that point. =Engineering to Shuttle Bay. All quarantine measures should be in place. Any additional force fields required? Do you need our assistance? =^=

-Lt. (j.g.) Mark Sinclair, CE (cross-post)

BJ looked at the object open up. “Ok. We have a metallic ball that opens.”


Well lets get this downloaded and analyzed and find out where this thing came from” Tralla said


A low whistle of appreciation slipped between Danora’s lips. “Well, it seems we do, indeed. A couple of them, actually.” She glanced at the wiring and tapped her comm badge. =^=Engineering, stand by. Its opening has revealed a second orb. I’m going to download what I can and then see if we can figure out this second sphere. No additional containment needed at this moment.=^= She added, I hope under her breath as she scanned the inner workings to not only check the readings of the interior but to scan for a hook up for downloading whatever data they could glean from the object.

Over her shoulder, she spoke to those around her. “I’m guessing this is similar to Earth probes and sattellites. My guess is it’s recording things it’s run past. The other idea being it was sent out with knowledge to pass on to anyone advanced enough to access it.” She smiled and winked back at Tralla. “I’m going to make sure we are ‘advanced enough’ to find out.” A small laugh giggled up her throat as she turned back to see where she could connect the PaDD and see if the internal orb was attached in any way or could be removed.

Eng/AI Spec

At first it wasn’t obvious how to hook up anything or even if the second sphere could be opened. But upon closer inspection to the surface of the second sphere there seemed to be lines where a hatch might be. Within the computer systems there were small nodes where access presumably could be created but it might need to be rigged because the connections were not completely compatible.

~Mischief Maker

“That’s a pretty good guess, Lt. Allance,” Wendell agreed. He’d been in the background, just sort of watching the rest of the crew work on the alien probe.

“If they bothered to send out unmanned probes, they probably are an exploration race. Note that the probe seems to be unarmed as well.”


Jack stood behind the quarantine forcefield still aiming his tricorder towards the group. So far nothing had popped up on his sensors but he wasn’t going to risk looking away for a single moment.

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