Side Sim - AIs and CEs... what a combination

Posted Jan. 9, 2021, 12:51 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Danora Allance (Engineer/Artificial Intelligence Expert) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Mark Sinclair (Chief Engineer) in Side Sim - AIs and CEs… what a combination

Mark had headed over to his desk, and leaned back against it with his arms crossed in a relaxed manner. “Well, it’s good to have someone enthusiastic about the AI system in charge of the ship’s AI,” Mark said.

“So, Danora… why did you decide to specialize in AIs? It’s not always a common area for specialty in Starfleet.”

-Lt. (j.g.) Mark Sinclair, CE

Danora thought for a moment. “I guess like anyone, I got into it because it fascinates me. We are on a cutting edge with AIs in the ships right now. But soon they will be ridiculously common place. I don’t want to wait to learn about them when everyone else already knows. I wanted to learn about them now and be part of that growth. If I can learn about AIs and, out here in the dark, learn how they can help us, isn’t that reason enough?” She laughed. “I mean, we have a brain, so to speak, that can keep up on things we have to think of every time. And can help alert to problems before the specs actually are breeched. Specs, which, by the way, are usually set by folks in simulators or regular Earth orbits. Not by those in space pushing the edges of warp drives to escape the unknown, or trying to figure out a process that could make or break the number of living people on the ship.”

Her animated speaking soon had her sitting on the edge of her seat as she looked up at him. “This is a chance to cover ground and set precedence for ships to come and to think of ways to use the AI that no one in a chair or behind an engineering table even thought of.” Realizing what she was doing, she bit her lip and scooted back in the seat. “I just think that with an AI on board, having an AI tech makes sense. Don’t you?” She shrugged and watched his face and body for reaction cues his voice might not tell. She didn’t want to be seen as the outcast who was more interested in tech than people. But sometimes she realized it was true. AIs fascinated her in a way no person ever had.

Eng/AI Spec

“Makes sense to me,” Mark said, bemused with Danora’s clear enthusiasm for the subject. “I’ve always been a ‘hands-on’ type of engineer myself, but I’ve never gotten into the theory of AI. I’m glad someone has on board has given it more attention than I have.”

Mark thought about it for a moment. “At the end of the day, though, I still like to see something for myself than rely on a computer diagnostic if I can help it. I know I have to rely more on Artificial Intelligences being able to identify problems on board better than I can sometimes, but I’m still going to be that person who is going to want to review it myself,” Mark said, spreading his hands as if capturing not just their office but all of Engineering or even Memorial.

-Lt. (j.g.) Mark Sinclair, CE

Danora smiled, grateful he wasn’t totally against her enthusiasm. “I agree. I think getting to know the AI, though, gives us a hands up when it comes to hands on. We can spend hours chasing a single small power fluctuation. Once the AI can find it, we can spend more time fixing it. It’s more a matter of efficientcy to me. I prefer to hold the wrench and the tricorder, myself as well. But I also know once we know where the fluctuations are, with the ship’s help, the more we can spend hands on time in a more beneficial manner to the ship.”

She shook her head. “I guess I prefer hands on more than I have said out loud in a long time. I like getting to know the AI and making it more efficient so I can spend more time turning wrenches and less time diagnosing. If that makes any sense.” She knew when her own enthusiasm ran ramped, she was one who tended to ramble. A small thought went thru Danora’s mind that she hoped she wasn’t already rambling and losing the one person, so far, who supported what she was there for.

Eng/AI Spec

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