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The Chief Engineer’s voice came through from the bridge’s comm.

=^= Engineering to Bridge. Any updates on where we are going? =^=

-Lt. (j.g.) Mark Sinclair, CE

=^=”We are chasing down an unknown object that has come through the wormhole that leads to the Delta Quadrant”=^= she replied to the engineer before then barking out her orders “Helm Intercept course Mr. Vaughn once we are in range lock a tractor beam on it and bring it into the shuttle bay I want full Quarintene procedures on it until we know what we are dealing with Maizie I want you to isolate yourself from the Shuttle bay until we are sure it will not have an affect on you is that understood” The andorian ordered simply not rising from her seat but instead just starring out into the inky black void her ship swam through

JT wasn’t thrilled with the idea of bringing the item aboard, but kept his concerns to himself and made sure the ship was in a course to intercept

Tyrran looked at the Captain, tilting his head slightly as he thought. Bringing the unknown object aboard was certainly risky, and his first instinct was that they should analyze it remotely as much as possible before taking that step. But the Captain had made up her mind, and it was now Tyrran’s job to ensure that it was completed properly. He returned his attention to his console, organizing a plan of what needed to be done in the short time they had before intercept.

=/\= Bridge to Engineering. Lt. Sinclair, we’ll shortly be bringing an unknown object into our shuttlebay. I’d like you to ensure the forcefield containment systems in that area are working properly. =/\=

Danora scanned the probe to be sure the tractor beam would be able to lock on it. She also readied the shuttle bay with a message about the incoming probe and the quarantine procedures. Once the message was acknowledged, she glanced back at the Captain. “Shuttle bay set and quarantine protocols in place. All personnel are absent and cargo stored or moved to secure location.” She turned back to her console to monitor the wrangling of the probe when it happened.

She was glad the Captain had the AI isolating itself from the bay. The last thing they wanted was the probe linking to the ship thru it, or pulling the ship’s AI into someplace it could be compromised. She murmured under her breath a small thanks to the CO for thinking of it, and a chide to herself for not.

Eng/AI Spec

=/\= Bridge to Lt. Zero, we’ll be bringing an unknown object into the shuttlebay. I need you to ensure all personnel are cleared from the area. We’ll have to quarantine the shuttlebay until further notice. =/\=

“I’ll have the tractor beam on her when we’re ready to bring her in, Captain,” Wendell reported.


Tyrran turned to Wendell.
“Lt. Vaughn. We’ll need a preliminary analysis of the object before we bring it onboard. I’d like to rule out any obvious hazards. How long would you need to perform a high-resolution scan?”

BJ was happy he didn’t have to do much. But, he did know about those protocols. He had a few memorable incidents that involved them. One of them nearly cost the Angel.


Mulligan, XO

JT Helm

Wendell replied, “I’ll pre-program the scan parameters into the ship’s computer AI, Sir. And then I’ll have an estimate for your scan results shortly. But. I doubt that it will take more then a few seconds.”


Danora piped in at a moment of silence. “Captain, permission to go to the bay to receive the object? I think I can determine if it’s safe to hook the AI up. It may be faster than remote scanning once it’s cleared and safe. And I believe I can sequester a part of her off so if there is a breech back into the Memorial, the AI isn’t wholly compromised.” She was thinking of pulling a small sub routine or even the base routine and sequestering it in the hangar bay system and blocking it off from the rest of the ship so there was no where for it to go if a virus happened to back up along the route to the ship.

Eng/AI Spec

Zero was in the shuttle bay control room and cleared the bay and Activate quarantine protocols

=^= Zero to bridge shuttle bay cleared and ready to go =^=

Lt. Zero (COS)

=^=”Understood”=^= Tralla replied “Lets get investigating I would like it to be held right outside the Shuttle bay until we get our initial scans and make sure our crew are not going to have their eyes melting out of their heads or something from this thing” she added


Jack received the information that they were bringing in an unknown object into the shuttle bay and were quarantining it, He made his way there =^=Grey to Bridge, I’ll head over to the Shuttlebay and oversee the Quaranteening=^=

Dr. Grey - CMO

“Very good Doctor thank you for the Update” tralla answered him


BJ was happy that the Captain was being cautious. She had grown since he had first met her. He was proud of the way she had been moving forward.


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As the Memorial approached, Tyrran asked for the probe to be displayed on the viewscreen. He stood and walked a few paces closer, his brow creased as he carefully considered what he was seeing. It didn’t appear too remarkable at a glance, just a metal sphere. As it tumbled gently he noticed a discolouration on one side, where it appeared to be slightly more weathered than the rest.
“At this speed it could be ancient…” He mused quietly, considering the possibility that the probe had been drifting for millenia.

The tractor beam snagged the sphere and pulled it to the ship, stopping just outside the shuttlebay as programmed.

Tyrran returned to his chair and focused on the console beside him, watching the data poor in from sensors.

The Memorial’s scanners ran the deep scan and reported the following:

The sphere was 2 metres in diameter and there appeared to be an internal structure with another sphere inside, so the outer portion was much like a shell. The inner sphere was one metre in diameter and the space between them contained structural protections, shielding, and some sort of sophisticated computer system but nothing suggested an AI like the memorial’s. The outside was protected by metaphasic shielding and there was a subspace transmitter.

Dating placed the object at about 850 years old, and the tech was noticeably less advanced on the whole compared to the Federation but the shielding seemed on par with what the Federation used. While they couldn’t get details, there seemed to be some rudimentary onboard sensors to collect information and protect the interior from damage. All of this was run by a power cell, but able to regenerate power by hydrogen particles and EM radiation, which could potentially run indefinitely unless damaged.

The sphere showed damage caused by some sort of explosion, most likely a power source (like a warp core) exploding.

~Mischief Maker

“Interesting,” Tyrran breathed. He looked back at the viewscreen, watching the probe suspended in the shimmering light of their tractor beam. “Lt. Vaughn, is the probe emitting any form of radiation that we should be concerned about?”

Mulligan, XO

Scans showed that there were no dangerous emissions from the sphere.

~Mischief Maker

=^=”Bridge to shuttlebay go ahead and bring it in if there are no dangerous emissions “=^= Tralla ordered her antenna perking in curiosity “Well Mr. Mulligan shall we go down to check this out?” she said getting up from her seat


Tyrran looked up at the Captain in surprise. Yes, he wanted to go and investigate the probe. He wanted to analyze it and determine its origins, possibly even taking it apart in the process. When he was a Chief Science Officer he very well may have done all of those things himself. But that was no longer his role. Now he was supposed to oversee the safe operation of the vessel, and allow others to conduct those investigations.
“Respectfully, sir, I believe my place is here. I can better oversee the investigation of the probe and manage our resources from the bridge.”

Mulligan, XO

That was a relief. BJ was certain that his wife, the captain, would leave in charge of the bridge again. She would greatly have enjoyed his reaction to putting him in that position again. She always liked doing that to him. It was nice to see a first officer that wanted to stay on the bridge, so he didn’t have to be in the center chair.

OCC: Once again I’m pointing out my character dislike of command


Very Well Mr. Mulligan You have the bridge Mr. Janzen maybe you would like to come with me to see what we have going on” she said turning to her husband and giving him a soft smile


Tyrran nodded and returned his attention to the panel beside him. The ship was holding station and the probe was being delicately moved into their shuttlebay.
“Lt. Allance,” he said suddenly. “The computer system of the probe doesn’t look that sophisticated, but it may provide us with critical information to understand the probe’s origins and its mission. Do you think you can work out a way to interface with it?”

Mulligan, XO

BJ followed her to the turbolift. “You do have a chief science officer for this.”he whispered. “You might want to use him.”


she waited until they were in the turbolift before answering him “Shuttle bay…”

The door to the turbolift whispered shut, leaving Tyrran in command of the ship again. He continued to look at the sensor data as it came slowly in while the ships tractor beams moved the probe gently into the shuttlebay. Tyrran nodded in satisfaction as it was deposited gently onto the deck.
“Secure the shuttlebay and hold our present position,” he ordered. There was no point in going anywhere until they had somewhere to go. “Commander Vaughn, are you able to continue your analysis with the internal sensors or would you be better served by rigging a portable high resolution scanner?”

Mulligan, XO

A few moments later, Simon entered the Bridge quietly and took his position in one of the auxiliary command chairs. He gave a glance up to the XO, and nodded, while keeping his senses open to see what he was sensing and feeling,

-Counselor Simon Arbogist


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