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Having made sure that the internal force fields were working properly, Mark went back to monitoring the ship’s systems. With an unknown probe being brought aboard, Mark wanted to make sure nothing else on the ship started acting up.

“Ensign Brianna,” Mark called out. “Keep monitoring the warp core for any fluctuations. I want to make sure this alien probe doesn’t interfere with it.”

-Lt. (j.g.) Mark Sinclair, CE
Briana nodded “Aye sir.” She said as she set up her console to monitor the fluctuations if they came up. She glanced over at Mark “Are we really going to the Delta Quadrant?”


(OOC: Tyra, I think this thread is happening at the same time as the shuttle bay thread. I saw you had your character post there as well. Assuming, though, you are continuing on this thread…?)

Mark looked up from the console he was working on and grumbled. “No. Some ‘Mischief Maker’ was spreading some gossip, I think. A case of ‘broken communicator’, I guess. We’re definitely staying here in the Alpha Quadrant. Hopefully the Captain gives us some more info about this alien probe we’re supposedly bringing on board.”

-Lt. (j.g). Mark Sinclair, CE

Briana nodded “Yes sir.” She said as she continued monitoring and wondered about the item that was coming aboard “Should we plan on a high level force field around the object until we figure out what it is?” She asked.


“Let’s find out,” Mark said, tapping his communicator, wondering what was going on at the shuttle bay.

=Engineering to Shuttle Bay. All quarantine measures should be in place. Any additional force fields required? Do you need our assistance? =^=

Mark was inclined to send an engineer to shuttle bay, but wanted to confirm what the situation was first.

-Lt. (j.g.) Mark Sinclair, CE

OOC: Pasting in Meli’s reply:
=^=Engineering, stand by. Its opening has revealed a second orb. I’m going to download what I can and then see if we can figure out this second sphere. No additional containment needed at this moment.=^=

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