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At first it wasn’t obvious how to hook up anything or even if the second sphere could be opened. But upon closer inspection to the surface of the second sphere there seemed to be lines where a hatch might be. Within the computer systems there were small nodes where access presumably could be created but it might need to be rigged because the connections were not completely compatible.

~Mischief Maker

“That’s a pretty good guess, Lt. Allance,” Wendell agreed. He’d been in the background, just sort of watching the rest of the crew work on the alien probe.

“If they bothered to send out unmanned probes, they probably are an exploration race. Note that the probe seems to be unarmed as well.”


Jack stood behind the quarantine forcefield still aiming his tricorder towards the group. So far nothing had popped up on his sensors but he wasn’t going to risk looking away for a single moment.

Dr. Grey - CMO

“Unarmed does not necessarily mean that they are unprotected Wendell.”BJ responded to his statement. “We might want to be careful going inside it.”


There were no pathogens or viruses. Everything was clean as far as threat of contagion was concerned.

Danora would also note that the second sphere seemed integral to the overall sphere.

~Mischief Maker

Tralla moved in closer “Come on folks lets all get in on this no reason why Lieutenant Allance is the only one working on this!” she said reaching for the Tricorder of a Engineering NE she began to scan the thing trying to create a schematic of the thing having once been an Engineer herself she could no longer resist the temptation to get her own hands dirty again


The Chief Engineer’s voice came over in response to Danora’s message. =^= Got it. Thanks for the update. I can get a full engineering team on that sphere once you are all ready there. =^=

-Lt. (j.g.) Mark Sinclair, CE (cross-post)

Danora laughed as Tralla grabbed a scanner. The idea that the thing was in possession of a ‘protection mode’ made Danora lean down into her tool box and pull up a brace for the small opening she was in. Just to be on the safe side, she propped it in the opening so her arms wouldn’t be severed if she touched something to set it into lock down mode. “I think they are afraid of it. I’m missing that particular gene.” She laughed at the query about why she was the only one poking around on it.

At the message from her Chief, she smiled in response and sent back a message. =^=We’re ready when you are, Chief. Already elbows deep in the sphere. There’s a secondary one in here that looks to be more a part of it than a random passenger.=^= She almost laughed but managed to cut off the comm before that happened.

Reaching back inside, she tried to find a port to hook up a download cable to. She hummed absently as she did so. Meanwhile, she also scanned the inside the best she could. “Hey, visual scan everything as well,” she commented to whoever was listening. “Between inside and outside scans, maybe I can create a holoprogram that lets me walk around in a larger scale of this. Maybe see things we can’t from these angles.” The idea of a holo program with the sphere much larger, made her grin wider. To actually ‘crawl’ into the sphere and see the walls she couldn’t see from this vantage seemed the perfect idea. Then the ship’s AI could also help without being hooked up and at risk.

Eng/AI Spec

Jack looked over at what they were doing, his inner scientist was extremely curious but that wasn’t his job anymore so he’d just keep a keen eye on the situation until he was needed.

Dr. Grey - CMO

The last time BJ went into something that was unknown he was punched by his own shadow. He would much rather check the outside at this point.


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