Pre-Sim Rika meets the CO

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Rika walked along the corridors of the memorial she was nervous, her first posting out of the academy and it was the ship her sponsor had served on. She knew the standard would be high and the work hard, but she looked forward t it all the same. She had checked to make she had her orders her sponsor letter and the gift she had been asked to give the CO form the former XO.

Rika knew there was an AI on board so she tapped her com and smiled =^= Hello my name is Rika how are you today? could you pleas tell me were the captain is? thank you =^= she asked through the com

Ensign Nishizumi (Medical)

Maizie spoke the voice was mostly Androgynous however there was a small feminine touch to it that suggested the AI was leaning towards being a female personality “Hello Rika I am Maizie The captain is located in the observation lounge Would you like me to alert her that you are coming to meet her?


=^= Thank you and yes please=^= Rika replied as she headed for the lounge. Rika had heard a lot of different things about her new CO Jade said she was grumpy but a good person, while others said she was angry, made rash decisions and short tempered all the time. However she trusted Jade, if it wasn’t for her she would not be where she is now, well she might be but not in the same way.

Rika had never knew her parents had such close friends she had assumed they were killed when her parents ship went dark. She couldn’t imagine what her parents final hours must have been like. It scared her, but Jade and her grandfather convinced her to go to the academy and helped ease her fears.

By the tie she had finished reminiscing Rika had reached the observation lounge. Rika checked her uniform to a deep breath and walked in . looking round for the CO once she spotted her she walked over and introduced herself

“Captain my name is Rika Nishizumi. I’m reporting onboard” she said respectfully if a little shy.

Ensign Nishizumi (Doctor)

<BUMP> now that I’m back

Tralla was sitting at the table in the observation lounge using a Spru cutter to clip parts of a plastic model kit she had already also began to glue some parts together it was clearly a Starship “Ahh Yes Ensign Nishizumi Commander Jones told me a lot about you and I know you come with her personal recommendation So I expect great things from you are you sure you are capable of meeting those Expectations?” she asked not looking up from what she was working on The Andorian womans antenna showed heavy scaring a couple of scars suggested times when the Antenna had been lost her right hand showed the tell tale signs of assimilation implats meaning at one time the captain has been assimilated by the borg her hair was of course silver white and was a messy unkempt punk rocker look


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