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Posted Feb. 21, 2021, 4:15 a.m. by Ensign Rika Nishizumi (Doctor) (Nathan Derricutt)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Karina Enger (Executive Officer) in pre-sim: A Picture of Health (Tag CMO or anyone Medical)

Posted by Ensign Rika Nishizumi (Doctor) in pre-sim: A Picture of Health (Tag CMO or anyone Medical)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Karina Enger (Executive Officer) in pre-sim: A Picture of Health (Tag CMO or anyone Medical)
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Having reported for duty, Karina had several more check-ins to finish. She had the option to complete exit physicals and psychological profiles from her last posting, but she felt it was important to complete them with the new crew she would be serving with. As the executive officer it was important to set the example. Especially in such mundane matters as physical and psychological evaluations. So with that in mind, Karina stopped by her quarters, deck 9, grabbing an iso-chip with her medical files and another with her psychological evaluations. Did Star Fleet send those on automatically? Of course they did. Did they always arrive on time? No. Did sometime information get degraded in transit? Sure did. So Karina always kept a copy of her files on hand. Then it was a short ride back to deck 7. Upon entering sickbay, Karina looked around, getting a feel for the rhythm of the department and how Lt Grey ran his department. So many command officers meddled in the departments. Wanted to make their mark, and have all departments run and appear to their ideal. Karina was of a different mind. If she wanted to run sickbay she’d have become a doctor, and that mind set held for all the other departments. Even security, which was where she started. If she wanted to run the department she would never have taken a promotion.

A NE Nurse approached, “Lt Cmdr Karina Enger. I’m here for my physical Ensign.” The nurse led her to a bio bed and then left to find a doctor. Karina smirked slightly as she stopped to tell another nurse to look busy in front of the new XO.
Lt. Cmdr Enger, XO

It wasn’t long after that, when a very young looking ensign came round the corner and smiled at the XO “Welcome aboard Commander. My name is Ensign Rika Nishizumi.” she said introducing herself as she grabbed a tri-corder. The name Nishizumi might ring a bell for the XO as there was a Lieutenant Nisizumi who was the COS onboard the Polsar at the time of the Polsar disaster. She gave her life destroying the cause of the disaster when almost all of the crew had gone mad. She was credited for saving the federation. Her husband was the CE and gave his life protecting the only survivor and ten year old girl from the deranged crew

“My,” Karina paused for a moment, “pleasure to meet you, En Nishizumi.” She appeared young, but Karina knew that didn’t mean much. The academy was rigorous and if Rika wasn’t up to the task she wouldn’t be on board. The name was familiar and Karina wondered if there was a connection, but unlike Cairn, other humanoids often kept such stressful events private. Privacy was a difficult concept for Karina to accept. She understood what it was, but it was foreign to her people, but she did her best to respect that other species practiced such a thing.

“Your medical records have been sent over. Has anything changed since then?” she asked kindly and respectfully.

Ensign Nishizumi (medical)

“Nothing new Doctor. Not even a sprained muscle from martial arts practice,” which was true. But what she hadn’t exactly had time in the transfer to practice, but she was hoping to make time once she got settled in.
Lt Cmdr Enger, XO

Rika nodded as she checked her scans “That’s good. I know how easy it is to strain yourself when you practice.” she said kindly “I’ve done it enough times when I’ve been practicing. However I’ve always been better with a blade then hand to hand. I’ve been wanting to try out the ships facilities, just haven’t got time yet” she added.

Ensign Nishizumi (Medical)

“You train with blades? I have met many doctors that practice martial arts for the health benefits, but never with weapons. I would be very…” Oh the word was lost..Hmmmm… “eager to practice with someone.” Was that the correct word? Yes she thought so.
Lt Cmdr Enger, XO

Rika smiled “I would very much enjoy that” she said kindly.

Karina smiled, “I would as well. I have not seen the training and practice areas yet. I look forward to using them. We shall make a plan, yes?”

Rika nodded “After we finish your physical we can discuss it if you wish” she said respectfully;

“Forgive me i haven’t treated anyone of your race. Is there anything in particular I need to know. Any cultural taboos like not touching certain parts of your body? Or certain medicines you can’t take?” she asked,

Ensign Nishizumi (Doctor)

Karina nodded, “Cairin are not born with vocal chords. Our telepathy is highly developed and we have no spoken language. We use voice…en…enhancers to help us speak verbally.” Karina pointed to her throat and raised her chin slightly so that Nishizumi could scan the area better.
Lt Cmdr Enger, XO

Rika obliged and started scanning “Do you experience any discomfort or soreness in you throat?” She asked ass he looked at the scan results.

Ensign Nishizumi (Doctor)

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