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Posted Feb. 21, 2021, 8:08 a.m. by Commander BJ Janzen (Scientist/Mission Specialist) (BJ Janzen)

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Sinclair would note that the interior hatch had a mechanical hinge and was secured internally along the edges. Something had to make physical contact with it to trigger it to open.

The data link took a minute, but soon enough there was a solid connection. That connection seemed to trigger a holographic image to be projected in front of them and the crew might have to step back to see it clearly since it was a good metre tall and half a metre wide.

A being with a roundish tan face appeared. The face had an outer line of small triangular ridges, squat nose and deep sunken eyes. Tufts of pale fur or hair in beige and white extend from between the ridges from one side of the jaw around the top to the head to the other side of the jaw. From the shoulder it appeared as though a soft fabric in bright teal and orange were draped across the body. The being began speaking, the language not immediately translatable.

~Mischief Maker

Mark studied his tricorder setting. This was something he could work with. “I think I can start working on getting this hatch opened,” the Chief Engineer said.

While waiting for Janzen’s orders - the Commander told him to hold off for now - Mark tried to focus on the inner sphere while the alien language was speaking in the background. Literally wanting to physically solve the problem of the sphere, Mark ran his hand along the ridges to get a feel of what might be needed to open the hatch.

-Lt. (j.g.) Mark Sinclair, CE

OOC Jumping in as the AI just to help move things along

=^=”It is a good thing I have been recording since we brought the object in”=^= Maizie the AI suddenly said as the hologram played

AI Miazie

BJ read the room. “I know you want to go through that thing and take it apart. I may be a little too cautious but the last time I led a team to an unknown object I got punched by my shadow.”


Wendell was cautiously observing the goings on. He finally said, “I think that we should drop the containment field. It can’t hurt us. We can beam it away to space if it tries to do anything dangerous.”


That was a good point. If the object wasn’t entirely dangerous; then maybe they could be more aggressive. “Alright, let’s drop the field. We need a team to analyze the data we’re getting. Lt. Sinclair. I’ve changed my mind. Let’s see what we can discover about the construction of this thing. But I want a transporter lock on it if something goes wrong.”


Karina walked into the shuttle bay and looked around. Everyone seemed to be in a state of pause for a moment. She saw the image of a hologram, over laid onto a couple of officers that were close to the image. Her speech always held a slight essence of deep thought, a result of having no natural spoken language, but rather telepathy. Her voice enhancer allowed her speech but putting pictures to words always made her seem contemplative. “Ah a message. Wonderful, perhaps we shall get some further answers. Has it begun playing yet?”
Lt Cmdr Enger, XO

Though the message had seemingly come to an end, it began to replay, clearly on a loop.

Sinclair would find that the grooves and the space would probably require an increase in pressure to trigger the hatch to open, as if the mechanical opening was meant to be accidentally triggered.

~Mischief Maker

Mark had looked up at briefly at the XO’s arrival but then focused on the issue of the hatch. “Vaughn, do you have a transporter lock ready?”

With the CSO’s response in hand, Mark started feeling towards the side of the indentions that was furthest from the where the hatch hinges would be. Believing he found the right spot, Mark pushed downwards to trigger the hatch’s unlocking mechanism. “Standby,” he said to everyone else around the probe without looking up.

-Lt. (j.g.) Mark Sinclair, CE

BJ hadn’t had an opportunity to meet the new first officer. “Welcome to the party. We’re still analyzing the data from the probe. And we have our engineers attempting to see what makes it tick.”


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