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Enger stood up from the center chair as the captain stepped off the turbolift. There wasn’t anything new to tell Tralla as the bridge had been in contact with her while the CO was in the shuttle bay. Karina moved to her traditional seat and sat a brief moment after the Captain had taken her own seat.

Simon looked over at the Captain as she sat. “Captain,” he said, giving a nod. He wasn’t sure what he could offer at the moment, but he wanted to let her know that he was here should she be in need of his skill or ability.

-Counselor Simon Arbogist

Anticipating that the CO was likely planning to retrace the probes flight, JT quietly plotted a course for the wormhole and added it to the ‘temp’ area of his standby list of quick load destinations. He often found it handy to have a selection of destinations at his fingertips that he kept the computer continually updating so he could execute them with a press of a button.


Enger waited for the comm officer to make contact with Station Event Horizon, and they would see what more they could find out.
Lt Cmdr Enger, XO

Karina nodded to Tralla. With the captain back in the big chair, Karina could not leave the bridge to get a look at this ‘sphere.’ “Captain, I’m going to go get a look at this sphere. See if another head will help and to appease my curiosity.” The safety of the ship and crew, as XO, fell directly on her shoulders. She was eager to assess any threat to safety this sphere might pose or not. She got up from her chair, headed to the turbo lift and took it down to the shuttle bay.
Enger (XO)
OOC: Going to assume that someone actually initiated the comm.
It took a few minutes to establish a connection because of course the signal was going through a wormhole and there was a complicated system in place to allow this to happen. It, however sophisticated, was not always instant.

Commander Sydney Pierce, Event Horizon’s XO appeared, looking confused but also curious. =/\=What can we do for you, Memorial? Did you find the object?=/\=

~Mischief Maker

Yeah We did We have it in the shuttle bay right now and are trying to figure this thing out Just thought we should update you guys” she said simply “You guys made our boring day more interesting so thanks for that” the captain teased winking one of her vibrant green Cyber eyes at Commander Pierce


Sydney gave a nod with a tiny smile. =/\=Well, I hope not too interesting,=/\= she said with a chuckle. =/\=Let us know if there’s anything you think will impact the Starbase, but happy investigating. Is there anything else?=/\=

~Mischief Maker

Simon looked over at the Captain, awaiting her response.
-Simon Arbogist, CNS

=^=”Will do but no nothing else Memorial out”=^= she then sighed and sat back in her chair


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