pre-sim: When Words are not Enough

Posted Feb. 24, 2021, 12:48 p.m. by Captain Tralla Sh'Zoarhi (Captain) (Kirt Gartner)

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Posted by Captain Tralla Sh’Zoarhi (Captain) in pre-sim: When Words are not Enough

Well Lieutenant commander Have you ever served on one of these memorial class ships before” Tralla asked walking by a model of a Mythology class that was in the middle of being put together and painted “Would you also like a drink…Please sit” she said motioning to the chair infont of her desk


“Dragon Fruit Lemonade.” Karina had found a fondness for Dragon Fruit while she was the academy and enjoyed it this way, with lemonade and crushed ice. The actual fruit was interesting as well. “No, captain, this is my first time on such a vessel. My previous ships were slightly smaller, made for mid range missions.” She looked over the mythology class model on the table with curiosity. Building models was a past time she had attempted but never really enjoyed. She didn’t particularly dislike it, either. She took the offered seat, relaxing slightly, but never slouching.
Lt. Cmdr Enger, XO

Two Dragon Fruit Lemonades” Tralla said to the Replicator which began creating the drinks after they were made she brought them over handing one to Karina taking a sip “Wow that’s not bad actually” she said with a chuckle “Well you should know we don’t have the standard MAJELL Interface in our systems instead we have an ENTITY AI unit

Karina took the drink and sipped at it with a smile. “It is…unique?” She paused considering if the word reflected what she was thinking, “Yes, unique. I very much enjoy this drink.” She listened, “Yes I read the specifications. Originally the Enhanced Neural Image, Navigational, Tactical and Defense Intelligence or ENINTADI and developed by Section 31 programmers. When first activitated the AI choose the name ENTITY....” she paused as she was interupted by a new voice.

“That is my cue Hello Lieutenant Commander Karina Enger I am Maizie!” a computerized voice called out

Tralla and Maizie

Karina stared up at the ceiling, where the closet speaker was to her, “Hello Maizie. I am very excited to get to work with you.” She looked back at the captain, “I have never worked on a ship with an AI before, unless you count the EMH programs. I am very excited for this.” Remembering her manners? No....SOP? She was not sure of the correct word. She handed over the ISO chip with her orders. “My official transfer orders Captain.” And then turning back to the topic of Maizie, “How do you like Maizie, captain? How best can I work with, her? Her? Does Maizie have a preferred gender pronoun?”
Lt Cmdr Enger, XO

“You may refer to me directly in the same way that you have interacted with Majel Interfaces and No I would not consider the EMH programs on my level they are probably the most interactive version of a Virtural Inteligance but not a level of AI and finally Yes I do prefer the feminine Pronouns the Captain has been very kind in helping me understand the concept of Gender though through my own research as well I have found her perspective quite a bit more expansive given being an Andorian!” Maizie answered as Tralla took the chip but just sat it down “I don’t really need these Lieutenant I requested you when my last XO requested his transfer you were quite highly recommended and I need that right now…I…I am still struggling with some inner demons and its been harder since my best friend left for Star Fleet medical” she said “I need someone who can have my back and whom I can trust to get my crew home should the worst happen yet I need someone who also has a firm enough hand to make sure orders are carried out” she said getting up and looking out the window


Karina smiled, she liked this AI, or maybe she was just excited about it. “I can’t wait to work with you Maizie. I am sure I will have…many questions.” Karina sipped her drink as she contemplated the captain’s words. “My job, Captain, is to see your orders carried out, care for the crew, the safety of the ship, and for you personally. I will not say that I will always agree with you. It’s my job to give you a different point of view, but I will carry out your orders, and I will not…” the word....belittle? No that’s not right, “I will not argue with you in front of the crew.” The ability to find words was plaguing her that day. Perhaps because she was so excited for this new assignment. She hoped she had conveyed herself correctly. “However, I should probably warn you that my previous commanders found me to be…brutaly honest. I believe they wrote, not malicious but brutaly honest.”
Lt Cmdr Enger, XO

She gave a soft smile “As I said though I am still dealing with a few inner demons specifically The Borg variety not a night goes by that I don’t wake up from a nightmare” she said sitting back down “However I trust you will do your job well Lieutenant Commander!” she said offering her hand for a hand shake again “Go get the rest of your Check ins done and settle in we wont be here at 243 for long”


Karina made note that Tralla had mentioned again she was having difficulty with inner demons. “Captain, before I go, forgive me for being..blunt. I understand that other species have a need for priv..privacy. But are these inner demons you have mentioned something that I should concerned about or just aware of? We all have demons of varying degrees, but I want to make sure I am giving you the support you need rather than guessing.”

She shook the captains hand. “I will do that right away Captain.” Her things were already moved over for 243 and she had no need to return, she’d been there several days already. She was ready to get to work.
Lt Cmdr Enger, XO

“just be aware of I am dealing with them as best I can and if they start to get in the way of my duties I will let you know and expect you to take over until I am capable of doing my duties” she said simply “But for now you are dismissed to go get settled in” she said smiling at her new XO


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