USS Independence, when things go awry (Tag HELM and CMO)

Posted Feb. 28, 2021, 9:35 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Karina Enger (Executive Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Ensign Jordar (Security Officer) in USS Independence, when things go awry
The one man Liberty Class runabout was the chosen way for the new security officer who had been labeled a ‘troubled officer’ to travel to his new post. The USS Memorial was a battleship destined to be the new home of a rather blunt man. Well it would be if he ever made it there as the USS Independence was one of the least functional ships that Jordar had ever had the displeasure of flying. The plasma manifold was picky and only wanted to operate if the ship was rolled 4.323 degrees starboard each 26 minutes. The phasers were shot and the shields only would operate at an infuriating 49.993 percent because of course they couldn’t even operate at even 50 percent. The interior lighting would strobe at what seemed to be random intervals and the main console would just reboot almost on the hour meaning that each time he would have to re-enter his flight path and correct for any drift caused by the reboot.

It was during one of these reboot cycles that the shielding shrugged it’s shields and warp systems and figured that ‘hey! we should just turn off too’ when Jordar dropped out of warp into an ion storm that saw the unshielded ship and just smiled. As the bolts of electricity made their way from the storm itself to the unprotected ship conduits and panels sparked and exploded around Jordar as he sent out a distress message. “To any vessel that is built better than this sorry excuse of a lump of tritanium. This is Ensign Jordar of the USS Independence trying to make his way to the USS Memorial sending a distress call. Shields are down as is main power and of course Starfleet engineering had the great idea to give this little triangle of wonder a backup power system of.....right I don’t have a backup power supply. By my estimations I’ve got a few hours of air if nothing else explodes.....” At which point something did indeed explode and the transmission cut off abruptly.

Jordar, Sec

“Cmdr! We are receiving a distress call!” Karina turned to look at the officer at the comm station and nodded, “Thank you ensign, but no need to yell. Put it on the screen.”

“Audio only, Ma’am,” the NE replied and began to play it. Karina listened and thought quietly to herself, ‘Well if he has so little air he might shouldn’t waste it with extra words.’

“Can you get the signal back?” The comm officer shook her head. “No Ma’am. Whatever happened seems to have knocked out the shuttle’s comms. Or maybe it’s the Ion storm interfering.”

“Get that connection back ensign and let him know we are on our way.” Karina turned back around and addressed the helm, “Helm alter course to intercept. Lt. Robinson can you navigate Memorial through that Ion storm to his location, or is it too narrow? We need to get him out of there before the shuttle is blown apart by the storm. If you need a shuttle prepped I need to know.” (OOC: I shall leave this to you to show off your piloting skills however you see best)

=^=Bridge to Sickbay. Lt Grey prepare for casualties. We have a shuttle stuck in an Ion storm with no shields and no power. Prepare to accompany a shuttle should it become necessary. Enger Out.=^=

Then to the NE Yeoman passing by, “Inform the captain that we’ve received a distress call and changed course to go save our newest security officer.”
Lt Cmdr Enger, XO

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